Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Blessed Water, NOT a Bug Repellent

Photo credit - Prospect Hill

Nov 27: 
We warned people in the August 7, 2015 posting, NOT to use the Blessed Holy Water as "bug repellent" - even after some of them accidentally discovered, that it actually works, to drive 'the spirit of pestilence' away.  We also warned people that "in personae satanae" ministers, in all the so-called christian institutions, are practicing "FALSE christianity" - in essence, turning everything upside down.  One news story today, boasted in fact, of how the demons in the religious leaders, are actually mocking their so-called christian congregations for their REFUSAL to turn to the Testimony - to the point where the congregations, are actually lining up, to be sprayed with... wait for it... pesticide!  They are also feeding their congregations gasoline - as the religious leaders blatantly mock their congregations, by "throwing gasoline on the fires of Hell", that are burning them up and consuming them inside.  And so, perhaps as a public service announcement, as "mere cohabitants on this planet" - perhaps we could just remind people, that Jesus always performed miracles, using "NON-TOXIC and NON- FLAMMABLE materials".  We warned you about "faculty removal" - and let's face it, people in these End Times, would rather be fed poisonous snakes, than be confronted by the uncomfortable Truth, about the True state of their Soul.  More evidence that proves the validity of the Testimony - HEAPING PILES of evidence in fact - is already on the way, in future news stories; you just need to wait for it.  Tea anyone?

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses