Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Your Patience In Supporting Me, Why the Rapture was Delayed


Your  Patience  in  Supporting  Me 
 November  10,  2015

May  the  blessings  and  peace  of  our  Lord  Jesus  be  with  you

JESUS: "My  Children,  patience  and  perseverance  do  not  come  easily.   They  are  won  at  a  cost...the  cost  of  constant  effort  and  vigilance  over  your  fleshly  nature.    In  the  world, you  are  not  accustomed  to  wait  and  persevere.  Many  things  are  offered  to  you  for  your  instant  gratification,  from  fast  foods  to  drugs  to  uncommitted  sexual  relations,  to  buy  it  on  credit. Buy  now,  pay  later.

None  of  these  things  support  virtue. Rather  they  enhance  the  impatience  and  compulsive  nature  in  man  to  gratify  every  possible  craving.  Breaking  loose  from  this  merry-­go‐round  of  gratification  is  not  easy-­it  requires  constant  effort.    Fatigue  weakens  your  resolve  and  gives  compulsions  the  upper  hand.    

Much  of  what  people  treat  as  a  psychiatric  disorder  is  merely  the  result  of  being  raised  in  an  instant  gratification  society.   Even  television  bends  the  mind  to  expect  results  faster.    You  become  programmed  that  things  which  normally  takes  months  and  years  to  accomplish,  come  full  circle  before  your  very  eyes within  an  hour  of  your  time.  That  does  leave  an  impression,  a  groove  in  your  consciousness  that  life  can  be  lived  on  the  fast  track.    This, of  course, leads  to  serious  errors  in  judgment  and  thinking  that  leave  adults  in  their  30's  still  thinking  like  adolescents.  

Many  serious  mistakes  are  made  that  impact  the  next  generation...your  children  then  become  the  byproduct  of   this  way  of  life.    Here  is  where  I  must  step  in  and  help  you  to  return  to  a  life  of  sanity,  of  cycles  that promote  different  aspects  of  your  lives: the  sowing,  cultivating,  harvesting, and resting  cycles,  each  covering  periods  of  months  in  which  certain  things  fall  into  order.    It  is  far  too  complicated  for  Me  to  explain  here.  But  suffice  it  to  say,  the  lunar  and  solar  cycles  of  life  on  Earth  were  deliberately  designed  to  optimize  a  balanced  life.

Man, by  using  technology,  has  thrown  this  out  of  perspective  so  that  you  are  reaping  when  you  should  be  sowing,  cultivating  when  you  should  be  resting.    And  impatiently  jumping  from  one  cycle  to  another  at  will.    My  point  is,  patience,  perseverance,  temperance  have  been  distorted  and  enable  the  reasonings  for  sinful  decisions  that  can  ultimately  result  in  the  loss  of  your  soul.

Most  of  you  on  this  channel  have  come to  grips  with  the  idea  that  things  take  time,  yet  some  of  you  are  quite  impatient  and  discouraged  with  yourselves.    I  give  you  far  more  time  to  accomplish  things  than  you  give  yourself.    I  see  how  deeply  entrenched  you  are  in  these  un-­natural  rhythms  and  I  understand  that  turning  you  is  a  lengthy  project  that  must  happen  over  time.    I  want  you  to  understand  that  about  yourself  as  well.    

Much  of  the  discouragement  you  experience  from  day  to  day has  to  do  with  dissatisfaction  of  yourself.    Things  just  don't  happen  fast  enough.    I  am  not  giving  you  blanket  permission  to  sin-­I  am  giving  you  answers  as  to  why  your  lives  seem  so  frustrating  and  slow  to  change.  There  is  also  a  spirit  of  Ambition  to  take  into  consideration.    Combined  with  Perfectionism,  this  pair  is  formidable  in  lowering  resolve,  self-esteem,  and  a  sense  of  control,  by causing  you  to  constantly  overreach  your  limits-­which  despite  your  most  aggressive  efforts, ends  in  failure.    Time  after  time  this  becomes  a  pattern  and  you  begin  to  slacken  in  resolve.    This  is  a  very  effective  way  to  discourage  you.

So, yesterday  I  presented  you  with  an  image  of  perseverance  and  an  image  of  compulsion: the  tortoise  and  the  hare.    Today  I  want  you  to  find  yourself  in  these  two  characters  and  begin  to  apply  Godly  wisdom  to  the  way  you  go  about  things.    Satan  is  very  clever  in  using  the  principles  of  time  against  you  to  cause  anxiety,  insecurity  and  forced  moves.

When  He  said  that,  I  was  reminded  of  some  things  Ezekiel  and  I  have  gone  through,  and  I  chimed  in  here,  “Boy, have  I  seen  that  in  my  life.I  remember  a  sense  of  having  to  escape  to  South  America  before  everything  crumbled  in  the  US, and  this  was  based  on  a  prophetic  word  given  by  a  well-­established prophet,  and  an  invitation  from  pastors kinda  egged  that  on,  to  go  to  Columbian,  South  America.  This  is  about 20  years  ago.    It  turned  out  to  be  a  waste  of  time  as  far  as  escaping  events, because  nothing  happened in  our  country,  which  probably  was  the  Mercy  of  God  at  the  time.  But  the  Lord  used  it  anyway, as  we  were  able  to  in  minister  all  over  Columbia.      There  were  a  couple  of  times  early  on  in  our  marriage  when  we  felt  the  urgency  to  relocate,  and  they  seemed  to  be false  starts.

The  Lord  continued,   "You  would  be  amazed  of  how  many  stories  just  like  yours  are  common  in  the  lives  of  believers.    My  people,  do  not  be  ashamed  of  these  failures,  do  not  allow  the  enemy  to  beat  you  with  embarrassment. Many,  many,  times  it  was  prayer  that  averted  disaster after  you  had  committed  to  move, and  it  was  your  faith  that  caused  you  to  think  this  way.    That  is  nothing  to  be  ashamed  of,  although  to  the  world  you  are  despised  and  ridiculed  for  this  kind  of  thinking.

What  I  am  referring  to  here  is  putting  off  important  life  decisions  that  are  necessary  stages  in  your  lives,  thinking  that  there  is  no  more  time left  to  you.    Here  is  a  delicate  balance  between  acting  and  waiting.    If  you  are  very  attentive  to  Me,  you  will  know  the  times  and  the  seasons.    If  that  should  suddenly  change,  you  will  also  know  that  as  you  did  this past  June.    Right  now, thousands  upon  thousands  are  converting  from  Islam  to  Christianity. Had  the  Bride  been  taken, these  souls  would  have  perished."

Here  I  want  to  share  Ezekiel's  vision, which  he  had  just  a  few  days  ago:    
There  was  a  long  cliff  as  far  as  you  could  see. It  dropped  off  into  a  deep  and  wide  chasm  and  people  by  the  thousands: men,  women,  and  children  as  far  as  you  could  see. They  were   all  running  head‐long  off  the  cliff  into  this  horrible  abyss,  that  was  belching  red  and  orange  and  black fire  and  smoke.    The  abyss  had  many  ledges  and  different  levels  and  the  most  horrific  monstrous  demons  were  ripping  and  tearing  and  torturing  these  people in  different  ways.    It  was  a  place  of  unspeakable  horror.    It  left  a  terrible  imprint  on  my  mind  for two  days  and  nights  that  I  just  couldn't  get  rid  off.    

On  the  third  day,  I  woke  up  in  fear  and  anxiety at  what  I  had  just  seen  for  the  last  two  days.  The  Lord  then  showed  me  the   edge  of  the  abyss, the  same  image-­only  this  time  a  large  human  hand  and  arm  came  down, slammed  down  on  the  edge  of  the  abyss,  stopping  the  people  from  going  any  further.    I  then  saw  the  relief  workers  in  Syria  who  were  martyred  in  August  of  this  year (Charisma  magazine). Eleven martyrs: 8  men, 2  women, and  a  twelve‐year-old  boy.  I  saw  them in  Paradise,  and  they  were  being  paraded  on  the  shoulders  of  heavenly  souls  waving  palm  branches  and  celebrating  them  with  great  rejoicing. The  image  went  back  to  the  crowds  at  the  abyss  and the  people  were  turning  and  running  the  opposite  direction  towards  a  large, luminous  cross. And  the  Lord  broke  in  and  spoke  to  me,  "What  you  read  and  heard  and  imagined  from  the  report  was  indeed  frightening  beyond  compare.  However,  remember  that  I  am  faithful  and  My  protection  was  with  these  martyred  souls.  Even  in  the  moments  of  great  pain  and  anguish,  torture  and  death  I  had  already  begun  to  lift  them  up  and  out  of  themselves,  and  their  shining  souls  were  so  wrapped  in  ecstasy  and  heavenly  bliss  before  My  Face  they  felt  nothing,  fought  nothing,  and  did  nothing  but  glorify  Me  and  My  Name,  with  eyes  turned  Heavenward  in  a  strong  and  powerful  witness  to  the  crowds  that  had  gathered.”    

Isis  forced  thousands  of  people  from  the  city  to  congregate  where  these  were  to  be  publicly  raped,  beheaded  and  crucified.  It  was  reported  by  several  witnesses  that  these  martyrs  were  continually  calling  out  to  the  crowd  to  give  their  lives  to  Jesus,  looking  up  into  the  sky  smiling  and  saying, Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus!while  horrible  things  were  being  done  to  their  bodies.

Jesus  continued,  "That  is  why  there  are  so  many  reports  of  untold  thousands  converting  to  Me.    There's  a  bigger  picture,  there's  a  bigger  wisdom."    

Ezekiel  continued,  Here  I  want  to  quote  Isaiah  35:4  which  the  Lord  gave  me,    Be  strong  and  do  not  be  afraid,  your  God  will  come  to  save  you.

This  is  beautiful,  guys,  I  looked  up  the  entire  passage:  3  Strengthen  the  feeble  hands,  steady  the  knees  that  give  way 4 say  to  those  with  fearful  hearts, Be  strong,  do  not  fear;  your  God  will  come, he  will  come  with  vengeance;  with  divine  retribution  he  will  come  to  save  you.”5 Then  will  the  eyes  of  the  blind  be  opened  and  the  ears  of  the  deaf  unstopped.

Wow!  How  many  people  were  converted,  their  eyes  were  opened?  6 Then  will  the  lame  leap  like  a  deer,  and  the  mute  tongue  shout  for  joy. Water  will  gush  forth  in  the  wilderness  and  streams  in  the  desert.7 The  burning  sand  will  become  a  pool,  the  thirsty  ground  bubbling  springs. In  the  haunts  where  jackals  once  lay,  grass  and  reeds  and  papyrus  will  grow. 8 And  a  highway  will  be  there; it  will  be  called  the  Way  of  Holiness, it  will  be  for  those  who  walk  on  that  Way. The  unclean  will  not  journey  on  it;  wicked  fools  will  not  go  about  on  it. 9 No  lion  will  be  there,  nor  any  ravenous  beast;  they  will  not  be  found  there. But  only  the  redeemed  will  walk  there,

And  I  had  a  vision  again  of  those  martyrs  waving  palm  branches,  and  the  crowd  in  jubilation,  celebrating  their  victory.  10 and  those  the  Lord  has rescued  will  return.    They  will  enter  Zion  with  singing;  everlasting  joy  will  crown  their  heads.  Gladness  and  joy  will  overtake  them,  and  sorrow  and  sighing  will  flee  away.

After  this   Ezekiel prayed  asking  direction  from  Holy  Spirit  and opened  my  Bible  at  random,  which  fell  open  to  the   account  of  the  fiery  chariot  that  took  Elijah  up  into  Heaven:
11 As  they  were  going  along  and  talking,  behold,  there  appeared  a  chariot  of  fire  and  horses  of  fire  which  separated  the  two  of  them.  And  Elijah  went up  by  a  whirlwind  to  heaven.  2  Kings 2:11

Beautiful,  just  beautiful.  And  the  Lord  picked  up  again  just  as  I  was  finishing  this.

"Yes, there  were  reasons  for  the  delay  in  June,  very  excellent  reasons,  and  because  of  your  patience  and  perseverance, thousands  upon  thousands  are  being  converted  and  giving  their  lives  to  Me.    I  am  not  done  with  this  Harvest  yet, My  Beloveds,  they  are  still  coming  to  Me  by  the  thousands, and  you  are  partakers  in  this  Harvest  because  you  have  chosen  to  support  My  desire  by  prayer,  patience  and  perseverance.    So, do  not  grow  weary  with  delays.  Know  that  these, too, will  be  added  to  your  account  in  Heaven.

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