Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Are You Ready for The Rapture?" Jesus asks us.


This  will  be  a  sign  to  those  left  behind  that  I  have  gone  to  prepare  a  place  for  them, as  well. And  though  they  face  the  guillotine,  they  will  be  consoled  that  this  Vale of  Tears  has  finally  come  to  its  end  and  they  are  forever  free  of  the encumbrances  of  their  bodies.  This  will  sustain  many  until  the  very  moment  of  their  departure.  This  will  be  a  sign, too,  that  I  AM  real-­‐to  their  executioners. Many  executioners  will  quickly  follow  in  their  footsteps  when  conviction  engulfs  them  in  the  reality  of  Who  I  Truly  Am.

Now,  down  to  the  brass  tacks.    There  are  still  some  among  you  who  have  chosen  to  go  on  living  in  sin  and  hoping  I  will  take  you  in  the  Rapture.  My  Brides  and  potential  Brides,  you  must  break  with  sin. Many  of  you  still  do  not  connect  with  your  status  in sin.

There  are  some  who  still  refuse  to  marry  the  one  they  are  living  with. You  are  fornicating.  Convenience  has  taken  precedence  over  righteousness.  Without  righteousness  your  soul  is  hanging  over  the  abyss  let  alone  the  privilege  of  being  Raptured.  Is  it  worth  it,  dear  one?    Are  you  ready  to  find  yourself  in  the  fires  of  hell  because  you  refused  to  do  the  right  thing?

Why  am  I  speaking  so  harshly  with  the  one  I  love?  Because  I  love  you  and  do  not  wish  for  you  to  lose  every  thing  you  could  have  gained  if  only  you  had  protected  yourself  and  been  on  guard.   You  have  come  this  far; don't  lose  it  all.  Avoid  every  occasion  of  sin. Do  not  be  lured  into  a  position  where  you  can  lose  control. Keep  everything  pure  and  above  board.    

Do  not  steal.  Do  not  pad  expenses,  cut  corners  or  falsify  information  to  get  what  you  want.  It  is  indeed  the  little  foxes  that  spoil  the  vine.  Be  on  your  guard, because  your  opponent  is  continually  studying  your  movements  to  see  where  you  are  vulnerable.

Do  not  lie,  do  not  misrepresent,  do  not  twist  the  words  of  others  to  suit  your  agenda. I  abhor  a  false  witness  and  frequently  turn  them  over  to  various  trials  to  be  sifted  by  the  devils.  

Do  not  beat  your  fellow  servant. Treat  your  wife, your  husband  as  your  own  flesh; defer  to  one  another  in  sincere  and  heartfelt  love.  Put  off  haughty  and  disparaging  looks,  disrespectful  behavior. Humble  yourselves  and  I  will  lift  you  up.  Wives  obey  your  husband's  desires  even  in  those  things  not  spoken. Husbands  be  tender  and  gentle,  forbearing  and  forgiving  your  wives  who  very  often  do  not  speak  openly  of  their  burdens,  but  carry  much  in  their  commitments  to  you.  

Do  not  expose  yourself  to  unseemly  behavior  in  music,  movies  and  entertainment.    To  watch  sin  is  to  participate  in  it.    At  the  very  least, you  are  endorsing  and  supporting  it.   Better  that  your eyes,  your  heart  and  your  mind  should  never, ever  be  subjected  to  this.

As  it  is  written: I  will  walk  with  integrity  of  heart within  my  house; I  will  not  set  before  my  eyes anything  that  is  worthless. A  perverse  heart  shall  be  far  from  me; I  will  know  nothing  of  evil. Whoever  slanders  his  neighbor  secretly I  will  destroy. Whoever  has  a  haughty  look  and  an  arrogant  heart I  will  not  endure. He  who  walks  in  the  way  that  is  blameless shall  minister  to  Me. No  one  who  utters  lies shall  continue  before  my  eyes. Psalm  101:2-­‐7

Now  that  you  know  these  things,  happy  will  you  be  if  you  do  them.  I  am  going  to  admonish  you  not  to  over-­‐react to  this  message.  If  you  are  in  sin,  get  out  of  it.  My  Spirit  has  many  times  visited  you  with  warnings; now  is  no  time  to  mess  around  or  be  lazy.    

No  one  is  guaranteed  another  day  on  this  Earth.  Tomorrow  may  be  your  last.  Reform  your  life  now; do  not  put  it  off.    Again  I  say  to  you,  do  not  put  it  off!

Those  whom  the  Lord  loves, He  chastises. Do  not  twist  what  I  have  said  and  make  a  blanket  of  condemnation  for  yourself. If  you are  in  sin,  you  know  it  well.  The  rest  of  you  Dear  ones,  who  have  fought  the good  fight  and  removed  yourselves  from  occasions  of  sin;  you  who  have  suffered  loneliness  rather  than  continue  on  in  fornication-­‐you  have  paid  a  great  price,  and  great  also  is  your  reward  in  Heaven.    

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Source: Heart Dwellers