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WHO are the GREATEST False Prophets at this Time in Human History?

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Antipope Benedict XVI - whose True anointing from Heaven was removed on Easter Sunday, 2007, and given to Pope Peter the Last - who was in Rome, Italy, on that day.  As a direct result of a mass intention by Pope Peter the Last, Benedict XVI was told to step down, by his illuminati handlers.  Benedict did step down, as a demonically disfigured and possessed pope - as a disgraced pope, who became the first pope to resign in 600 years.  It is so simple, even a child, can understand.  How are YOU doing?

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Antipope Francis I - the successor of the Pope with no anointing, Benedict XVI.  Antipope Francis - an antipope, with no anointing from Heaven whatsoever, is "The Destroyer" - who Saint Francis of Assisi prophesied about - ironically, to say the very least.  And he will single handedly destroy, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, from the Chair, of the ANTI-Peter - upon which he sits.  For he is the full manifestation of the Antichrist, in the religious arena, and he works closely with Obama, who is the full manifestation of the antichrist in the political arena.  (Antipope, Antipeter, Antichrist... quite the resume, don't you think?) 

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"Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.  And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband; and I heard a great voice from the throne saying, 'Behold, the dwelling of God is with men.  He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself will be with them;  he will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away'."
“They missed Me at My ‘first coming’.  I have come again through you both – There’s only one more time left”. 
Note: For those who are wondering, Jesus Christ the Lord, at the culmination of His Second Coming, on Christmas Day, 2012, came as "the Just Judge", to administer 'the mark of the beast', to almost everyone on the Planet (- above the age of reason).  And now He is gathering His Faithful Remnant - the 144,000, from the 4 corners of the Earth.  He is now gathering His Remnant, to greet Him, when He descends from Heaven, in the flesh once again - to walk among His people, as their True Lord and King.  Become a member of the Faithful Remnant.  Use the Blessed Holy Water, and follow His instructions carefully.  It only takes docility, and humility, to the King of Heaven - whose instructions, are moving through, His Two Witnesses.
Actual email: So till now I believe that Jesus Christ will come in his resurrected flesh, am I wrong?
Pope Peter The Last: Now, as for your QUESTION, about "Jesus coming back, in the FLESH?" – of COURSE He is!  That will be His THIRD, and FINAL Coming.  But RIGHT now – He is fully PRESENT, and FULLY Manifesting, THROUGH – His True VICAR – through His TRUE Representative – through His ANOINTED One – through ME – His TRUE Brother, and the LAST and FINAL Pope, of this ERA. JESUS, is KING! – and JESUS, has sent, ME – to SHARE, ‘the fruits of HIS Kingdom’, with ‘THOSE, who are WILLING, to RECEIVE’; and My WIFE, ‘shares, in THAT Blessing’!   AND so, when you HEAR, MY words – you need to RECOGNIZE, that they in FACT are ‘the WORDS, of your CREATOR!’ – ONLY seeking out ‘the best INTERESTS’, of your Soul.  To reject THESE Words IS ‘to reject HIM’.  That is NOT, “a BOAST”; it is SIMPLY, “the TRUTH”.   (December 17, 2015)

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Guard Your Hearts and Bodies From Demonic Influence

February 6, 2017
May the blessing of purity and a pure love for Our Savior be our reality, in spirit and in truth.

Well, my dear family, I have much to say to you today. During my communion service, President Trump was presented to me to pray for, and I sense he has a decision to make and needs to be saturated in Godly wisdom.

It doesn't have to come with an evangelical buzz-word. Infused knowledge, knowledge and understanding from above, is what I sense he needs.

Interestingly, North Korea came up today and I pray that Our Lord will forestall any attempt by that enemy to attack our country. I am also praying that the President will see how dangerous it is to have our troops all over the world and not sufficient protection here in an 'unwalled continent living in peace.'

My heart is saddened by the slander against the President and his decisions and I pray for an end to the libelous media coverage of his office. And that people will begin to boycott the major media, because they will see they are working for the Elite whose agenda is to destroy America - something Obama came very close to succeeding at. Now he is wroth, because he has lost the seat of power, yet he never tires of finding a way to destroy our freedom.

And I would ask any of you, if you have any advice on how to get those bleeps off the telephone that come from the different news agencies - I don't want to have anything to do with those people. I want to unsubscribe from all of that. If you could let us know how to do that - let me know, please. 'Cause I'm really sick of this and I want them to know that I'm not going to be tuning in to them. Even though I wasn't tuning in before! They deserve to be boycotted. And the Lord has been trying to get our attention off the media for a long time, so this is something new. But for those of us who haven't quite extricated ourselves from the habit, I think that boycotting it will make an obvious statement, that the ratings have gone down and people aren't interested. They are not interested in listening to lies any more. They are losing viewers because of poison.

I wanted to mention - some of us are going through serious sufferings again and we will be until the 'monster' is caged. Judging from what the Lord said recently, 90 days from the date of his inauguration - that means June should be a turn-around month for America. And I am hoping and praying the corruption of the previous administration will be completely exposed to the public, so they can see how duped they've been by personalities, rather than their track record or performance.

Speaking of which, if they looked only at the hard facts they would see they've been played. One fact is...the stock market rose to a record-breaking high, thanks to some of the first measures President Trump has put into action. Not that we should judge things financially or by money, but that is an improvement for sure. And it's a sign of recovery in our nation.

What great things we can look forward to seeing when abortion is finally abolished on American soil, the way it is in Russia.

But, changing the subject, one of our prayer warriors had a word for us which I feel is very important to pass on to you. Guard your hearts.

She had a dream. It begins: "Guard Your Heart." 

"The most important thing right now is to guard your heart.  You need to guard your heart, because it is where all emotions grow, where all thoughts are stored. And where all of My graces come forth first, where I abide in you."

And I guess this is the Lord speaking to her.

"The heart is the most important organ of your body and in the spiritual world is also important.  It can store LOVE, mercy, anger, freedom, bitterness, courage, or compassion." 

She continued, "As I hear the voice of the Lord and repeated everything that He was saying, my husband never woke up - and he's a light sleeper!"

So, that was a supernatural act in itself. 

"But I was seeing in the spirit a very small, intense light going around every one of the flowers and a swirly metal thing touching them and releasing them into Earth.  As they were coming down to Earth, He kept saying 'Guard Your Heart.'  I saw how they came into each person in Earth that is a believer and came inside their hearts.  I asked the Lord 'What is going on?"' 

He said, "Look into your heart."

"I looked at my heart inside my body - the real thing. It has to be in the spirit, because I saw my heart. Plus, I was awake by them because of my voice, but with my eyes closed.  When I was looking at my heart, I saw these flowers entering my body and covering my heart. They were white flowers, which are not seen in Earth, and they covered my heart. As they cover the heart, they change into white ivory incandescence - a box with a huge flower on top protecting and guarding my heart. 

"He was still telling me to 'Guard my Heart'.

"Family, all of the flowers and metal swirly things that were send to Earth last night were thousands upon thousands of them.  We need to Guard our Hearts.  All of you have some kind of box protecting your hearts right now.  From what?  I don't know.

"Maybe in prayer you can ask the Lord what kind of box He put in your heart last night and why do we need to guard our hearts?  Maybe you already know.  Maybe this is a confirmation to one of us of something you have been talking to the Lord about.  But your heart has been GUARDED by the Lord."

Interestingly, this dream came on the heels of an experience one of our Heartdwellers had and I want to share this with you, because if this person had these experiences, others of you may also be having them. And I want to protect you.

Most of you know that I have shared intimate times with the Lord in Heaven that have been very beautiful and many of you have also. But you must also be, oh so very, very careful and discerning.

The devils are very clever indeed and they know how to pervert something beautiful and make it vile. Over and over again I have brought home to you that the Lord is not carnal, not sensual. Not in the least. He is a virgin and very, very pure. He has very strong boundaries and would never do anything suggestive of human carnal intimacy. In other words, sexual advances or sensual advances.

Dear ones, the Lord is ALWAYS properly clothed. He does not invite nudity or physical contact that could be interpreted as foreplay. If there is ANY, ANY, ANY suggestion of disrobing, it is NOT, NOT the Lord. It is a demon masquerading in the appearance of a man that looks like Jesus.

There are demons, probably thousands of demons, who play this role and try to seduce women and I would imagine men, as well. And I am exhorting you, Heartdwellers, do not allow this deception to be played on you. It is an affront to the virginity and purity of our God and it comes from the pit of Hell. No matter how innocent or pure it seems, it is not the Lord - it is demonic.

If you are having visitations from the Lord and He is taking you to Heaven and throughout the universe, He will always be spotlessly proprietary. An innocent kiss, holding hands, or dancing with you. But He will never make an improper advance. He is pure as a little child.

In my early years, I was tested in this area of purity and with His help was able to pass through it - but I must say, it was a close call.

Now please - do not become discouraged if you've been fooled. He loves you so much, all He wants to do is set your feet on the right path again. His heart is about restoration and the fullness of His glory and love for us. If you've been tempted or fooled, please - just tell Him you're sorry, ask Him to protect you from such lying demons in the future so your relationship can continue to blossom and go deeper in a Godly way.

Lust can be extremely veiled under the pretext of affection. If you are in His presence and an ecstasy overshadows you - that is valid. If there is any hint of sexual stimulation leading to an ecstasy, you can be sure that is demonic.

As He told us once in Chronicles of the Bride, sex does not exist in Heaven - everything is in a higher ecstatic and joyful state than what we experience on Earth through sex. I have never, ever experienced any hint of sexual stimulation or thoughts, even - while with Jesus. Everything between us is pure and innocent, without a hint of carnal or sensual pleasure.

That is my conviction, based on experience with Him. So I am passing that onto you to protect you from falling into impurity and lust with a demon. Creatures such as these are very powerful and able to generate sexual urges to humans without our consent. Many, if not all of us, have had dreams or physical feelings we had no explanation for. The explanation for that is very simple: they are demons of lust. Wake yourself up, rebuke them, take a cold shower - do whatever it takes, but don't fall into impurity.

Why does God allow such attacks and deceptions? He is allowing us to be tested in purity. Many times He allows this because of self-righteousness and pride. Those of us who tend to judge and look down on others, you may very well be humiliated in this area to reveal your weaknesses, so you dare not judge others again or pride yourself on your intimate relationship with someone you have been fooled into believing is Jesus.

Also, I want to add, that not all of your encounter with the Lord may be from a masquerading spirit of lust. You may be perfectly, innocently in Jesus' company, and all of a sudden things change and it's not Him anymore. So don't discount the entire experience. Isolate the part where sexuality seems to come into play. That does not discount the true and pure relationship you have with Him, it just reveals that you can be fooled by the enemy. So stay humble.

Lord, do you have anything to add about this?

Jesus began, "I wish I could tell you how many of My children have fallen into this trap, because they were not alert to deception and did not know My character well enough to resist. It is extremely humiliating to you, dear souls. I know that. But I do not condemn you. I lift your chin tenderly to meet My gaze into your eyes and tell you, 'Your sins are forgiven; go and sin no more.' That is My Heart for you."

And just as an aside, I was reminded of the scene from Jesus of Nazareth where He lifted Mary Magdalene's chin and told her that her sins were forgiven her.

The Lord continued, "Some of you will not receive this word well, and for you I emphasize, 'Test the Spirits.' Did I have an illicit or even licit relationship with Mary Magdalene? I did not. Was I ever tempted? Yes, I was tempted - but did not sin. Being tempted is not a sin if you cast off the imagining immediately and do not indulge it. If you play with it, you have sinned. Repent. Get back up and come running into My arms. I know how powerful the human sexual urge is. I also know how powerful the demonic interventions to cause stimulation can be. I forgive you. Be wiser next time and be oh, so vigilant to the leaven of pride, because it proceeds a fall.

"I am with you always. I invite you into My arms. I rock you as a mother rocks her child. I dance over you and with you in joy. I swim with you in modest attire, and you will never, ever feel sexual or sensual stimulation in My presence, ever. 
"If you feel that, you are being sifted by an impersonating demon of lust, of that you can be sure. There is great merit in resisting such impulses and rebuking the demons. It can be a form of suffering, just like sickness, or temptations to spend money, or enter into jealousy. When you resist it, you grow in virtue. 
"I love you tenderly, My precious ones. Tenderly, but never, ever sensuously. Guard your hearts and your bodies. And keep them pure, even as I am pure."

Source: heartdwellers

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How to HONOR THE SABBATH by NOT going to Church!!! - from The Two Witnesses

I am Pope Peter the Last, and Final Pope of this Era, and I am here with an urgent message for ALL people, around the world, who attend religious organizations… STOP! Going!  Stop going to your religious institution!  The abomination of Desolation – that is, sin - is being put on a pedestal - in all of the Religious Institutions around the world - Sin, is being worshipped - like a god.  Jesus revealed this to me just a short time ago.  Jesus said: “For in October, of 2009, ‘the abomination’, was ‘set-up’.  But since the beginning, of the invention of the television, it has been set-up in peoples’ homes.  And with ‘the division, in the homes’, it has been set-up in peoples’ hearts.  For the abomination of desolation, is ‘deprivation, of salvation’.  Because ‘sin’, is ‘put on a pedestal’ – above one’s own salvation; and ‘neglect of one’s own spiritual life’, is all that there is left, when this happens.  The desolation, in the churches: has been ongoing – for centuries.  But I was ‘very specific’ – when I said, “When you see: ‘the desolating sacrilege’, set-up, then, let those, who are on, the rooftop, not go in, and take, ‘their cloak’.  What this means, is those on the rooftops, are ‘better off’, than those within the churches. Those who cling, to the institutions, when those shepherds, are ‘all preaching: for their own gain’; to ‘slaughter their sheep’; to ‘make money’, from them.  Their call, is ‘to flee the abomination that makes desolate’.  Their call is ‘to flee ‘the shepherds, in wolves’ clothing’Their call, is to stop! - giving them money; is to ‘put an end to tithing’.  But to give of themselves instead: to give ‘wholly unto Me’; to be ‘nourished, by My word’ – so that they may Live!...  My Mother is coming, to ‘tenderly care, for those sheep who will cooperate, with the graces’. But she is ‘the Queen of Justice’ – to all those, who ‘stubbornly refuse to repent’.” (-Jesus, Sunday, November 25, 2012
The Blessed Virgin Mary did indeed give my wife and I a message to give to the World.  She said: “My people, I come to you, with sorrow, and ‘in tears’…  I have already told you to “throw out your televisions”!   But, my request has ‘fallen on deaf ears’You do not ‘take Heaven seriously’ my people; but you ‘see the Earth that you are on, as your Heaven’!  Your pastors, ministers, and rabbis, are not going to tell you ‘the difficult truths’ in order for you ‘to be saved’.  They will not ‘require you’ to live ‘Holy and saintly lives’ – so that you can ‘enter-in, to Eternal Rest’!  I repeat my Son’s words: “They want your money”!  And they are not ‘interested’, in your salvation.  Yes, they will tell you: “you are saved” - because they are willing, for you to sell, your ‘birthright’.  For everyone deserves a chance, to come to ‘the Kingdom of Heaven.  But they will not tell you what you need, in order to come Here.  For they have ‘barred the Kingdom of Heaven’ from, themselves!   By refusing to nourish you with ‘the Truth’ my people.  The Truth is not ‘convenient’ at times, but that does not mean that you should ‘abort it’ – when you feel ‘uncomfortable’Know that when you are ‘uncomfortable’ that then you are growing!  But as soon as you are satisfied with yourself, and your ‘relationship with your Creator’, it is then that you are ‘slipping and falling’!  Because there is no ‘complacency’ in ‘the spiritual life’ – you either desire to grow ‘closer’ to the Lord Jesus Christ,or ‘further away’. I tell you my people, once again, ‘the abomination, of desolation’ is here now – on the Earth.  It is ‘set up’, within all of the ‘institutions’.  It is ‘set-up’, within most peoples’ homes.  ‘To revere sin’, above ‘striving for holiness’, means that it is ‘set-up’ within your own hearts!  The shepherds, ministers, pastors and rabbis, and ‘all religious leaders’, have sold ‘their birthright’ for ‘comfort in this life’; for ‘consolations upon consolations’; for ‘fancy cars’, and for homes; for wealth – they have ‘sold your souls’, to satan!  I repeat, myself, once more, regardless of the discomfort you have: they have all, sold, your souls, to satan!!!  You must understand that ‘he disguises himself as an angel of light’.   And I am warning you my people ‘he has your souls’!  Because the ‘jesus’ you are worshipping is ‘the devil in disguise’.  The pastors, ministers, rabbis, and shepherds, have made a deal with the devil – for your souls!!  And in exchange, they will receive “tax-exempt status”, weekly offerings, lots and lots of money.  They do not care,whether you end up in Hell or not!  That is not their concern!  Their concern, is ‘to keep the money coming in’, and ‘to tell you what you want to hear’ – in order for them to ‘become rich’, by you perishing!!  What I am telling you is True.  Whether, you will ‘listen’, is between, you and, your Maker.   Because in these times, I am simply, ‘a messenger’.  (she said:)  I am, Our Lady, Queen of all hearts!  And I am praying that you will make ‘good decisions’.  Repent in your heart, and stop going to the institutions!  And throw out your televisions.  And read my Son’s Testimony.  And you, will be ‘off to a good start’.  Because ‘as it stands now’, your souls, have been condemned!  I repeat my self once more: my people, your souls, have been, condemnedNot by the Most High, True God; because He does not ‘condemn’; but ‘by your own choices’. The Word, has ‘judged you’.  Now repent! – so that you may be ‘alive’!... I suggest you get ‘your houses in order’, and quickly.” (Tuesday, December 4, 2012) 
So, what the Most High True God is asking His people, to do, instead of attending their religious institution on a weekly basis is, and Jesus explains:  “I would rather My People, ‘stay at home’ – on Sundays, and read My Testimony online, and be nourished – rather than go, to ‘their weekly service’, and receive ‘the spirit of the antichrist.  If only they would ‘turn to Me – in order, to be healed.  If only they would ‘turn away – from all ‘worldliness’; all position; all power.  If only they would turn: to the True Holy Spirit, and worship – the way My Father wants them to: in Spirit and in Truth; not in a church, nor ‘stone-cold’ building – with ‘heartless sermons’, and ‘attitudes’; but ‘a disposition of soul’ - to desire ‘communion’ with Me, and the Saints in Heaven.” (-Jesus, Friday, November 23, 2012)
Jesus also says:“For as long as they go - to their ‘abomination, of desolation’, then they are ‘outside communion’, with ‘the True Church’, and therefore they are ‘excommunicated’. Until they reconcile with Me in their ‘interior lives’; and ‘begin to do’ what I ask from them, then they can not and will not ‘enter in’ to ‘My Eternal Rest’ – for their soulsI am asking My People to be ‘doers of the Word’ – not ‘hearers’.” (-Jesus, Friday, November 23, 2012)
(Note: The excerpts from the Testimony on this page, are being presented in a question and answer format)
“There is no more Mass: for there is so much poison in one service, that it would do more harm than good to the souls attending.  Those who still go are drawn in by ‘the spirit of the antichrist’ and not, by any means, devotion to Me.  However, the righteous who attend there are having their eyes opened, beginning to see “the abomination of desolation”, in the church - which is in fact: man’s rejection of God and desire for self-worship, self-adoration, self-affirmation, and self-wisdom.  These things you will not find at a True Mass, where True Worship abounds.” 
"This may be a shock to you all – but if you had read the scriptures, and discerned My words of caution: “For behold I come like a thief in the night”, and “if the householder had known at what time, I was coming, he would have remained awake, and ready, for the thief who would break in, to his house”.  But you were all asleep when I came, and I have stolen My Presence from all of the churches, and as I have said before I am no longer in your hosts.  Your churches have become: desolate."
"Why should I come, to the ‘dogs’ within the churches?  So that they can vomit up My words?  No My children, the Word will Judge themPeople will be ‘passing sentence on themselves’, for either: they will neglect My words, and the True Shepherd of My Faithful Remnant Flock – who is there, to rescue them, from the hands of the wolves, in temporary charge; or, they will abandon My words, and My True Shepherd…”  
“I tell you now My children, the mark of the beast’ is already in the churches – people in many cases are baptizing their children, in the ‘spirit of abominations and desolation.’  Yes it really is that bad.  The confirmations taking place – in most cases, do the same as well – for what are the people being confirmed in?  It is more like the ‘sacrament of affirmation – affirming every abomination under the sun.  And what has become of the Sacrament of Holy Orders? – Except that those doing it, are not truly anointed, and they are transferring their own evils, upon the victim.  Because if the heart is not turned towards Me at that time, it is merely witchcraft.  And what of the Sacrament of Marriage?  What has become of it?  But a blessing, perpetually, upon, adultery.  I do not bless people living together – through common law or otherwise; but this “church”, and the people under her, are permitting these ‘vile abominations’ to continue.  They might as well be as the Anglicans are: blessing ‘homosexual acts’– perpetually.  And what of the Sacrament of the Sick?  What has become of them?  People are more sick – more today than ever; and I am referring to: ‘of the mind’. Because their hearts have turned away from Me – more ailments, and more sicknesses come.  Are they being healed in these “sacraments”?  In most cases the answer is: “no”." 
“It is better that My Faithful Remnant followers, have no routine, within that religious institution, and, have no faith in those ‘princes of demons’; than to be fed, so much poison – only to the detriment of their own souls."  
"My messages will inform all those who are seeking the Truth, to what is going on in the World and in their churches.  Many of them can no longer feel My ‘True Presence’, but they are still going, because they have no other place to attend.  Out of habit, they continue to go there – knowing that they are not fulfilled.  The ‘goats’ keep going My children, because they love the food that they are being presented with; and they are one with ‘their father’ down below."
“They have failed to direct My Faithful in the ways that they should walk – and that is: upright, with humble and contrite hearts – always.  Because of this neglect, they are allowing the ‘faithful’ to be poisoned – as they themselves, have been.”
Too much noise is in the World, and this does not allow the True Holy Spirit to communicate.  Therefore I ask My children, to set themselves: apart from the World; apart from the institutions; apart from their churches – to find quiet time to be alone with their Maker, as the priests no longer: want to instruct the faithful; want to instruct souls on ‘the path to holiness’.  As the priests refuse, and the ministers relinquish their duties,   I have taken it upon Myself to nourish them, in quiet places.  I will give them the food they have been waiting for through My words. The Holy Scriptures are very important – yes; but it is also important to be open to ‘new revelations’.  Since when did the True Holy Spirit stop revealing things?  Since when did ‘true private revelation’ end?  I say to you it is ongoing."  
“The institutional church wants Me to conform – to the bar that they have set; but I will never do this - for I would be going against Myself if I did, and I am not ‘divided’ in any way.  Therefore the institutional church has failed to teach the people: where the ‘true bar’ is set.  So the people strive for less holiness – each, year.  And now finally, holiness is not even spoken of any more, nor is ‘sanctity’ and ‘truth’.  But the words of ‘the world’ are used to confuse the people – so they can not distinguish between the ‘things of man’, and ‘the things, of God’.” 
“I am asking you to rely no longer, on your pastors, ministers, or priests, because they have been corrupted, in every possible way – against Me.  There is no room for ‘the humanitarian movement’, in society, nor for ‘global governance of the World’, in the Kingdom of Heaven; for that is where I govern all things.  But you have reached a time – now, once again, where the religious leaders are ‘selling their souls’, for ‘government tax-exempt status’.  They are telling you “you must submit to the governing authorities around”; but this is not true.  You do not need to submit to any governing authority that is corrupt.  When you know ‘full well’ where the religious leaders’ allegiances are, then you are exempt, from submitting to that ‘governing body’.  You know they are out for ‘profit, and gain’ and want to keep their churches full.  Whether or not you are on the ‘right path’, is of no relevance to them, for they have all, except a small few, become extensions, of the governing bodies themselves.  They may as well be in government My children.  For that is how they have been trained to behave.  From the pulpit, they preach tithing, above all else – Why?  Because they want your money.  They are not interested in your souls; and, they want, to have power and influence over you.”  
“The religious institutions have ‘become one’ with their governments, and it is not safe to go to any of them any longer.  If you have a good priest then pray for him.  If you have a minister you go to regularly, then tell him the truth; inform him of what you have discovered – yourselves.  If you go to any religious leader on a regular basis, then it is your duty, now that you have been informed, to warn him of the coming dangers – in his own institutionFor I tell you: religion, and the state, have become one; religion, and the government have become one.  If you have faith seek to preserve it.  You know who is speaking to your hearts, and you must make a decision on how to respond to this message.”  
“Remember I told you in the End Times, that brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers, would deliver each other up – to death, by getting them to renounce their faith in Me, and adopt ‘worldly maxims’.  This is where My children must be strong, in turning to Me to be their strength.  For the synagogues and the churches have become “white sepulchers”, and so I am asking My children not to be afraid – to leave them behind.  I am asking them to focus, on what they know – now, to be true in their hearts; so that when I do come, at the Great Warning, they will be awake to receive Me.  But all the institutions are asleep; and if they continue to go there, they will fall asleep as well.  I can not guarantee that they will ‘bounce back’, for so much ‘toxic venom’ is in those places.  If you want to be a ‘healthy-minded’ spiritual individual, who seeks to obey the Commandments, that are written, on your heart, then you must never go back, to those places, where you will surely be stripped, of all goodness, and all Life.  Seek Me to come to you in your hearts, and I will come and make My home there.”  
"Almost 99% of the people, in this world, are living in false realities that they have created – for themselves, as ‘a buffer’, to the truth; or they allow: people to create realities, for them to live in.  The whole purpose of propaganda My children, is to create ‘a different reality for people to embrace’, so that those seeking power and influence, can gain more power over them.  And this is what has happened, to ‘the institutional hierarchy’ – to the churches everywhere. They have created alternative ‘religious realities’ for people to live in: where there is no mention of sin, of Hell, of Judgement, nor of accountability.  In this religion, they have made themselves, into 'gods', saying that they can ‘live in any reality – they choose’, and that there will be no consequences."  
“Unless you eat My Flesh and drink My Blood, you have no life in you.  For this is why I came: so that, you might live, and have life to the fullest. This is for all of the Protestants out there, who have ‘protested’ My ‘Real Presence’ in My Eucharists for so long – believing only that it is a “symbol”, or “a memorial feast”.  You have been deceived for so long.  And now, even though many of you have joined, the structure of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, you still cannot have My Presence.  Because I have removed My Body and My Blood, from all, the Roman Catholic institutions – and there is nothing that you can do about it.  For there was a time when you could benefit from My True Presence; but you denied Me in that time, focusing not on the Spirit of My words, but on ‘man’s understanding’, and ‘man’s approval’.  How many fell away, from after following Me; after they heard Me speak such words, they were truly appalled at My Presence.  And afterwards they would not follow Me any longer because they saw that My words were too hard and too difficult to hear at the time.”  
"Sin is what keeps souls in bondage – to the enemy.  And My Wrath is focused upon souls, who ‘stubbornly embrace’ – evil.  No matter how small the sin nor how big it is, My people are called to live without committing ‘sins in their lives that are avoidable’If they choose to hold on to ‘secret sins’ while rejecting others, I can not hear, their prayersThis is what has happened within the institutional churches:  They have allowed sin to govern the lives of the people, and, have given them numerous excuses to embracing it; they have been encouraged to see themselves as “weak”, and, “only human”.  This, is not acceptable, before Me, or God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  And so, the prayers within those institutions – within those ‘formidable members’, are not reaching God the Eternal Father in Heaven’s Ears.”  
“There is no salvation in that ‘institution’ nor any other institution, that has ‘branched off’ from the one I first began.”   
“Everyone within that institution is crying peace, prosperity, security, in being with ‘the true church’.   But they are all in denial of the fact, that their churches have become desolate, their priests filled with propaganda, their services - empty and void of the True Holy Spirit.  No matter, how uncomfortable the Truth is, if people love Me, then they will embrace Me – which is to embrace: the truth, and reality.”   
Just as I asked Peter, to step outside the boat, for I spoke to his heart, and he even walked on water – for a little bit. And he risked everything he knew to be true in that moment, and took ‘a leap of faith’.  And as he started to sink with fear in his heart, I pulled him up again.  And we walked together - into the boat.  And then I sat and talked with the disciples, and they came to know Me – as I truly am.  But that ‘leap of faith’ is what it is going to take, for people, to get ‘back on the right track’, and ‘in the True Faith’.”
“‘The sabbath day’ in secular terms, was to be one day, where people could gather together, and continue, as a family of God, to worship their Creator.  But see what has happened – to Sunday worship, My children.  Now, it is so bad, that I had, to leaveall of the churches – especially their ‘Sunday, worship, abominations’. For how can I bless: their Sunday worship, when their hearts are so – so far away.  I hear: their praises – with their lips; and I hear songs – with ‘religious themes’ in them; I hear music – with no heart; I hear homilies – with no substance; I hear sermons – with ‘selfish intentions’; I do hear their ‘services’ – and that is why, I had to leave them all behind!” 

I would rather My People, ‘stay at home’ – on Sundays, and read My Testimony online, and be nourished – rather than go, to ‘their weekly service’, and receive ‘the spirit of the antichrist.  If only they would ‘turn to Me – in order, to be healed.  If only they would ‘turn away – from all ‘worldliness’; all position; all power.  If only they would turn: to the True Holy Spirit, and worship – the way My Father wants them to: in Spirit and in Truth; not in a church, nor ‘stone-cold’ building – with ‘heartless sermons’, and ‘attitudes’; but ‘a disposition of soul’ - to desire ‘communion’ with Me, and the Saints in Heaven.”  


“For as long as they go - to their ‘abomination, of desolation’, then they are ‘outside communion’, with ‘the True Church’, and therefore they are ‘excommunicatedUntil they reconcile with Me in their ‘interior lives’; and ‘begin to do’ what I ask from them, then they can not and will not ‘enter in’ to ‘My Eternal Rest’ – for their soulsI am asking My People to be ‘doers of the Word’ – not ‘hearers’.”  
“Why did I give him, the Commandments My children?  They were ‘an antidote’ to the evils, that were being ‘practiced’.  They were ‘to go ahead’, of ‘what is inside man’ – to help them to overcome, their own ‘wicked interior lives’, so that they would stop doing those things that offended Me greatly… Now when I came: in the Person, of Jesus Christ the Lord (-for I became flesh, not that I was ‘flesh from the beginning’), I came, not to abolish the Law and the Prophets, but to fulfill them. Not to ‘abolish My Ten Commandments; but to ‘teach the people’ – in addition to these, the Commandment of Love: first, God; then neighbor, then self.  But ‘the Pharisees’ at the time, thought that I had come, to change the Laws; they saw Me as ‘a radical’ that ‘needed to be removed!  I ‘drew people away’, from obeying: human ordinances and statutes – which the Phariseessome of them had ‘set-up at the time; and others, believed only, in what Moses taught.  So I was not able to get through to them because of the ‘hardness of their hearts’.”
“The desolation, in the churches: has been ongoing – for centuries.  But I was ‘very specific’ – when I said, “When you see: ‘the desolating sacrilege’, set-up, then, let those, who are on, the rooftop, not go in, and take, ‘their cloak’.  What this means, is those on the rooftops, are ‘better off’, than those within the churches. Those who cling, to the institutions, when those shepherds, are ‘all preaching: for their own gain’; to ‘slaughter their sheep’; to ‘make money’, from them.  Their call, is ‘to flee the abomination that makes desolate’.  Their call is ‘to flee ‘the shepherds, in wolves’ clothing’Their call, is to stop! - giving them money; is to ‘put an end to tithing’.  But to give of themselves instead: to give ‘wholly unto Me’; to be ‘nourished, by My word’ – so that they may Live!”

“Now it is possible to use common sense and reason, to make excuses for ‘the wrong team’, and to excuse oneself from following My Ten Commandments.  But this does not in any way justify them before Me, as the words, that they use falsely, will be used – against them.  So they want ‘a god of compassion’; so they want ‘a pushover god’... for their own gain’Well My children... there is a price for making excuses as to why, I, am not God, in their eyes.  People with this kind of mentality are truly ‘the crazy ones’.”

Please watch the video here

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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Maria Divine Mercy a.k.a Mary McGovern-Carberry (Dublin, Ireland)
Accumulated more than 425,000 Facebook followers!
(Could she be the modern historical echo of Barabbas - who won "the people's choice award" 2000 years ago?) 
Pope Peter The Last:  How did she do that? - many readers have been asking.  And unlike the readers of HER website, and her book, "The Book of Truth"; OUR readers, expect the TRUTH!  And they are about to get ANSWERS!!!  Jesus Christ the Lord, from His Throne in Heaven, is now exposing some of the most NOTORIOUS false prophets on the planet, on this page on our website.  Check back often, as we expect to be updating it quite often, with the latest profit falls news... or rather, false prophet news.

Jesus said:  Maria Divine Mercy – as she so boldly, calls herself, from the MDM Messages, will not be coming back.  Because, I, brought her down, with ‘a Breath of My Mouth’ – with words of Truth, proclaimed from the highest Heavens.  Her charade, has now, ended.  She deceived MILLIONS of her followers – for several years! – bringing in LOTS of revenue, from her, deceptions.  Oh the catholics were SO deceived! - because they have no way, of discerning; because the True Holy Spirit, has been withdrawn – from them.  They were not able to discern, that there was ‘no real heart’, in those messages - but that, they were filled with flowery words.  And you know what My children? – the people heard, what they wanted to hear.  And that’s, the saddest, Truth, about the whole charade.  She didn’t tell them ‘things, of the Spirit’ – for their spiritual edification. There were no deep profound mysteries revealed.  But, they ate up, all, of her words – because goats will eat anything!  And that, is what the catholics have become All she needed to do, to pull it off – to pull off one of the biggest deceptions, in history: was study Catholicism; study, what catholics expected to hear; and study, what the other false visionaries, were proclaiming; bounce her ideas, off, a few of them; gather intel, on that institution - and especially, the Vatican; and present a psychological operation, of Biblical proportions!  Unfortunately My children, what the people don’t realize, is that they have been Plagued, with false prophets; and the people of this WICKED generation, are being Scourged by their deceptions; by their evil intentions; and by their desire to EXTORT money.  Do the false prophets know they’re false prophets?  Yes, they do - that’s why they got ‘into the business’.  And yes, it is “a business”, for them.  It is their yearly revenue.  It is their lifestyle.  It’s their bread and butter! 
(-Jesus, Marcy 31, 2015)

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX)

Jesus said:  The Pius X Society has now been infiltrated by the CIA – and they are now running it. They only pretend, to resist Antipope Francis. They call themselves “The Resistance”, because that’s what the traditional catholics want to hear.  They want to believe, that their ‘tradition’, is defended somehow.  But it is ALL a charade.  They are just “puppets on a stage”.  What the catholics need to know, is that there is no sacrifice, in any of the rites.  But sacrifice, and offerings, have ceased - they are no more.  All they have left, is externals, and empty smiles, and statues – that do not have a glow to them, because they are no longer a window to Heaven, but have become a reflection of the people.  Sin offerings are no more. I told them this time was coming. 
(-Jesus, May 31, 2015)

Pope Peter the Last: One of 'the illuminati stamps', the CIA inserts into almost all of their operations, is something that Jesus refers to as "an illuminati boast".  In the case of this group, that boast, can be found, in the actual name, of their so-called "Superior General".  His name, is Fellay.  Fellay of what?  Jesus called his Disciples to be fishers of men.  And so, by running that organization, on behalf of his CIA handlers, just who do you think Fellay, is filleting?  If you don't "get it", just move on to the next topic.

Emma De Guzman (Canada, Philippines)
Pope Peter The Last:  I asked Jesus Christ the Lord, to clarify the Truth, about Emma de Guzman and her gold sparkles, and all the other so-called miracles, signs and wonders, that some people report to have been manifesting around her.

Jesus said:  Not from Heaven I assure you My children.  What is more important: a sparkling pure white soul; or a gangrenous-filled individual without a soul, covered in ‘demonic prints’?  She doesn’t have a soul.  She has received ‘the mark of the beast’.  I am offering people ‘the real Gold’ – through My Testimony My children.  All that she can offer, is superficial.  But, people of these Times, will run, to the prophets, who speak smooth things in their ears.  They will run, to ‘the messengers, of peace’; and the people, will flee, from, the Truth.  And instead, they will want affirmation – group affirmation. And that about sums up ‘the group’.

(-Jesus, March 15, 2015) (Note: Jesus reveals much, much more about Emma de Guzman and her coven, in this March 30, 2015 message, Jesus reveals the Truth about de Guzman's sigmata in the April 01, 2015 message.  And finally, Jesus sends a MASSIVE SIGN FROM HEAVEN and closes the Guzman topic on this website, in the April 14, 2015 message.)

Note: The group Jesus is referring to, from His Throne in Heaven, is called the La Pieta Prayer Group.  Unfortunately for them, they were so dazzled by Emma de Guzman's false externals, that they forgot to look at her pitch black eyes - that are in fact the window, to the ABSENCE of a soul.  Not a good report card; but if they don’t leave that group and soon, the next report card they will each receive from their Creator, will make this one look like an A+.  Remember, at the time of Moses, Pharaoh’s magicians could perform all the miracles, signs, and wonders Moses did – but the magicians did so through demonic means, through witchcraft.  And that is a hint, at the true source, of the physical manifestations, that surround Emma de Guzman, when she goes into her trance.  Like all the other False Prophets out there, her little show has been to her financial advantage - and yet, ironically (gold sparkles) according to her Creator, has made her quite spiritually poor, indeed.
Dory Tan (Greensides Farm in Marmora, Canada)
Book: "Our Blessed Mother Speaks to Dory Tan in Marmora", Published by Dory Tan and John McLarney

Pope Peter the Last:  My wife and I spoke with Jesus Christ the Lord about Dory Tan, after watching her antics first hand, when we visited the Greensides Farm on September 8, a few years ago.   We watched Dory explain to her followers, that the Mary she speaks to - the Mary who would NOT speak to her at that time, in front of all those people, wants her followers to take the flame from Dory's candle, with them.  So they all lit their candles from hers.  Immediately, a severe thunder storm arose over the farm with a massive downpour, that extinguished everyone's candles, faster than they could run to their cars.  This was as a very big sign to everyone there, that her messages and visions are in fact, not authentic.  To make matters worse, it was in fact the light of the antichrist, that she was spreading, to her very gullible following.  During our visit, we did everything we could to expose Dory Tan, as what she Truly is before ALL of Heaven, a false visionary.  We also exposed many other false prophets who visited the farm, before we were personally banned from the farm, by the owner herself.  When we left that farm, Jesus Christ the Lord revealed, that our departure was the cue to the Holy Angels, to remove every Anointing and Blessing from Heaven, from that place - and the Holy Angels did so immediately.  That was the introduction.  Here is the really interesting part of the story.  Jesus explained to us, that the Blessed Virgin Mary actually DID visit Dory Tan... wait for it... ONCE!  Dory Tan was indeed visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary, as a sign of faith to her - so that she would live a life of repentance, and believe.  But instead, Dory immediately decided to cash out on the experience.  Dory acted as though she had won the lottery, and did everything she could do, to create a very lucrative cult following.  Dory Tan could not wait for the Blessed Virgin Mary to return to her, and so, one way or another, Dory summoned the devil, to appear to her, in a dress, so that she would have something to report, to her followers.  Dory gets an A for acting, and an F for authenticity.

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses