Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Best Bible according the Testimony of theTwo Witnesses

Peter and Mary Romanus, the two witnesses
photo credit - youtube

Best Bible?  Make sure the Bible you are using is not a protestant, feminist, thematic, NRSV or liberal Bible translation - because the printed words in those editions, are so far from what the Most High True God actually said, that those words in fact, no longer belong to Him - but the words belong to the translators, who spoke instead, "on their own behalf".  And that is why, in some churches, even today, many people have become deceived into thinking, that God speaks with a British accent - in Old English.  The enemy of souls has those 'spiritually poor people' so distracted with their 'regal speech', that they have simply missed the obvious truth: that "to protest", is in fact, "to rebel" - and there is only ONE place in 'the afterlife' that rhymes with "rebellion" - you can figure that out for yourself, but here is a clue: Jesus calls the people who go there, "hellians". This is not to say that all protestants go there.  But the protestants who do go to Purgatory, will not have one iota of protestantism left in them, when they enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  This has been revealed by Jesus Christ the Lord Himself!  And so, it is best to stop rebelling - NOW! - and this is emphasized, to reflect the serious consequences of belonging to that movement - consequences that Jesus has revealed to us. Most protestants do not know, that not only are they named after "the great rebellion", or 'protest', against God - but 'the enemy of souls' put "his stamp" on the protestant Bible, and this is how:  The Bible, used by Roman Catholics, from the 4th century to the protestant reformation, contained 73 books.  The enemy of souls, deceived the protestants, by having them remove 7 books, leaving 66.  Is this not, 'the enemy's stamp'?  Count them, if you are having doubts.  The Catholic Edition, also known as the one "with apocrypha", has 73. What is the Best Bible Translation?  The Best Bible edition that we know of, is the RSV Second Catholic Edition or RSV2CE - the one used in all our Bible quotes on this website.  Notice how easy that translation is to read and immediately understand.  Jesus has been speaking to us as we have been using this translation - and so the words He uses as He speaks, often refer to specific passages, that are easier to find, in this particular translation.


Bible Concordance? We recommend the search engine, using the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition Bible.  Bible Gateway, is the EASIEST way, through which to access, the ONLINE version, of the Correct Bible Translation: RSVCE (first edition) - unfortunately that version still has a bit of Old English in it - and we use the hard copy of the SECOND Catholic Edition, to edit out that protestant lingo.  It would be good to save Bible Gateway to your bookmarks.  But make sure that every time you visit that website, and before you use it, you select the RSVCE mentioned above.  AVOID the "NEW RSVCE" or NRSV on the list of bible translations - it is a radical feminist version, that deleted most of the male references to God, in an attempt to serve 'the spirit of Jezebel'.  God's Spirit of Truth can not move through a book that is filled with words that are a deliberate distortion of what He has consistently revealed.