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Maria Divine Mercy a.k.a Mary McGovern-Carberry (Dublin, Ireland)
Accumulated more than 425,000 Facebook followers!
(Could she be the modern historical echo of Barabbas - who won "the people's choice award" 2000 years ago?) 
Pope Peter The Last:  How did she do that? - many readers have been asking.  And unlike the readers of HER website, and her book, "The Book of Truth"; OUR readers, expect the TRUTH!  And they are about to get ANSWERS!!!  Jesus Christ the Lord, from His Throne in Heaven, is now exposing some of the most NOTORIOUS false prophets on the planet, on this page on our website.  Check back often, as we expect to be updating it quite often, with the latest profit falls news... or rather, false prophet news.

Jesus said:  Maria Divine Mercy – as she so boldly, calls herself, from the MDM Messages, will not be coming back.  Because, I, brought her down, with ‘a Breath of My Mouth’ – with words of Truth, proclaimed from the highest Heavens.  Her charade, has now, ended.  She deceived MILLIONS of her followers – for several years! – bringing in LOTS of revenue, from her, deceptions.  Oh the catholics were SO deceived! - because they have no way, of discerning; because the True Holy Spirit, has been withdrawn – from them.  They were not able to discern, that there was ‘no real heart’, in those messages - but that, they were filled with flowery words.  And you know what My children? – the people heard, what they wanted to hear.  And that’s, the saddest, Truth, about the whole charade.  She didn’t tell them ‘things, of the Spirit’ – for their spiritual edification. There were no deep profound mysteries revealed.  But, they ate up, all, of her words – because goats will eat anything!  And that, is what the catholics have become All she needed to do, to pull it off – to pull off one of the biggest deceptions, in history: was study Catholicism; study, what catholics expected to hear; and study, what the other false visionaries, were proclaiming; bounce her ideas, off, a few of them; gather intel, on that institution - and especially, the Vatican; and present a psychological operation, of Biblical proportions!  Unfortunately My children, what the people don’t realize, is that they have been Plagued, with false prophets; and the people of this WICKED generation, are being Scourged by their deceptions; by their evil intentions; and by their desire to EXTORT money.  Do the false prophets know they’re false prophets?  Yes, they do - that’s why they got ‘into the business’.  And yes, it is “a business”, for them.  It is their yearly revenue.  It is their lifestyle.  It’s their bread and butter! 
(-Jesus, Marcy 31, 2015)

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX)

Jesus said:  The Pius X Society has now been infiltrated by the CIA – and they are now running it. They only pretend, to resist Antipope Francis. They call themselves “The Resistance”, because that’s what the traditional catholics want to hear.  They want to believe, that their ‘tradition’, is defended somehow.  But it is ALL a charade.  They are just “puppets on a stage”.  What the catholics need to know, is that there is no sacrifice, in any of the rites.  But sacrifice, and offerings, have ceased - they are no more.  All they have left, is externals, and empty smiles, and statues – that do not have a glow to them, because they are no longer a window to Heaven, but have become a reflection of the people.  Sin offerings are no more. I told them this time was coming. 
(-Jesus, May 31, 2015)

Pope Peter the Last: One of 'the illuminati stamps', the CIA inserts into almost all of their operations, is something that Jesus refers to as "an illuminati boast".  In the case of this group, that boast, can be found, in the actual name, of their so-called "Superior General".  His name, is Fellay.  Fellay of what?  Jesus called his Disciples to be fishers of men.  And so, by running that organization, on behalf of his CIA handlers, just who do you think Fellay, is filleting?  If you don't "get it", just move on to the next topic.

Emma De Guzman (Canada, Philippines)
Pope Peter The Last:  I asked Jesus Christ the Lord, to clarify the Truth, about Emma de Guzman and her gold sparkles, and all the other so-called miracles, signs and wonders, that some people report to have been manifesting around her.

Jesus said:  Not from Heaven I assure you My children.  What is more important: a sparkling pure white soul; or a gangrenous-filled individual without a soul, covered in ‘demonic prints’?  She doesn’t have a soul.  She has received ‘the mark of the beast’.  I am offering people ‘the real Gold’ – through My Testimony My children.  All that she can offer, is superficial.  But, people of these Times, will run, to the prophets, who speak smooth things in their ears.  They will run, to ‘the messengers, of peace’; and the people, will flee, from, the Truth.  And instead, they will want affirmation – group affirmation. And that about sums up ‘the group’.

(-Jesus, March 15, 2015) (Note: Jesus reveals much, much more about Emma de Guzman and her coven, in this March 30, 2015 message, Jesus reveals the Truth about de Guzman's sigmata in the April 01, 2015 message.  And finally, Jesus sends a MASSIVE SIGN FROM HEAVEN and closes the Guzman topic on this website, in the April 14, 2015 message.)

Note: The group Jesus is referring to, from His Throne in Heaven, is called the La Pieta Prayer Group.  Unfortunately for them, they were so dazzled by Emma de Guzman's false externals, that they forgot to look at her pitch black eyes - that are in fact the window, to the ABSENCE of a soul.  Not a good report card; but if they don’t leave that group and soon, the next report card they will each receive from their Creator, will make this one look like an A+.  Remember, at the time of Moses, Pharaoh’s magicians could perform all the miracles, signs, and wonders Moses did – but the magicians did so through demonic means, through witchcraft.  And that is a hint, at the true source, of the physical manifestations, that surround Emma de Guzman, when she goes into her trance.  Like all the other False Prophets out there, her little show has been to her financial advantage - and yet, ironically (gold sparkles) according to her Creator, has made her quite spiritually poor, indeed.
Dory Tan (Greensides Farm in Marmora, Canada)
Book: "Our Blessed Mother Speaks to Dory Tan in Marmora", Published by Dory Tan and John McLarney

Pope Peter the Last:  My wife and I spoke with Jesus Christ the Lord about Dory Tan, after watching her antics first hand, when we visited the Greensides Farm on September 8, a few years ago.   We watched Dory explain to her followers, that the Mary she speaks to - the Mary who would NOT speak to her at that time, in front of all those people, wants her followers to take the flame from Dory's candle, with them.  So they all lit their candles from hers.  Immediately, a severe thunder storm arose over the farm with a massive downpour, that extinguished everyone's candles, faster than they could run to their cars.  This was as a very big sign to everyone there, that her messages and visions are in fact, not authentic.  To make matters worse, it was in fact the light of the antichrist, that she was spreading, to her very gullible following.  During our visit, we did everything we could to expose Dory Tan, as what she Truly is before ALL of Heaven, a false visionary.  We also exposed many other false prophets who visited the farm, before we were personally banned from the farm, by the owner herself.  When we left that farm, Jesus Christ the Lord revealed, that our departure was the cue to the Holy Angels, to remove every Anointing and Blessing from Heaven, from that place - and the Holy Angels did so immediately.  That was the introduction.  Here is the really interesting part of the story.  Jesus explained to us, that the Blessed Virgin Mary actually DID visit Dory Tan... wait for it... ONCE!  Dory Tan was indeed visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary, as a sign of faith to her - so that she would live a life of repentance, and believe.  But instead, Dory immediately decided to cash out on the experience.  Dory acted as though she had won the lottery, and did everything she could do, to create a very lucrative cult following.  Dory Tan could not wait for the Blessed Virgin Mary to return to her, and so, one way or another, Dory summoned the devil, to appear to her, in a dress, so that she would have something to report, to her followers.  Dory gets an A for acting, and an F for authenticity.

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses