Wednesday, November 25, 2015

From Jesus with Love


The  blessings  of  the  Lord  be  with  you,  Heartdwellers.  He  truly  is  with  us.  And  today  He  gave  us  an  instruction  on charity.  

I  asked  Him: Lord,  what  do  You  want  to  speak  on  today?  

JESUS: I  will  defend  the  widow  and  the  orphan.    I  will  open  My  coffers  and  pour  out  upon  them  the  abundance  of  My  blessing.    This  is  a  season  when  many  go  in  want, while  others  bask in  luxury.  

I  was  reminded  of  that  Scripture  in  James:  Religion  that  God  our  Father  accepts  as  pure  and  faultless  is  this:  to  look  after  orphans  and  widows  in  their  distress  and  to  keep  oneself  from  being  polluted  by  the  world.  James  1:27

My  Brides, be  on  the  lookout  for  those  in  need  this  week  and  this  season.    There  is  great  depression  among  the M poor  and  lonely  during  this  season.  I  wish  to  touch  them  with  My  Love  through  you.    All  around  you  are  those  who  cannot  afford  the  dinners  that  others  prepare  for  all  week.   Simply  put,  don't  allow  yourself  to  be  blind  to  your  neighbors  distress.    Don't  allow  yourself  to criticize  their  lives  or  take  exception  with  their  situation.”

I’d  like  to  add  to  that,  too.  We’ve  all  got  neighbors  or  different  people  we  know  that  are  single  or  divorced  and  they’re  all  by  themselves.  If  you’re  planning  on  a  dinner,  that  might  be  a  good  thing  to  invite  them,  as  well.

Many  of  these  have  been  abused  and  rejected  from  childhood  and  their  only  interaction  with  the  world  was  to  get  what  they  needed  through  every  deceptive  means.   They  do  not  understand  family  or  love  and  protection;  they've  had  to  fend  for  themselves -­ fighting  off  hunger,  loneliness,  the  cold  and  hostility  of  those  around  them.    It  is  truly  sad  and  breaks  My  Heart  to  see  how  children  are  treated-­‐but  the  issues  go  back  through  many  generations  of  drinking,  crime  and  drugs.    These  who  are  so  looked  down  upon  have  been  rejected  from  birth  and  do  not  have  the  normal  social  skills  of  you  who  have  been  raised  by  good  parents.

Were  I  to  show  you  what  their  childhood  was  like,  you  would  be  horrified.    Many  of  these  children  were  tended  only  by  My  angels. They  went  from  dumpster to dumpster  looking  for  clothing  and  food  while  their  parents  locked  them  out  of  the  house  or  were  constantly  gone, either  under  the  influence  or  walking  the  streets  looking  for  their  next  fix.

I  have put  these  poor  ones  before  you  as  an  exercise  in  mercy.    Many, but  not  all, who  came  from  middle  class  and functional  lower  class  families do  not  understand  the  principles  of  mercy  and  reaching  out  on  a  personal  level  to  the  unfortunate.

Clare: I  have  to  confess  there,  that  that’s  so  true  of  us.  When  I  was  growing  up  with  my  mother,  she  would  really be  terribly  harsh  with  people  who  were  on  the  streets,  or  who  were  begging  very  poor.  Very,  very  critical  of  them,  and  say,  “Why  don’t  they  just  go  get  a  job!”  And  that’s  the  attitude  of  a  LOT  of  the  working  class.

Their  own  pursuits  in  the  world  have  hardened  them  against  those  who  seem  to  be  lazy and  failures, not  caring  for  themselves  and  their  children.    Many  of  these  are  severely, mentally  damaged  from  childhood  injuries  and  cannot  think  for  themselves  in  pressured  situations,  so  they  go  from  job  to  job, or  crime  to  crime, getting  what  they  need  to  survive.

You who have been born  into  fortunate  circumstances  are  meant  to  carry  the  burdens  of  the  poor  with  your  excess… not  to  fill  your  coffers  for  the  future, which  you  may  not even live  to  see.    But  to  act  in  My  stead  and  supply  for  their  needs.  In  doing  this, you  become the sons and  daughters  of  righteousness.  The  poor  are  My gift  to  you,  to help  you  cultivate  virtue.  

The early church  always  provided  for  the  poor  among  them,  always.  This  they  were  taught  from  the  very  beginning. The  poor  among  you  are  truly  My  gift, by  which  you  prove your  faithfulness  and  love  for  Me.  

For  this  is  not  for  the  ease  of  others  and  for  your  affliction,  but by way of  equality-at  this  present  time  your  abundance   being  a  supply  for  their  need,  so  that  their  abundance  also  may  become  a  supply  for  your  need,  that  there  may  be  equality;  as  it  is  written, "HE WHO  gathered  MUCH  DID  NOT  HAVE  TOO  MUCH,  AND  HE  WHO  gathered  LITTLE  HAD  NO  LACK."    2  Corinthians  8:14-­‐15

To  pass  up  one  of  these  needy  ones  on  the  street  without  a  stirring  in  your  heart  and  a  dollar  in  your  hand  is  a  symptom  of  the  lukewarm  church.   Busy  about  her  business
agendas, the  poor  are  an  inconvenience  and  impediment  to  her  acquisition  of  wealth.  

At  this  point I felt the need to look up Isaiah 58. So many  promises  are  tied  up  in  this  passage  of  Scripture: just  decisions,  protection,  guidance-­‐that  we  will  raise  up  ancient  foundations  and  repair  broken  walls.    Beautiful  promises.

Interestingly,  this  Scripture  was  given  to  me,  quickened  to  me  at  my  conversion.  And  you  know,  I  think  I  know  why.  I  had  a  real  tendency  toward  a  Religious  spirit:  fasting  and  prayer,  and  doing  all  these  outstanding  fasts  and  all  these  other  things  that  seemed  to  make  other  people  holy.  At  least,  what  I  was  learning  in  my  early  days.  And  I  didn’t  have  a  whole  lot  of  care  for  the  poor. I was more  concerned about  my own walk, my  holiness I  still  was  very  materialistic  at  my  conversion.

Now  that  I  look  back  on  it  I  remember,  that  my  concern  was  more  with  fasting,  and  getting  word  of  knowledge,  a  vision  moving  in  the  Gifts  and  healing.  And  from  an  egotistical  viewpoint  not  out  of  love  for  the  Lord  so  much,  but  to  prove  myself  as  a  good  Christian,  who  operates  in  the  Gifts.

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