Thursday, October 8, 2015

Unforgiveness A Gridlock on Grace, Jesus Teaching


Forgiving  your  enemies
This  is  a  dynamic  that  very  few  people  have  a  full  understanding  on,  because  they  cannot  see  into  the  spirit  and  see  the  grid  lock  on  grace  that  accompanies  unforgiveness. It  is  very  much  like  the  freeway  at  rush  hour: everyone  is  going  their  own  way  getting  home,  fulfilling  their  destinies,  maintaining  forward  motion. Then  there  is  a  two  or  three  car  pile  up  and  everything  comes  to  a  stop; everyone  is  held  up,  not  just  those  involved  in  the  accident. That  is  what  people  do  not  see  or  understand. However,  when  you  are  in  the  spirit, you  can see  how  far-­‐reaching  the  shackles  of  unforgiveness  are.    Believe  it  or  not,  it  continues  on  down  through  generations.  

There  is  another  gridlock  that  takes  place-­‐this  one  in  your  own  soul. An  area  that  was  free  and  clear  and  flowing  now  hits  a  snag  every  time  circumstances  vaguely  remind  you  of  that  past  event.  It  sets  off  alarms,  aises  fears,  guilt­‐real  or  imagined.  Satan  gets  lot  of  mileage  from  these  encounters. There  is  so  much  to  exploit  in  the  human  nature: the  need  to  be  right,  the  need  to  have  resolution,  the  need  to  prove  your  point.

 Whereas  the  person  who  has  forgiven encounters  no  such  encumbrances.  They  may  remember  incidents  that  caused  them  pain, but  they  let  go  of  it  and  moved  on.  It  helps  so  much, Clare, for  a  person  to  see  themselves  less  than  others,  no  matter  what  their  giftings.   In  fact,  the  more  gifts  they  have, the  more  necessity  for  seeing  their  littleness.    

A  little  souls  does  not  take  offense  at  slights,  they  are  only  too ready  to  explain  away  the  good  motives  of  their  enemies,  making  excuses  for  their  persecution  while  forgiving  and  moving  on.    They  also  understand  that  I  allow  and  use  everything  that  happens  as  a  tool  to  perfect  you.   They  understand  profoundly  that  I  am  behind  every  event  in  their  lives,  so  much  so  that  they  even  rejoice  at  losses and setbacks.

 Now  I  wish  for  those  who  are  following  your  channel  to  do  likewise.  My  Brides, do  not  get  entangled  or  embroiled in  the  injustices  you  suffer.  Understand  that  you, too,  in  the  past  have  been  lacking  in  foresight  and  wisdom. You, too, have  put  the  blame  on  innocent  people; you, too, were  blind  to  what  I  was  in  control  of  and  allowing.  You, too, failed  to  recognize  the  new  and  unusual  movements  of  My  Spirit  in  the  midst  of  others.

It  is  a  sign  of  remarkable  and  Godly  maturity to  stand  back  and  simply  observe  without  becoming  embroiled.  Pray  for  your  persecutors,  pray  deeply  and  from  the  heart. Soon  enough, I  will  answer  your  prayers,  when  I  am  finished  using  them  to  perfect you.

"So  you  see,  I  make  good  use  of  everything  and  everyone, no  matter  how  dark  and  ugly  they  may  seem. Observe  from  a  wider  perspective  what  such  as   these  accomplish  in  My  Kingdom. I  intend  to  use  them  to  derail  all  the  scribes  and  Pharisees that  are  attacking  your  channel,  and  no  weapon  formed  against  you  will  prosper; rather  you  will  prosper  from it.  This  is  the  heritage  of  those  who  are  willing  to  forsake  the  mausoleums  of  religion  and  cultivate  a  relationship  with  Me, based  on  the  real  experience  of  the  Scriptures  coming  to life  in  ways  not  seen  before.  This  is  a  revival  that  is  overturning  urns  and  ashes  and  bringing  to  life  the  dry  bones  left  behind  as  a  testimony  to  Satan's  victories  in   My church.    

I  am  doing  a  new  thing.  It  is  springing  forth,  and  all  those  who  diligently  seek  Me,  willing  to  set  aside  their  favorite  doctrines  that  held  them  in  bondage,  are  coming  to  life  and  experiencing  the  glories  of  Heaven  here  and  now.  

My  Kingdom  is  coming. My  will  is  being  done.    

Rejoice, inhabitants  of  Earth. I  am  restoring  life  in  Me  and  no  thing,  no  weapon,  no  lie  and  no  one  can  stop  it.    Go  forth  now, My  precious  family  and  forgive. Be  set  free  from  all  rancor; pray  sincerely  and  from  the  heart  for  those  who  are  in  bondage.

I  tell  you  the  Truth: someday,  they  will  thank  you. 

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