Saturday, October 1, 2016

The 2 BILLION so-called "catholics"

But how can 2 BILLION so-called "catholics" be wrong?

How can 2 Billion catholics be wrong?  That is like asking "HOW, can the 2 billion blades of freshly sprouted grass on my front lawn, be green?"  We already KNOW "the grass is GREEN", and "the 2 Billion are wrong".  And so, the reason we are including this section in the Testimony, is because that above question about those in the institution, is actually a question that Jesus Christ the LORD recently asked US - His Two Witnesses.  He asked us that question, because he HEARS the hearts of all those who see His Testimony - and has heard MANY of them scoff, as they blurted out those words.  And now, with all that in mind, and to answer HIS question, we have gone out for several cups of coffee, and shared many lighthearted conversations.  And so KNOW that the following blog - unlike most posts on this website - the following, is simply being presented, to help the people in that institution to have more interesting conversations.  And why is THAT?  Because they have already RECEIVED their mark!  They all have A mark, of CAIN - and THAT, is actually an F.  Did you know that Fukushima starts with an F?
The obvious answer #1: If being right about something is reflected by the majority consensus, then how can the OTHER 4 billion people on the planet, be WRONG about the so-called catholics who attend the institution?  (Remember, the question was "HOW?")  If being right about something is reflected by the majority consensus, then how could all the crowds who shouted out that Jesus should be crucified, be wrong? - even though they were in fact "the voice of the majority at the time" - speaking against a vocal minority - in their eyes.  Based on this last historical point alone, the notion of moral objective Truth, being reflected by the majority vote - has no basis in reality.  Perhaps that is why The Most High True God didn't do a moral survey poll of the Israelites, before handing Moses the 10 Commandments.  Just saying.

The obvious answer #2: The warnings in the Bible, about "the abomination that makes desolate" being set up in the holy place (Daniel 11:31b; 12:11) - those warnings indicate that there WOULD in fact come a time in human history, when the people in the religious institutions, would all be WRONG, about what was set up RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM; because how could it be "the holy place", with the abomination set up there?

The obvious answer #3: The remarkable sign, of "the demonically DISFIGURED Pope" - Benedict XVI, choosing to step down, in order to be replaced by "the masked SMILEY face pope" who followed, should throw a few red flags to 'anyone with eyes to see'.  The INCREDIBLE suggestion, that AFTER becoming "demonically disfigured", Benedict allegedly "CHOSE", to be the FIRST pope in 600 years to resign the office, in an institution that focuses on TRADITION - is simply put, "beyond the grasp of all common sense and reason".  The immutable fact remains - and that is the fact that Benedict's Historical resignation, is the result of a cover up, of a terrible Scourge - the Divine Scourge that removed the Holy Anointing and countenance from the Pontiff Benedict.  And where did that Anointing GO - in 2007 - BEFORE he resigned?  The anointing COULDN'T go to Francis because he hadn't been propped up by the illuminati yet.  So where did the anointing go?  THAT is the obvious question, that almost NO one wants to ask - every time a horrific photo of his face pops up; PROBABLY, because all they can think about, is looking at something less horrific - like "smiley face".

The obvious answer #4: WHEN Benedict lost his anointing - what happened to "the validity" of ALL the masses, where he was invoked as "Benedict our pope"?  Perhaps you might want to look that one up in the Code of Canon Law - not to imply that the Most High True God is "bound" by that code - because He ISN'T; rather, it would just be something interesting to look up.
The obvious answer #5: In the time of Sodom and Gomorrah - the time of Lot; AND in the time of Noah - EVERYONE was wrong, except those 2 families.  That, would be "a solid historical proof", of how 2 Billion institutional catholics could be wrong, by the way - AS they presume to wait, for the revealing of the already unveiled abomination of desolation and the mark of the beast - that were foretold in the Scriptures.  But just because they are waiting for these things to manifest on THEIR terms, doesn't mean that those prophecies have not yet been fulfilled and have become fully manifest.  Interesting that the Faithful Remnant Church is a church made up of "the Family of the Most High True God" - now isn't it?

The obvious answer #6: They - the 2 billion, have the mark of Cain - and that "spiritual fashion accessory" doesn't lend itself well to credibility.  In fact, it is like the story of the frog in the pot of water, that is slowly heating up.  Right now, the Institutional catholics, are ALL "steeped in LAVA" - and they have "a church of LAVA" - and they have their antichrist pope.  Who can argue with THAT! - SOLID, theology?  (Apparently the water evaporated, and the pot melted - just in case you didn't get that one)  Personally, I think they are all "RIGHT" - they DESERVE their abomination, Francis, and the MARK.  It is "an ETERNAL love affair", that I most certainly, will not intervene to break up.  Let them, BOLDLY proclaim their faith in THEMSELVES, APART from their Creator - to their own bitter end.  After all, the mark of Cain, is "Hell" - and that's EXACTLY, what all the people in the spiritual reality of Hell DO - as a way of Eternity.  I am only here to gather those who have ALREADY been "set aside", by their Creator - the 1%.  It will be like cleaning the oil off the birds, who were pulled from the slick, next to the sinking oil tanker.  Most birds won't survive.  And I have already "gotten over" that.

The obvious answer #7:  I don't look anything LIKE Barney!  I'm not fat, cute, cuddly, smiley, or purple.  No wonder, the 2 BILLION prefer Francis, who DOES in fact dress up in purple vestments, from time to time.  And just in case you don't see the connection, they can be wrong because they cling to "a dancing purple dinosaur of a beast of a man" - instead of the ONE with the TRUE Anointing from above.  Simple.

The obvious answer #8:  You can't buy me, to tell you that you are now "Saved" - actually if you look it up in the Testimony - you will see that "High Fives with JESUS in the FLESH" - is the only guarantee of Salvation - so to speak.  Let the institutional catholics continue to pay a BILLION dollars a week, to the institution that tells them they are saved apart from their Creator - because He has left that institution, and withdrawn His anointings and His Presence.  The people in the instution prefer to BUY their Sellvation, through tithing - and that is actually what got them 'the mark of the beast' in the first place - their "buying and selling" - apart from True and heartfelt Repentance.

The obvious answer #9:  WITH the mark comes "a fixed will" - fixed on routines, resolutions and RITUALS!!!   To make this really simple, the 2 Billion actually had their wills FIXED on their resolution to cling to that institution, when they received the mark.  The "MARK", wasn't a reflection of them being "RIGHT" - and so, that's "HOW", they were actually "marked", WRONG!  (- once again, "How the 2 Billion are WRONG!")

The obvious answer #10:  Faculty removal.  With each satanic host they receive in the institution, more intellectual faculties are being removed.  They want to be "in personae satanae", by receiving "the body of the enemy of Souls" in their hosts - all the while calling themselves "good, holy and saved".  How can they be right, about ANYTHING! - with a spiritual life like that?  Mary and I DID recently (Summer 2016) witness a recent satanic service in that abominable institution at the request of Jesus Christ the Lord Himself - and we can testify, that indeed, MANY of those insititutional so-called "catholics", actually SMILED, after receiving their satanic host, and after experiencing "faculty removal" - simply because they were so far in the back seat, in their interior lives, that the demons were rejoicing THROUGH them - at "Hell's KINGDOM" becoming even MORE manifest - THROUGH them, WITH them, and IN them.

The obvious answer #11:  How can all the Jewish people in the Jewish Institution, be wrong, for 2 thousand years?  Because at His FIRST Coming, THAT (- being wrong for the next 2000 years), is how the institution He CAME to, responded - and history DOES repeat itself.  If people want to argue, that at the time of His SECOND Coming, Jesus Christ the Lord is going to treat "the institution" He COMES to, DIFFERENTLY - then they had better have a pretty compelling argument as to WHY that would POSSIBLY be the case!  Because we can already SEE, 'HOW', Jesus COMES to the institution, when He arrives on the scene.  And for the record, He DOESN'T tend to wait and then show up at a time when He simply gives everybody in 'the institution of the time', "high fives".  Try THIS one:  HOW would it be fair to the JEWISH people, if Jesus arrived at the CATHOLIC insititution, in a way they were prepared for - and in a way that they EXPECTED?  It WOULDN'T be fair!  And The Most High TRUE God is PERFECT, in ALL His ways!

The obvious answer #12:  When Jesus came at His FIRST Coming, hardly ANYONE in the institution RECOGNIZED 'the time of His COMING'.  So how would it make SENSE, that EVERYONE in the WORLD, would recognize His SECOND Coming?  At a time when almost EVERYONE has been brainwashed by "PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN PROPAGANDA" - that propaganda kind of NONsense! - in FACT MAKES "cents", Dollars, 10% tithing - and makes PROTESTANT religions "very lucrative" indeed!

The obvious answer #13: In the eyes of all of Heaven - referring to the actual CURRENT perceptions of ALL the Holy Angels and Holy Saints in Heaven - the people who attend the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, all have the mark of the beast or the mark of Cain - and that means that they are either "BEASTS" in human form, because they are without their Souls; OR they are "HELLIANS" - a term Jesus has used when referring to the people who are actually SENTENCED to, and EXPERIENCING the Eternal Flames of HELL in their interior lives.  This is just an immutable and historical fact.  You can even find it in the Scriptures:

"And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If any one worships the beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also shall drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured unmixed into the cup of his anger, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up for ever and ever; and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.” 
(Revelations 14:9-11)

The obvious answer #14 through 2,000,000,000:  If you attend the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - then you will simply need to look in the Mirror, and try to figure out why you are so angry - in order to find THOSE answers - reflected in your OWN personal perceptions, of your interior life.  Fake Barney smiles don't count by the way.  It's time to lose the Barney costume, and look at what's on the inside.  The hard TRUTH, is that EVERY SINGLE one of those 2 BILLION, received their INDIVIDUAL Judgment, from Jesus Christ the Lord on Christmas Day 2012 - and so, there are in FACT, about 2 BILLION SEPARATE verdicts that HE gave - for those in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution at the time - one for each individual.  Take your time.  Read them all - IF! - you get a chance.  If you want to argue that your Creator's VERDICT - is "UNJUST" - for any ONE of them - we can ASSURE you, that would be a very POOR - as in "SPIRITUALLY poor" decision.  Better to become a Member of His TRUE Church, the Faithful Remnant - than to be miserable for all Eternity.  Simple. 

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses 

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