Wednesday, November 4, 2015

God's Secrets on How to Live During Tribulation Period by Prophet Vincen...

God's Secrets On How To Live During Tribulation Period 
by Prophet Vincent

When Moses was in the wilderness with two million people for 40 years, their garments, slippers did not get worn out. Children's dresses grew with them. They didn't change clothes nor did they buy and sell yet they lived. They didn't sow or reap.

“I will lead the end time generation in the same way” says the Lord. You don't have to bow down to Satan. You don't have to take the chip.

The Lord will reveal the ways and commandment to live. He will teach how to survive against satan without his shadow touching us.

In the end times, the Lord will reveal to us the secrets of prayer. 

David used to pray evening, morning and noon. But the Lord gives this commandment for the end times: Pray always not only in morning, evening and noon. But pray for 24 hours a day. Watch and pray always. For your time, pray 24/7. And you must continuously in earnest in prayer because there will be great tribulation, such has not been since the beginning of the world until this time.
If you want to stand such a great tribulation and escape all these things and be counted worthy to stand before the Son of Man, you must pray. The secrets of prayer must be revealed.

When He tells us escape, He is not talking about just natural disasters, but escaping the snares of satan. He talks about the government of satan during the tribulation. The government will be keenly monitoring you.

When satan comes he will rule in a high tech way. If it were those days you could hide in the mountains. But now you can't. They will monitor you through the satellite, through your cell phone.. You are monitored everywhere you go. Today data about anyone can be taken. In the coming days they will bring all men under a single surveillance. People will be monitored through the chips that they have.

Look what satan does beforehand , emphasizing the need of such chips. They say if a man is implanted with chips, if at all a man is kidnapped, the chip would pinpoint his location.

Let us say your children who are in the kindergarten, someone comes and kidnaps your child and threatens you for money, they will ask for the chip number of the child. After entering the number of the chip, they will be able to find his whereabouts. If someone steal your car, the chip will locate it in the next minute. Thus, to bring such necessity, satan is constantly kidnapping children including school-going children.

To escape the snares of the devil, pray. Prayer will cover you like a blanket making you escape natural calamities, the wiles of satan, the government of satan, the snares and surveillance of satan, then you can worship, pray and minister for Lord Yeshua. No one will be able to find you. Watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy.

There is another dimension in prayer, a prayer that protects you, a prayer that conceals you from the eyes of satan, a prayer that delivers you from the evil of satan. A prayer that changes us to become worthy to stand steadfast in the Lord.

You can do God's works without any hindrance and live during the tribulation.
The tribulation looks terrifying from a human perspective, but look at it from the perspective of a child of God, rather than a normal human being. Look at it from the perspective of the end time generation created by the Lord. God gives you exceeding protection, He strengthens you in His Spirit by teaching you secrets of prayer.

The Lord creates a huge protective shield that would protect you from such evil. You would be living in the society that no one would know. You would be praying aloud but satan would not be able to see.
Tribulation is for others and not for the children of God.

The Lord would reveal through this prophetic generation, the ways and the commandments to live in the end times and the dimensions of prayer that would protect you. He would reveal it only to the one who prays. Some don't like prayer at all. They wouldn't bend their knees for prayer. Even if they do, they wouldn't stay focused, but be looking around. It must be a prayer that will bring down the glory of God from heaven.

The Lord Yeshua did not ask for prayer only to escape natural disasters, but to escape all tribulation be it natural calamity or drought or pestilences or snares of satan or the struggles that come from the government in the last days or the time period when the anti Christ searches for you to kill you. Or be it a time period where you have to live without any food.

In the end time, the Lord will reveal the art of prayer, the secrets, the dimension, step by step.
New forms of prayer, new things will be revealed. He is raising up people who can pray.

People are coming in multitudes to pray.

We have not prayed with tears and wailed at the feet of the Lord for hours together. We have not seen our children praying.

Pastors have started zealously prayed today.
We have brought in the 12-hour fasting.
Why is the Lord raising a generation who pray and have the propensity to pray?
If only they are raised, they can be taught the secrets of prayer. It is not for the one who sleeps during prayer, but for one who is interested in prayer.

As the first step, the Lord has started to create among the people an interest to pray. They are praying in all-night prayers. They are praying on the seashores, in the mountains, Youth have started to pray. Next, it will start to spread wide. As these new prayers and new methods of prayers keep coming, at its peak, the Lord will reveal the prayer of escape. If such revelation does not come, yourself, you family, your church will not escape during the tribulation. The Lord is going to do all these in the forthcoming days. It could perhaps this year or this month or in the next month or tomorrow, or perhaps even today or now, who knows? The Lord has revealed these things, He will fulfill them, Only the Lord knows the time.

He Lord is going to pour out an anointing that will create men of might, and zealous ones.
The Lord will raise a generation who will be lovers of God.

The Lord will raise a company that will live for God sharing everything in common, separating them from those who live selfishly claiming everything to be their own.

The Lord will raise a prophetic generation who would reveal the mysteries and bring it out to the people. And who would reveal the new dimensions of prayer.?

When God goes on one side and you to the other side seeking tradition, you cannot escape.
These are the things that God told me: “whom will He do it? From where will He do it? Whom would He use to do it? When will this take place?

You will see heaven opens. You will see the POWER of God coming down, the same power that descended on Samson that changed him into a mighty man.