Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kat Kerr Day 1, Heaven, Our Power over Darkness

An excerpt:

  • The power of life and death is in our tongue.
  • Our soul is connected with our tongue, eyes, ears.
  • Our soul is in our mind, what we think of, our choices, and our emotions, the feelings we're displaying.
  • You can change your life by changing what you're saying. Don't agree with the enemy.
  • We should speak of hope, life, truth.
  • The world will know us by loving each other.
  • The Holy Spirit wants to dwell in us.
  • Heaven has no limitation.
  • God wants us to be like children, enjoy your life in heaven, no worries.
  • Declare and decree in your own homes and you will change the atmosphere in your own home.
  • Upon waking up in the morning, start talking about God: “Father, you are the most high God, You created the heaven and the earth, you have wings for me and my family, you are our protector, whatever is happening around me, my trust in You. I want Your presence in my home, let the world see Your love in us. You have dominion over the earth: the ground, the water, the air, the spiritual atmosphere. You rule over this earth. Father, You sent Your son to save us. Open our eyes, let me know You, give me revelation so I can change this world. Let it start in m home. Remind me in the morning what you want to declare and decree what You want from me, Father, I agree, that the body of Christ on this earth. we want your will done on earth, Your way, just like it is heaven. So I give You permission to invade my life, my mind, my soul, m spirit, take control. And Father, invade this land, let heaven come and make a habitation in this land where I live. I desire to live to see the day of your power take place on this earth. When this country and this world will know there is a God.”
  • There is no time in heaven. No alarms, no schedules.
  • All is free in heaven.
  • There is no evil. No rejection, no lie, no hatred, no judging, no lack.
  • Heaven is real and so is  the ugly hell.
  • By blessing and loving people, you get your rewards in heaven.
  • We can have authority over darkness if you have no darkness in you.
  • Your guardian angel is with you from conception till he brings you home to heaven
  • We have our individual gifts which you will use in heaven for free. Example,  gift of designing, baking, singing, etc.
  • There are places in heaven where it snows all the time,  spring all the time, summer all the time, fall all the time.
Father, I thank You for many ideas and inventions so I can create them and put it in the market place to make kingdom finances regardless of the economy of this world. I'm gonna wait for heaven's economy so send down the inventions. And I thank you Father for revelation, for showing me who You are . I want more., Catch me up whenever You're ready. You have permission to catch me up and show me heaven so I can share your love and your truth with others. Amen.

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