Friday, November 27, 2015

Increase Will Overtake You


The Lord’s blessing and fortitude and endurance is with us, 

We  began  after  worship  I  spoke  to  Him  and  I  said,  Oh, Lord, I  have  grown  weary.

I  know  you  have, Clare. Just  be  patient  with  Me,  My  sweet  angel.  

Why, Lord, have  I  gotten  this  way?

It  is  a  trial  of  suspended  grace,  a  time  to  press  in  without the  perks,  without  the  warm  fuzzies,  knowing  that you  are  under  My  loving  gaze, whether  you  feel  it  or  not.     You  have  been  here  many  times  before,   My  Love  -­‐and  we made  it  through.    You  will  make  it  through  this  time, too.   It  is  almost  over.  

Do  you  know  there  are  souls  coming  to  Me  because  of  your  sacrifice?

I  wouldn't  be  surprised,  Lord.  You  make  use  of  everything.

Well,  there  are.    Don't  be  disheartened.

Thank  You, Lord, for  telling  me.    What  do  you  have  for  our  Heartdwellers  today?

I  am  the  Lord  of  increase.    My  Brides,  when  I  see  how  diligently  you  labor  to  fulfill  My  every  wish,  how  can  I  not  increase  you  in  all  the  things  that  matter?

Many  of  you  have  labored  with  little  or  no  results.    Much  of  what  you  shall  be  rewarded  with  remains  hidden.  However,  the  time  is  coming  when  increase  will  overtake  you  while  you  are  running  the  race.    I  know  some  of  you, including  this  precious  Bride, have  grown  weary  and  had  to  push  themselves  to  go  on.    I  know  the  work  seems  overwhelming,  I  know  the  opposition  you  face  better  than  even  you  know.    I  know  the  weariness  of  body  and  soul  and  it  is  time  for  blessings  to  overtake  and  rejuvenate  you. 

I  am  not  blind  to  your  struggles, Dear  ones-­‐have  I  not  labored  along  side  you?    I  have  many  times  lifted  you  up  into  My  arms and  carried  you,  just  so  you  could  keep going.    But  with  each  new  grace  and  each  new  level  there  are  new  trials  designed  to  harden  you  off  and  give  you  the  spiritual  stamina  necessary  for  what  lies  before  you.

Remember  always  that  you  do  best  in  water  over  your  head,  when  you  don't  even  know  how  to  swim.    I  say  this  because  I  want  you  to  rely  totally  on  Me  and  not  size  up  the  task  before  you,  comparing  it  to  your  gift.    No,  I  would  not  open  doors  and  give  you  increase  if  I  were  not  standing  by  with  all  the  graces  you  need  to  meet  new  challenges.Trust  Me  with  this.

I  want  you  to  be  excited  with  the  work,  but  that  is  not  always  possible. Sometimes the  work  must  become  boring  without  emotionality,  and  laborious.    Sometimes  it  feels  like  a  sprint  as  you  cross  the  finish  line  in  first  place. Other  times  it  feels  like  a  trek  across  the  Sahara,  as  you  barely  make  it  over  the  finish  line  in  last  place.    True,  that  is  lack luster,  but  necessary  that  you  do  not  become  attached  to  the  work  and begin  to  derive  more  pleasure  in  accomplishments  than  being  in  My  presence.

Do  you  know  the  dangers  here?    Yes,  accomplishment  becomes  an  addiction,  a  god,  determining  your  self-­‐worth  in  your  eyes.    You  begin  to  wake  up  every  morning  to  new  challenges-­‐rather  than  to  Me.    So, these  dry  times  are  so  very  necessary  to  keep  you  detached  and  focused  on  pleasing  Me.    What  does  it  matter  what  you  have  accomplished  if  it  has  not  made  Me  happy  with  you?    And  what  does  it  matter  if  you  crawl  across  the  finish  line  only  to  see  My  beaming  smile  focused  on  you,  in  gratitude  and appreciation  that  you  ran  the  race  for  Me, with  nothing  else  in  mind?
You  see  your  value  is  entirely  determined  by  what  is  most  precious-­‐and  that  is  My  shed  blood.    Nothing  in  this  universe  has  more  value  than  that. No  one  can  accomplish  anything  coming  close  to  what  was  done  on  Calvary,  and  it  was  done  for  you,  and  it  is  your  own  possession  your very own  possession.    I  want  you  to  rest  in  that, not  in  what  you  accomplish.    Yes,  I  want  you  to  be  happy  and  uplifted  when  you  do  for  others  in  My  place,  I  want  you  to  receive  the  joy  on  that  face  because  you  went  out  of  your  way  to honor  them  and  do  My  will.    That  is  a precious,  precious  reward,  one  that  will  be  reviewed  in  Heaven  some  day  and  give  you  great  pleasure.

But  I  do  not  want  accomplishment  to  become  a  lifestyle; rather  obedience,  thanksgiving  and  worship,  these  are  the  most  highly  valued  virtues.    Be  encouraged,  increase  is  on  the  way  and  once  again  you  will  find  joy  in  the  work  that  lies  before  you.

I  am  with  you  in  all  things,  and  when  you  feel  that  you  cannot  go  any  further,  that’s  when  I  lift  you  up  into  My  arms,  and  carry  you  across  the  finish  line.”

Well,  that  certainly  was  a  timely  message  from  Jesus.  I  wanted  to  let  you  know  that,  in  the  original  5-­‐part  series  on  the  condition  of  the  church,  called  Wounding  Waters  some  of  my  very  first  videos.  There  a  whole  part  there  called  the  Goal-­‐Driven  life, which  really  focuses  on  the  evils  of  accomplishment and  focusing on  accomplishment.  So,  if  youre  at  all  interested in  following  up  on  this  message,  that  message  goes  into  a  lot more  depth  and  detail,  explaining  what  problems  arise  and  how  we  can  get  off  track  with  the  Lord  by  being  driven  by  our goals.

The  Lord  bless  you, Heartdwellers.  Thank  you  so  much  for tuning  in.

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