Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Special Message for those who have FIRMLY Resolved to "Lose Jezzie"

photo credit - Clipart Kid

Got Jezzie?  What does that mean?  It means, is there a woman from your past life, who keeps on popping into your head, from time to time? - especially when YOU are not CHOOSING to remember or think of her, or the words she spoke?  And this applies to both MEN and WOMEN - because "Jezzie's TENTACLES", lead to her BEAK - and that BEAK, will simply "eat you ALIVE", if you don't SEVER yourself, from her tentacles.  That would make her like "ONE! - BIG! - CREEPY! - GIANT! - OCTOPUS!!!" - by the way.

There is 'a desire IN you' to be "YOKED to the spirit of JEZEBEL".  And the RESENTMENT and the ANGER, that you have been HARBORING - for a long TIME - IS, 'YOUR response, to being YOKED to that spirit'.  THEREFORE, the FIRST STEP, for you to take - is to REJECT your desire, to be YOKED, to the spirit of JEZEBEL; and ASK for the Grace, to be Yoked to all of HEAVEN, instead.  Reject 'the spirit of AHAB', and ASK for the Grace, to be "a TRUE disciple", of the Most High True God.  And THEN, OFFER up a DECADE of the Rosary, to the Blessed Virgin Mary - with the SPECIFIC intention, of asking HER, to "SEVER!" - YOU! - FROM! - "Jezebel" COMPLETELY!  ASK her, to 'cut OFF', the TENTACLES - that are "WRAPPED around your HEART!"  And THEN, ask her, to "WRAP you", in her MANTLE, of "TRUE Love", and PROTECTION.  You can USE her titles, "Conqueror of the jezebel spirit", and "Conqueror of false REALITIES".  Understand?

And so does "the fix" WORK?  One Member of the Faithful Remnant Wrote:  "Update was a real blessing for me. Last two days I used to get some tightness and occasional pain in the heart. When I pray to my "Mother of True Compassion" it gets relieved. Today after getting the update, praying the deliverance prayer and 2 decades of Holy Rosary it went away completely. I understand the spiritual battle going on. Thanks to TMHTG for His Mercy on me and all the revelations from Heaven. Thank you both of you and all the Faithful Remnant members for all the prayers, and nourishment."

And ONCE again, does this fix WORK?  Do those prayers, remove "the BEAK?"  Perhaps this report from one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, will provide, "the ANSWER":  "I've also been experiencing this weird 'pain' in my heart, and this one is different than the others that I have experienced on this journey.  It feels like 'a knife' has been REMOVED, and the wound has yet to close.  That is the best way I can describe it." 

Those "BEAK wounds", can often leave "an actual spiritual HOLE!" - with REAL PHYSICAL sensations, that accompany them!  And so it is always best to turn to our "Mother of Miraculous Healings", for some "BODY filler" (Graces) - after "all the KNIVES" come out - because "jezzie", tends to use MANY!  And so, don't forget to check your back while you are at it - because you WILL most assuredly find more there! - perhaps her entire cooking collection!  And if this sounds "a little extreme" - what do you think all those tentacles were doing while that beak was gorging itself?

A Special Message for those who have FIRMLY Resolved to "Lose Jezzie"
And for all the Members of the Faithful Remnant who have firmly resolved to "lose jezzie": We will ask the Most High TRUE God, to have MERCY on your SOUL - because He HAS seen 'the FIRM resolve' - that YOU have MADE - in order to remain faithful TO Him.  We will ask HIM, to 'BREAK the yoke of jezebel, UPON you' - THEREFORE, what is 'YOUR part'?  But, EVERY TIME, you THINK, of, your former FAMILY - you NEED to commend them, to 'the Divine Justice of the Most High TRUE God'... BECAUSE, they can ONLY, be "ENEMIES, of your CREATOR"; THEREFORE, the CALL to "BLESS your ENEMIES"? - is to "BLESS them", with 'the Divine JUSTICE!' - of their CREATOR.  Understand?  You NEED to, 'apply, the "got jezzie" fix' - EVERY day!  (It is ON this page, of the WEBSITE above) - and this is how you will do 'YOUR part' - in BREAKING free, from 'the Jezebel Spirit'.  You SEE, ONCE you have manifested, 'your FREE will' - FOR, your Creator, SO many TIMES - it is THEN, that He chooses to INTERVENE - in MAKING your CROSS, "LIGHTER" - because you are NOT battling, "FLESH and blood" - but 'demonic FORCES'!  BUT! - ONLY, Jesus, Christ the Lord - can HELP, you - to OVERCOME, 'the demonic forces', that are at WORK - in your life; AND, in the world around you.  Understand? 

Source:  Testimony of the Two Witnesses