Wednesday, October 12, 2016


photo credit-Daily Express

So HOW do you 'get THROUGH', these TIMES?  You SIMPLY, need, to RESOLVE, to stay FOCUSED, on your CREATOR - and REMAIN in PRAYER.  This means, 'STAY, connected', with HEAVEN! - and 'with how HEAVEN, sees the state, of mankind'  Understand? THAT is how you stay "SPIRITUALLY sane".  The TEMPTATION, will be, for you, to 'GIVE in', to the demons of "false COMPASSION" - but THAT is the same, as CHOOSING, to be 'an ENEMY', of your Creator.  Because, JESUS, does NOT, show, 'the demons' - ANY! - compassion!  - at ALL!  NOT! - in THESE Times.  Yes, over 2000 years ago, they "PLEADED", with Him; and He SENT them into the pigs.  Now HERE'S the SCARY part: DEMONS NEED, 'HOSTS' - BODIES, to DWELL in!  Understand?  And, the Most High TRUE God - has ALLOWED them, to "INFEST", every MAN, woman, and CHILD.  The "ALIENS" - HAVE invaded! - JUST not IN the way, people were EXPECTING.  As, 'NOTHING, that happens, in the spiritual realms', is what PEOPLE, were expecting.   BECAUSE, they CANNOT FORSEE, 'HOW the Most High TRUE God' - will carry out His PLANS!  Now the BLESSED HOLY WATER, is 'the ANTIDOTE', to 'the INFESTATION'; along with 'SINCERE', repentance - "a HUMBLE and contrite heart". BECAUSE, the demons, MUST flee! - the Most High TRUE God's, DWELLING place.  If the Most High TRUE God - is, "DWELLING, in your SOUL" - in the Fullness of His PRESENCE - without you placing 'ANY conditions!' - on Him BEING there - then, there is 'no ROOM', for devils, and DEMONS!  Understand?  KEEP, your HEART, 'FILLED', with your Creator - and THAT'S, how you stay 'DELIVERED, from evil'. - PPTL