Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy


  • Alcohol depletes the brain, causes dementia
  •  Epigenetics – genes can be turned on [expressed] or  turned off [silenced]
Drugs  known to cause epigenetic changes:
  1. statin cholesterol-lowering drugs
  2. antidepressants
  3. beta blockers
  4. diuretics
  5. tamoxifen
  6. methotrexate
  7. anti inflammatories 
  8. even anesthetics
  9. oral contraceptives
  10. antibiotics
Permanent changes in the epigenome

Researchers are most concerned that drugs may produce defects in subsequent generations. They speculate that the current diabesity epidemic may be hastened by drugs.

  •  There is no bad cholesterol.If you have a high cholesterol, it means that you have tissue damage.

  • MSG LINKS TO Neuron damage and Alzheimer's
MSG: canned foods, crackers, meats, salad dressings, frozen dinners,    supermarket, restaurants, school cafeteria's baby food and infant formula's
  • Fluoridated water lowers kids IQ
  • Disease is the body's adaptation
Proper nerve supply-
Free of subluxation [partial dislocation]
Regular exercise
Proper nutrition
Sufficient rest
Prayer and meditation
This is an excerpt from John Bergman.
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