Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to fix Past Memories that Keep Coming Back

photo credit - QuotesGram

How to fight the MEMORIES of the PAST, that keep coming BACK?  You SIMPLY need to RESOLVE, to stay in the PRESENT moment - with your CREATOR; and DESIRE, Jesus Christ the LORD - to dwell WITH you; and to live 'inside your SOUL' - at all TIMES!  The DEMONS, are trying to PULL you, 'BACK, into a false REALITY' - and into 'a false IDENTITY' - and 'cloud your THINKING'. The WAY you FIGHT! - these 'demonic attacks' - is by STAYING in PRAYER; and CONNECTED, with all of HEAVEN.  The MOST High TRUE God, IS working WITH, 'the DESIRES, of the Faithful REMNANT'; and, YOU are 'in a SPIRITUAL battle' - DAILY! THIS is 'a DAILY fight'; and it is ONGOING.  So, you will NEED to CONTINUALLY TURN, to JESUS - and His Blessed MOTHER - for 'the STRENGTH and the GRACES', to get through each day.  But the GOAL for each day - SHOULD be, to grow SPIRITUALLY - EVEN closer! - to your Creator.  When YOU resolve - to keep Jesus Christ the Lord, ENTHRONED, in your HEART - THEN, the DEMONS, CANNOT DWELL there!  The PROBLEM that you are HAVING, is that YOU, have become "ADDICTED, to self-PITY" - and the way you KNOW this, is how 'the MEMORIES of the PAST' - keep coming BACK.  The only REASON this happens, is because you CONTINUE, to ENTERTAIN them.  The TRUTH is, 'the PAST doesn't EXIST!'  And 'the PERSON that you WERE' - doesn't EXIST! - except as "an ILLUSION" - FUELED, by DEMONS!  Understand?  The person you are NOW - 'the one, whom your CREATOR, is forming' - MUST! - let GO - of the past COMPLETELY - and WITHOUT conditions!  Understand?  ONCE, you have REPENTED, of, 'your SINFUL ways' - from your OLD life - there is no NEED to 'REVISIT your old life'.  REMEMBER, as FAR, as the EAST, is from the WEST - SO far! - does the Most High TRUE God - REMOVE! - our transgressions, FROM us.  ALL it takes, is 'SINCERELY, DESIRING, and CHOOSING, and STRIVING to LIVE: PLEASING, Jesus Christ the LORD'.  "The OLD you" - or 'the DEMONIC cluster, of your FORMER self' - can NOT! - please, the Most High True God - in ANY way; but can ONLY "offend Him" - and THAT is 'why the enemy works SO hard, at getting the REMNANT, to LIVE, 'THROUGH, their former identities'!  ONCE again: REMEMBER not, "the former THINGS"! - nor CONSIDER 'the things of OLD'!  THIS is actually 'a WARNING, NOT to look BACK'; but to STAY in the present; and to RECEIVE, 'the INSPIRATIONS, from the True Holy SPIRIT, in the Moment'.

And remember, in these End Times, if you can THINK of something about yourself that ain't broke
it's because you turned to the Most High True God in order to fix it. 
Are you NOT thanking Him ALWAYS for that? 
Then fix it!