Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Unconditional Trust in Me (Trusting in Jesus)


Unconditional  Trust  in  Me, October  20,  2015

"My  Love  is  vaster  and  deeper  than  any  ocean  on  Earth. Truly  It  is  without  end  for  you, My  people.    

Come,  come  to  Me.  Come  rest  in  My  Heart. Drop  what  you're doing  and  come  rest  in  Me.    I  have  made  a  dwelling  for  you  in  My  Heart,  it  is  called  Heaven. Yet  even  while  you  are  still  pilgrims  on  the  Earth,  I  have  an  antechamber,  beautifully  adorned  with  gardens  of  spices  and flowers, clear  running  waters,  culminating  in  crystal  mirrored  lakes.    

This  is  our  trysting  place,  this  is  where  we  share  and  plan  and  talk  about  the  issues  in  your  life  and  the  world.    This  is  a place  of  profound  peace  and  comfort.  Yet  behind  the  walls  of  this  chamber, My  heart  is  beating  like  a  mighty  locomotive,  surging  forward  with  every  thrust  of  the  engine, loving  you  more  and  more.  

You  will  come  to  know  this  love  in  Heaven,  but  were  I  to expose  it  to  you  on  Earth,  you  would  not  remain  alive.    And  so  I  hide  it  from  you. But  the  effects  of  this  mighty  love  still  permeate  your  world,  shape  your  heart  and  perfect  you.

So  many  are  ready  to  beat  you  into  submission  to  a  religious  spirit,  void of  any  tenderness  or  love,  stacked  high  with  rules  and  social  customs.  But  that  is  the  device  of  men.  My  way  is  love; love  so  powerful  that  you  cannot  resist  its  attraction.    

Love  so  sacrificial  that  I  poured  My  Blood  out  onto  the  ground  to  have  you  with  Me  forever.  Yes,  drop  by  drop,  I  declared  My  Love  for  you.  Do  not  wound  Me  with  distrust,  rather  confess  your  trust  often,  "Jesus,  I  trust  in  You."    

Oh, how  I  long  to  hear  those  words  from  you,  "Jesus,  I  trust  in  You."

You  suffer  many  things  on  this  Earth,  but  there  is  no  suffering  comparable  to  losing  My  fellowship,  unless  it  is  the  void  in  your  hearts  because  you  have  not  sought  My  fellowship.  You  have  nothing  to  fear  from  Me  and  everything  to  gain.  I  know  when  you  stand  and  when  you  sit. I  see  all  your  sins  clearly, but  I  dismiss  them  because  I  have  another  vision  of  you.    

It  is  the  perfect  and  complete  you,  destined  for  glory.  Destined  to  resemble  Me in  every  facet  of  your  being.  Not  only  am  I  totally  dedicated  to  your  good  and  fulfillment,  I  also  have the  tools  necessary  to  accomplish  the  task,  no  matter  how  hopeless  you  are  about  yourself.  I  can  still  do  this  with  your  permission.

If  I  can  carve  out  the  Grand  Canyon,  I  can  certainly  carve  out the  sin  and  disorder  from  your  lives  and  make  you  gloriously  beautiful.  Do  not  withhold  anything  from  Me,  My  children.  Give  Me  your  all.  Give  Me  permission  to  have  your  all  and  I  will  do  the  rest.  I  have  such  wonderful  plans  for  you that, were  you  to  sit  and  dream  for  hours  and  days  on  end,  never  would  you  discover  the  glorious  gifts  awaiting you  in  Heaven.

I  will  give  you  little  know  the  things  you've  hidden away  in  your  heart...dreams  of  what  you  want  some  day?  That  grand  piano,  that  soft  furry  lion,  that  mountain retreat,  that  ocean  estate,  that  ability  to  fly. The body  that  is  whole,  slender,  and  young  -­‐with  all  your  teeth. That  exquisite  ability  to fly  and figure  skate,  ski  down  mountains,  preach  and  teach,  heal  the  sick,  to  rule  and  reign  in  righteousness,  establishing  justice  for  all  men,  women  and  children.      That  orchestral  choir  of  angels,  that  voice  that  hits  all  the  notes  perfectly,  those  songs  that  glorify  and  worship  Me  and  the  perfect  execution  of  piano  pieces. All  and  much  more,  await  you  in  Heaven.  

So  I  ask  you,  merely  trust  in  Me. Give  Me  your  hearts,  your  lives,  your  total  and  unconditional  trust,  knowing  that  everything  happens  to  you  for  a  good  reason.  Because  My  love  for  you  is  beyond  comprehension  and  there  is  a  sure  and  important  meaning  to  all  events  of  your  lives.  

I  am in  this  moment imparting  Faith  and  Trust to  those  who  will  receive  it with  the  innocence  of  a  child. I  have  so  much  more  for  you,  but  all  is  built  on  the  foundation  of  trust. Receive  from  Me  that trust  now.

It  is  yours  for  the  taking”

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