Monday, October 19, 2015

The New Covenant

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 I have always loved My People, and I could not forsake them; for I am bound to them through My Covenant with Abraham, for you are Abraham’s children. Yet, you have often provoked Me through your rebellion and I have often punished you, for if I did not punish you, how could I say that I love you? Love has always been fundamental. Love is the basis of the Ten Commandments, but as love was so lacking in the hearts of the people, that I brought out of Egypt, they could not grasp this love.

Love is the basis in My sending My only Son among you, but even so, many still do not grasp this great act of love on My part and on His part for each of you. Even so, My Little One, this work with humanity has been a great work of love, even from the beginning. But, from the standpoint of humanity, many of you neither grasp, nor understand, this basic concept, which has been involved in your spiritual progression from the beginning.


I am Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. Behold what I speak herein; for this is the beginning of My New Covenant with you, My People, and the first and most elemental thing that you must grasp to be ready for this Covenant is that life, as you have known it in the Earth, is futile. For, all will soon be destroyed. All that you value and all that you treasure in this Earth, is but a trap, for in your riches, you will die. In your wealth, you will perish. For, life, as you know it in the Earth will soon come to an end. If you have not mastered obedience to the commandments, and if you do not understand that the basis for them, to begin with, is love; you cannot know Me and you cannot know My Son. But, if you are filled with love, then and only then can you see Me and My Son. This is the Covenant that My Son completed with all of humanity.

I am the Alpha and I am the Omega; and this is the end for My people in the Earth, who are truly ready for My gift of eternal life. Those, who are ready to graduate from this Earth, and to receive eternal life, will already be ready to leave. You will get your affairs in order. You will come out of the material world and you will be ready to give it all up. If you do not grasp this higher concept of love, even to love your enemies, you will not grasp a higher concept of eternal life and all that goes with it. For, this is the New Covenant for which you must be ready.

Just as most failed and they did not get to the Promised Land, most will fail again and they will not get My promise of eternal life. But, My Covenant with you is this. Eternal Life is My gift to those, who are ready to receive it. But, if you are still struggling with following the commandments, you are not ready for eternal life. If you are still filled with negativity and a host of other emotions, you are not ready for eternal life. If you are not filled with love and forgive all freely, you are not ready for eternal life. Those, who are ready, understand the futility of the material world and already their feet are stationed in the next world; for this is a time of great transition. But, it is also a time of great freedom, wherein those, who are ready, are being spiritually prepared for the next world.


You should automatically know that you are on the right path. If you have to stop and wonder whether your choices are right, you have not mastered the commandments. You have not become a vessel of My pure love. This is all right for now, for many are still going through the refining fires. But, there will come a time, and soon, that if you must stop to ponder whether you have done right or wrong, you will be so far behind spiritually that you will not be able to receive your inheritance of eternal life. For, there will come a time when you will not have enough time to purify your soul, to purify your heart, and to purify your spirit so that you will be ready spiritually to make the transition. For, darkness within will be a stumbling block to all, who want My promises of eternal life.

So, first and foremost, you must walk in love and you must walk in obedience. But, love and obedience must not be second nature. These things, you must not have to think on. They must be totally automatic. You must be filled with love, with purity, and truth, to that you no longer have to think about what is right. You automatically do what is right. For, you become the law and the law becomes you when you operate within My will. This process becomes automatic, for your intent is pure and when your intent is pure and unselfish, you are able to operate within My pure love. The longer you operate within My pure love, which is also My will, the easier it becomes. And, the easier it becomes, the more pure your spirit and your soul become.

It is at this point that I put My key in you and you thereby become My key to all that is beautiful, to all that is pure, to all that is holy, and to all that is within My Kingdom. And, the Earth, itself, can no longer hold you and you do not have any interest in the Earth, save to do My will and to spread My love. This is My gift of Freedom to all.

So, what is My Covenant? My New Covenant is the freedom of My pure and true love. It is graduation time for those, who truly walk in this way. This is a glorious occasion and many have waited for this day when I put My key in the hearts of those, who walk in My pure and true love.

And, what is this key? It is My Key to Freedom! It is My completed pass to My Holy Mountain. It is your freedom from Earth, as you know it to be. This is My New Covenant and this Covenant signals both the beginning of My Kingdom on the Earth and the gift of eternal life for those, who are truly worthy. But, you have known for a very long time that the way is narrow and the gate is straight. Few truly find this way and fewer make the grade.


1. Promises through Abraham;

2. The External Laws, the Ten Commandments;

3. The Internal Laws, the Spirit of God through our Saviour, the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. This is based on obedience and love.

4. Love is the law and the law is readily manifest within Your pure love; and when this takes place, we reach a point of freedom, of purity, of wholeness, and cleanliness before You. We are one with Your will and we do Your perfect will without any conscious awareness. At this point, we receive Your key to Your Holy Mountain, and then we are ready for our Gift of Eternal Life. By this time, we have our feet heavily planted in the world of Your Spirit and we walk freely in Your Spirit.”

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source: The Mountain Prophecies