Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Message of God on Hydration

photo credits - watersoft

Hydration?  Almost ALL public water supplies have now been poisoned with mercury, lead, copper, flouride, and other harmful chemicals.  Have you noticed the plague of breast formation on males?  That is because the water supply in some places has high concentrations of synthetic female hormones in it.  It is no longer safe to drink fluoridated tap water.  It is important to find an inexpensive source of spring or filtered water, or the very best home water purification system you can afford.  It is extremely important, to stay hydrated throughout the day, and night.  Strong smelling urine, is one sign of dehydration; but so too is tiredness.  People who drink caffeinated beverages, need to drink extra water and find a good natural source of vitamin C to compensate for the effects.  Dry air in the colder months also means there is a greater need for regular water intake.  Stay hydrated.  It is best to avoid black soda beverages that contain phosphoric acid (- you can research the effects of consuming this highly corrosive acid for yourself).  It is best to avoid beverages containing artificial sweeteners (- they are highly toxic, do the research if you have doubts).  There is such a thing as a toxic amount of sugar intake - the amount that rapidly disrupts your blood sugar levels; and so it is best to wean yourself off of excessive soda soft drink consumption.  You should not be drinking from aluminum cans, because aluminum is very toxic to the brain, and small particles of aluminum fall into the can, every time the tab is peeled off.  Just a reminder that this information is the result of consulting with the King of Heaven, about these issues.  The basic lesson here, is that using 'filtered water' or 'spring water', is the best way to keep hydrated.  Know that many grocery stores now dispense filtered tap water.

Source: testimony of the two witnesses