Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lord Jesus' Advice on FOOD

Food?  Jesus has asked his Remnant to avoid eating red meat. Chicken and fish are the acceptable forms of meat for now.  Avoid eating GMO foods in as much as you are able.  GMO foods are all poisoned - it is really that simple.  There are more and more stories surfacing in the news, about extremely harmful effects, of eating GMO foods.  Do the research if you have any doubts.  But you have now been warned, and are now fully responsible for the kind of food you choose to consume.  Also it is best to only eat the amount of food, that you are able to burn off, each day.  Avoid eating large quantities of salty snack foods, as it is quite easy to get salt poisoning from eating too much of them at once; you would do well to carefully monitor your salt intake when eating those foods, and drink lots of water to flush out excessive salt.  Home popped popcorn made from dry bulk corn kernels is a very safe snack.  Know that drinking excessive water, can also be harmful.  Know that consuming MSG is not healthy.  So get informed, and always use common sense and reason.  And remember, most of the things we are emphasizing on this page, are the things that Jesus personally emphasized to us, as He helped us to make healthier choices.  
Several Members of the Faithful Remnant have asked us for diet tips.  And here are some of the most BASIC things we have shared with them.  In your diet, you will need to eat fresh and inexpensive fruits like apples and whatever else is reasonably priced; bananas are good to have each day - especially with cereal, and a bit of yogurt.  Also you will need vegetables - like lettuce, green onions and shredded carrots for salads.  Ranch dressing and inexpensive balsamic vinegar are great salad toppings.  You can hopefully find affordable old cheddar cheese - that you can shred to eat with your salad; and you can even have cheese slices with toast and jam for a snack.  Hard boiled eggs chopped up, make for a good salad topping.  For breakfast, we found that LARGE ROLLED OATS - about 5 heaping tablespoons, immersed in hot water in a bowl, for about 5 minutes, served with 3 tablespoons of real peach yogurt that is made with REAL SUGAR, and topped with a teaspoon of flax seed - makes for a very nutritious breakfast.   Know that you need to be hydrated, THROUGHOUT the day, in order to avoid fatigue AND injury.  You will need to take aspirin with water every 4 hours, to help you heal - follow the recommended dosage, and precautions on the container.  You will also need snacks throughout the day - like fruit and inexpensive crackers and perhaps even some inexpensive trail mix. Tea or soup in a thermos - to take to work with you every day is a good idea.  Spaghetti is a cheap dinner; you can buy noodles, and the sauce (sold in a bulk plastic container) separately, and serve it with "a pan-fried and steamed vegetable" like zucchini, squash, or carrots.  Of course parmesan cheese is good, but sour cream is also a good topping for spaghetti - when it is served with vegetables.  Read the cooking instructions on the packages of everything I mentioned.  Perhaps a nearby store sells rotisserie chicken, ready to eat.  If so, some fresh bakery bread, and fresh lettuce, and Hellman's mayonnaise, and Louisiana Hot Sauce - can be used to make a very good sandwich, sprinkled with fresh ground pepper.  You will need a pepper mill with a metal grinding wheel to do that.  For breakfast - you can alternate oats with fried egg sandwiches - served with a mild hot sauce like Frank's, or ketchup - even blueberry jam and green onion goes well with fried, or slow cooked scrambled eggs and Frank's.  There, does that sound good?  It is - you'll see.  You will need to make a shopping list, and take care of your health.  Think of your body as a car - if you don't feed it, by topping up all the needed fluids, it won't run very well.  So remember to drink orange juice every day for breakfast, and perhaps cranberry juice from time to time.  Gingerale, is also good to have occasionally.  For those who don't have much cooking experience, this will get you started. 

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses