Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Make Amends, Jesus is calling for healing of relationships.


I  want  to  talk  to  you  about  mending  your  ways.    What  I  mean  is  making  amends  with  those with whom  you  have  strained  relationships.  It  is  not  My  will  that  chasms  between  souls  should  grow  deeper.  No,  it  is  rather  My  Heart  that  you  should  rush  to  make  amends  and  make  it  right,  even  if  they  are  the  ones  who  are  wrong.

Because  there  is  a  spirit  of  Division  loosed  on  the  Body  and  even  scars  from  past  attacks  to  divide. I  want  this  season  leading  up  to  Christmas  to  be  one  of  making  peace  with  everyone  and  making  amends  with  those  who  have  hurt  you.

I  was  thinking  right  away  of  a  certain  pastor  that  put  a  wet  towel  over  me...we  ended  up  leaving  that  church.

Yes,  for  instance, that  pastor.

Oh  Jesus  the  very  thought  of  it  makes  my  heart  sink.

I  know,  but  it  must  be  done.    I  want  closure  with  those  who  have  slighted  you  and  whom  you  have  slighted.    I  want  healing  between  factions  and  divisions.    I  want  nothing  hanging  over  your  heads  and  holding  you  back.

I  wondered  at  that  point,  gosh  what  does  He  mean  by  “holding us  back?  Is  the  Rapture  going  to  happen?  I  checked  in the  Bible  Promises  and  I  didn’t  get  an  affirmation  on  that  one.

How  do  things  from  the  past  hold  us  back?”  

I  saw  in  the  spirit  an  anchor  in  the  deep  dark  ocean  where  it  was  obviously  holding  back  the  ship  above  water.

Imagine  an  anchor  to  the  deep.  The  ship  wants to  move  forward  without  hindrance,  but  something,  deep  down,  unseen  is  slowing  the  forward  motion.    Those  are  hindrances  from  unhealed  wounds  and  unresolved  relationships.    Even  if  it  be  only  one  way,  still  I  can  complete  that  freedom  in  My  Spirit  as  long as  nothing  is  still  sticking  to  you.    Many  have  several  anchors  to  deep ,  dark  issues that  hold  them  back  from  forward  motion.  It  is  not  commonly  realized  how  much  these  things  affect  the  direction  of  your  life,  either  pulling  you  back  or  pulling  you  off  course  even  just  a  little  to  the  right  or  the  left.

When  He  said  that,  I  remembered  someone  once  said  that  a  ship  being  off  1  degree  sailing  across  the  ocean  wouldn’t  arrive  at  the at  the  right  destination,  because  they  were  starting  with  just  being  off  that  one  degree  and  thats  all  it  takes  over  that  great distance to  keep  you  from  arriving  at  your  destination.

This  is  a  time  of  forward  motion  for  My  Body  and  I  want  Her  to be  free  from  hindrances.  Free  to  minister,  free  to  seek  Me  without  questioning  yourselves  about  guilt  or  hidden  condemnations,  without  fuel  for  the  fires  of  condemnation.  Making  sure  that  relationships  have  been  squared  away,  or  at  least  an  attempt  to  bring  about  reconciliation  is  very  important  to  this  process.

You  see, when  one  issue  is  still  lurking  in  your  life, it  drags  and  provides  fuel  for  the  enemy  to  throw  up  accusations,  be  they  true  or  false.    But  when  you  have  done  everything  in  your  power  to  make  amends, I  close  off  that  avenue  that  could  become  a  constant  underlying  source  of  condemnation,  that  will  weaken  your  resolve  as  you  go  to  pray  for  people.

Yes  Lord,  I've  often  heard  something  thrown  up  in  my  face  telling  me  I  wasn't  qualified  to  pray because  of  such  and  such,  or  that  you  did  this  or  you  did  that,  so  Gods  not  going  to  hear  your  prayer.

That  is  why  I  am  asking  you,  My  Bride  to  seek  peace.    Simple little  gestures: a  card,  a  word  of  reconciliation,  a  thank  you,  perhaps  even  a  gift.    These  are  the  things  that  melt  the  hearts  and  pave  the  way  for  healing  and  wholeness in  your  heart.

Like  the  inspiration  I  had  to  have  a  couple  over  for  dinner,  Lord?

Yes. We  are  dropping  little  hints  in  your  hearts,  little  things,  gestures  and  even  reaching  out  a  little  more  to  make  amends.   Oh, how  freeing  this  will  be.    The  enemy  has  used  these  seemingly  insignificant  things,  torn  or  fractured  relationships  to  cause  a  darkness  in  your  hearts,  either  from  wounds  received  or  rejection  or  from  your  own  bad  attitudes.

I  am  not  asking  a  lot of  you here, My  Brides. I  am  asking  for  forgiveness  coupled  with  charity  and  action  to  bring  about  a  healing  of  old  wounds.    It  will  be  an  exercise  in  humility  for  you  all,  but  then  humility  is  much  needed.  You  can  never  be  too  humble.  

I  will  be  with  you  in  this  endeavor.    I  will  bring  a  fragrance  of  sweetness  into  these  relationships  as  you  reach  out  to  comfort  and  mend  past  ways.    Don't  be  afraid.    I  am  with  you  in  this. And  remember  to  pray  first  and  ask  how  to  approach  each  situation. I  will  lead  you.

Not  to  change  the  subject,  Lord.  But  I  did  have  a  question.  Forgive  me  Lord.    But  the  messages  have  been  shorter  lately.…

My  Beloved,  I  am  not  here  to  entertain,  or  fill  the  air  with  words,  or  tickle  fancies,  such  as  Rapture  scenarios.      I  am  here  to  instruct  in  holiness. And  your  obedience  to  these  short  directives  mean  everything  to  Me.    You  see, with  obedience  comes  increased  blessings,  grace  builds  upon  grace.    You  are  all  growing  in  the  beauty  of  holiness.    Treasure  these  words,  and  act  on  them.  They  are  specific  and  timely  for  you  all.

I  bless  you  know  with  the  firm  resolve  and  humility  to  go  and  make  peace  with  those  who  have  injured  you  in  the  past,  or  whom  you  have  injured.

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Source:  Heart Dwellers