Monday, October 10, 2016

The Plague of Sleepnessness and How to Get the Rest you Need

photo credit - homeopathy now
The Members of the Faithful Remnant are well aware of 'the Plague of Sleeplessness', that has been afflicting those outside the Remnant.  And so, if a Member of the Faithful Remnant experiences difficulty sleeping, does that mean they are no longer a Member?  No.  (- remember - I said, "if a MEMBER...")  Difficulty sleeping for Members of the Faithful Remnant is usually an indication of one of the following:  An ELF attack, that sometimes triggers brainwaves, that are not conducive to sleep; a project bluebeam attack, of disturbing false realities and a false identity - being beamed into the subconscious by the OWG - that IS specifically targeting the dreams of the Members of the Faithful Remnant on a regular and scheduled basis; a witchcraft attack, from someone outside the Remnant, who is frustrated because THEY cannot sleep; being spiritually yoked to the interior lives of the wicked - especially "former family members, who cannot sleep"; illuminati occult sacrifices, aimed specifically at the Remnant; satanic priest sacrifices - especially those in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - and especially on weekends.  Does this sound a little overwhelming.  It isn't - rest assured, of that!  Simply 'ALLOW' Jesus Christ the LORD, to help you get the sleep you need.  How?  But TURNING to Him, in prayer.  And if you start "drifting off", to sleep, while doing the following - know that it is time to stop praying, and rest.  In other words, forcing yourself to stay awake as you pray the following, defeats the purpose.  The prayers will work, you will see; but you MUST! - pray from the heart, and mean every word, as you do so.

First, IF you are horizontal, and finding it difficult to get motivated, to even BEGIN praying, you will need pray, "Jesus Protect Me, Saint Michael Defend Me" - as you turn to your TRUE Source of Strength - your Creator, for help.  If necessary, use the Deliverance Prayer and reject 'the spirit of spiritual paralysis'.

Call on the True Holy Spirit to pray THROUGH you, by praying the "Come Holy Spirit..." prayer.

Bless yourself with the Blessed Holy Water, as you recite the Blessed Holy Water prayer - and then use the container to sprinkle the room at least three times - "in the Name of..."

Then, lift up everything the enemy his minions and his followers have been sowing in your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit and dwelling place, to the Most High True God, and trade it all, for the indwelling of the Blessed Trinity of the Most High True God, in your heart, mind, body and Soul.

Reject your desire to be yoked to the interior lives of the wicked, and ask for the Grace to be Yoked to all of Heaven.

Reject the spirits of Jezebel, witchcraft, and the effects of satanic priest sacrifices; ask for the Grace to live your True Identity, in the True Reality, in the Present moment.

Reject the Armor of the Enemy, and put on the Armor of the Most High True God - using the short form of that prayer.

Remain focused on all of Heaven, reject the spirit of restlessness, and ask for the Grace of Holy Slumber.

Pray a decade of the Holy Rosary, while invoking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title, "Queen of True Peace".

And remember: MANY people have fallen off the ARK.  So do not YOKE yourself to their INTERIOR lives - OTHERWISE, they will drag 'your INTERIOR life' down with THEIRS.  Understand?  So do not drift off to sleep THINKING about former members of the Faithful Remnant, or ANYONE outside the Faithful Remnant, and expect to sleep well - as doing so, will only summon their demonic clusters into your interior life (- and you will obviously need to use the deliverance prayer to get rid of it).  Focus on all of Heaven instead - because in doing so, it will be even EASIER to discern any spiritual attacks, throughout the night.  The Dark Matter IS getting thicker, and so it IS a good idea to Bless every room in your home with the Blessed, Holy Water, before retiring for the evening.  Have a Blessed rest everyone! - in the Faithful Remnant that is.   And for those OUTSIDE, know that these above prayers are absolutely USELESS!!! - because your Creator will NOT hear YOUR prayers - if YOU won't listen to HIM, and Become a Member.  Simple!

If after praying the above prayers, you are still awake, then you need to discern if the cause could be caffeine consumption within 3 hours of retiring, or even possibly adrenaline residue, from exercising too late in the evening, or even from jumping out of bed too quickly, to use the washroom.  If you discern that you are being kept awake by either of these, simply ask Jesus Christ the Lord to remove the effects of adrenaline or caffeine, and replace them with the Grace of Holy Slumber.   

If after praying the above prayers, you are still awake - when you are SUPPOSED to be resting; AND you REALIZE that you are awake because you are knowingly CHOOSING to think about problems, instead of resting your intellect - then you will need to reject 'the spirit of blasphemy', while using the deliverance prayer.  Because when the TRUE Holy Spirit is CALLING you to rest, CHOOSING to do the opposite, IS "the sin of blasphemy" - because DOING "the call in the moment" - IS "good" - ALWAYS!  Understand?

Also, you do need at least an hour to intellectually wind down, before retiring for the evening.  And that means all technology needs to be turned off.  The power bar to your computer needs to be turned off.  If your computer or phone has a battery in it or power adapter box with a cord attached to it, then the battery or adapter box needs to be removed, or moved to the furthest part of the house - simply because the OWG is using YOUR computer, AND your phone, to effect your brainwaves, as you sleep.  If this sounds too difficult to believe - then simply ask yourself HOW you slept the previous night, every time you realize that you FORGOT to unplug it - and you will soon discover exactly what we are talking about.  For those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant who are reading this - no, the Government doesn't NEED to target you in order to change your reality, because they HAVE you! - and you can think about that, all night long, as the Members of the Faithful Remnant, enjoy their well-deserved rest. Understand?

- Pope Peter the Last (PPTL)