Monday, November 23, 2015

Your Worst Enemy


Clare de Bois: The  Lord’s  wisdom  and  blessing  is  with  us,  Heartdwellers.

JESUS:    Your  flesh  has  been  with  you  since  conception  and  has  a  will  to  survive  of  its  own.    It  has  its  own  knee  jerk  reactions  to  perceived  threats.    Hunger,  cold,  violence,  criticism. Oh, there  is  no way to explain  to  you  the  power the  flesh  has  over  your  members. The  Spirit  has  a  much  different  agenda: seeking  love,  affirmation  and  a  purpose.    It's  when the two get  mixed  up or one overpowers the other  that  the  trouble  begins.    There  is  a  constant  struggle  for  supremacy  as  long  as  one  is  not  dominated  by  the  other.  Once  a  soul  settles  into  their  flesh,  well,  the  battle  is  over.    The  flesh  has  won.  From  time  to  time, glimpses  of  what  could  have  been  bubble  up  into your  consciousness  but  are  quickly  put  down  by  the  pleasures  of  the  moment  and  the perceived inconvenience of reaching  for  your  dreams.  

When  a  soul  is  born  again, and I am  given  complete  access  to  the  desire  nature, I begin to turn  that  arrangement  upside  down.  By My Spirit you become  aware  of  something  greater  than  survival  and  pleasures  of  the  moment,  you  begin  to  long for  your  Heavenly  homeland  and  the  freedom  you  will  have  there.    You  begin  to  remember  key  moments  when I presented  you  with  a  dream  or  vision  or  even a word  of  prophecy.  And something within stirs. At that  point, I  begin  to  take  your  hand  and  lift you up from your  bed  of  indifference  and  failure, lost purposes, and impossible  dreams.

Then  the  struggle is  on. There  are  some  so  self-­disciplined  that  this  seems  a  very  little  issue  to  them.  On  the  other  hand, much  of what motivated them before their conversion  has  to  do  with  the  world,  power,  influence,  fame  and glory.   Yes,  there  is  still  corruption  in  those  who  are  converted who  seem to show remarkable self-­control and accomplishment.  There  are  still  things  that  are  there,  deep  down,  almost  unrecognizable,  that  tend  to  influence  their  decisions.That, too, is  the  flesh.    Although  it  seems  not  to  be  carnal,  it's  just  as  carnal  as  gluttony.

All  of  you  are  still  a  work  under  construction. None  has  arrived.    And  the  moment  you  perceive  that  about  yourself,  I  will  quickly  come  to  your  rescue  with  a  lesson  in  humility, lest  you  perish  through  pride  and  presumption.

It  is  a  very  rare  soul  that  immediately  puts  to  death  all  of  their  flesh  and  empties  themselves  to  give  Me  supremacy  in  their  lives.    And  to  this  I  say,  even  you  who  have  done  this  thing, still  have  only  Me  to  thank,  for  I  gave  you  that  disposition  and  grace.

In  the  end  Clare,  all  have  fallen  short  of  the  glory  and  perfection  of  God.

So, why  did  you  bring  this  up  Lord?

I  want  all  of  you  to  know  that  each  of  you are on  the  very  same  rungs  of  the  ladder  as  the  soul  next  to  you.  Forget  this  idea  of  being  ahead  of  anyone  in sanctity,  it  is  a  false  notion  all  together.    You  see,  what  gives  the  appearance  of  a  soul  being  ahead  of  others  is  pure  grace-­and  grace  is  My  possession  not  theirs. So, were  I  to  remove  all  grace, you  would  fall back  to  the  bottom  rung again. Grace  allows you to  cooperate, grace  strengthens you in perseverance, grace  holds  you  in  place  when  you  would  have  collapsed and  run  away.    Grace  fills  you  with  understanding,  grace  instructs  you  about  the  outcome  of  your  decisions.    Grace  moves  your  conscience  to  behave  in  obedience  to  My  known  will.    Remove  grace,  and  you  have  nothing  of  any  value  left.    Period.  Because  then  the  flesh  takes  over.    Then  that  squat,  determined,  self-­‐willed  flesh  begins  to  make  your  decisions.

You  see, this  perspective  is  sadly  lacking  from  ministers  who  are  trained  and  graduate  seminaries.    They  learn  to  conquer  the  world,  not  conquer  themselves.  I  would  rather  have  one  raw  diamond  that  is  onto  his  flesh, than  ten  finely  faceted  gems  that  don't  have  a  clue.

This  is  another  reason  why  people  are  leaving  the  churches-­‐they  are  not  being  taught  how  to  conquer  their  flesh.    In  fact,  they  are  being  taught  how  to  have  the  appearance  of  holiness  on  the  outside  without  having  the  capability  to  conquer  their  own  particular  passions.

My  People,  as  you  rise  up  to  serve  Me,  be  particularly  careful  about  the  inner  man.  Know  yourself  well  and  rely  totally  on  My  all  sufficient  grace,  or  you  will  fail.    If  you  lift  yourself  up  above  others,  you  are  still  lacking  in  understanding.  When  you  see that  all  that  is  good  comes  from  My  grace,  you  will  walk  humbly  before  Me  and  before  men  and  seek  Me  everyday  for  the  way  to  go  and  the  power  to  accomplish  it.

Oh  Lord,  forgive  me,  I  feel  like  I  am  putting  these  thoughts  in  my  head,  not  You.  

Perhaps  you  feel  that  way  because  I am  continually  feeding  these  thoughts  to  you, Clare.    Truly,  each  day,  your  mind  gets  filled  with  more  and  more  of  My  thinking,  that's  just  natural  by  association.    That's  normal.  You  begin  to  act,  look  and  think  like  the  one  you  spend  the  most time with.   Do  not  fear, Clare,  you  are  not  making  this  up.  Look  at Me.

I  changed  my  focus  from  the  computer  to  Him,  and  His  face  became  ever  so  clear  and  tender.  He  looks  so  much  like  Ray  Downings  paintings  of  Jesus.  So  much.    His  expression  was  tender  and  almost  plaintive...are  you  going  to  doubt  Me, too?

I'm  sorry  Lord,  I  am  my  own  worst  enemy,  as  You  said.

Well, to  your  credit,  if  you  didn't  test  the  spirits  you  would  not  be  a  good  example  to  others.  You  do  have  to  be  careful.    But understand,  when  the  gate  of  virtue  has  been  abandoned, that  is  when  the  devils  enter.

Meekness,  humility,  awareness  of  your  frailty  and  complete  dependence  on  Me: those  are  the  hinges  on  the  gate  of  virtue that  will  protect  you‐even  from  yourself,the  worst  adversary.

But  do  not  fear. With  each  new  day,  as  you  grow  in  awareness  and  obedience,  it  becomes  easier  and  easier  to  know  without  a  doubt  I  am  your  source  of  strength,  your  One  and  Only  Source.

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Source: Heartdwellers