Friday, October 7, 2016

Social Life:Dealing with Relatives, and other People

photo credit - Thoughts about God

Looking People in the Eye? The eyes are the window to the soul, and people in 'the beast state' have an ungodly tendency to actively and knowingly try to stare their demons into others.  Do not cooperate. When talking to people in the beast state, avoid eye contact, and avoid 'reciprocal false externals' - such as 'fake smiles', 'nervous laughter' and 'false affirmation'.  You are called to be at peace, to remain at peace, to do what sane people do when they are at peace, and not to get drawn into the antics and tactics of people in 'the beast state'. Ask for the Grace of self control in the True Holy Spirit, if you have difficulty with this minor social adjustment.

Dealing with Relatives? Relatives or "former family members" who are in 'the beast state', are included in your daily prayers, when you pray for the conversion of sinners.  It is best to share your experience of using the Blessed Holy Water with them, and to respect their decision.  Know in advance that we only know of one family who has benefited from the Holy Water, and who has also been able to share this gift with their relatives - the ones who live outside of their household, in such a way that the gift was received.  And so it is necessary to pray for 'the Grace of emotional detachment' from your biological former family members who are currently in the beast state. This may sound harsh at first, especially for readers who consider their dog or cat to be a part of the family; but remember this, the animals in the stable at Bethlehem, were never a part of the Holy Family in the Nativity scene - it just seemed that way to some people.  This is so simple, even a child could understand - once it has been explained to them of course.  Here is some Counsel that was posted on December 9, 2015: 
"It is best NOT to reach out to your former family, at this stage in your journey – as you have simply just begun, to LIVE the True Faith; and you, have just received, ‘the Testimony’; and you yourself, are only BEGINNING to be transformed, by the Heavenly Graces, that are being shared, with you... You need to know, that your former family, would NOT understand, and they would not RECEIVE your decision, well.  And so, you must ‘sever yourself completely from them’ – in your heart.  Just as Lot and his wife, had to leave Sodom and Gomorrah behind – that is how, you are called, to look, at your former family; because THEY are so HEAVILY involved, in ‘WICKEDNESS’; and they ARE, “Sodomites and Gomorrahites” – BECAUSE they belong to ‘the spirit of the world’; and it is explained further, in the Testimony, that only ‘SOME’ – from different families – only a few, would be called, would be taken away, FROM those families, in order to find salvation. Jesus has explained, that most people, will NOT respond kindly to His Call.  And so, you MUST understand, that YOU, and N., are ‘two, of the VERY few’- who have responded, with ‘a WHOLEHEARTED YES!’ – to what Jesus is asking OF you. If you ASK the Most High TRUE God, for ‘a Sign’ – but ONLY so that you may BELIEVE in His Testimony – He CAN, share a Sign WITH you! – if He SEES, that your HEART, is seeking, ‘HIM’ – is TRULY, ‘seeking the Truth’!   And that is why He GAVE you ‘the Sign’. You were not looking for ‘a SIGN’, as ‘an end in itself’; but all the wicked people, who visit His Testimony, on a Daily basis, ARE.  And “the Sign”, is in the middle, of their foreheads!  But they can’t SEE it – OUT of His Justice.  Make sure, that YOU, are ‘sincerely giving thanks, to the Most High TRUE God,’ for bringing you and N. out of Bondage; out of sin and corruption –into ‘NEW lives’ together; new lives focused, on Jesus Christ the Most High True GOD.  And remember: What He is asking of the both of YOU, is no different, than what He expected, over 2000 years ago.  “If anyone loves mother or father more than ME, he is not worthy of Me”.  Meditate upon those words – in order to be made worthy OF Him, you HAVE to leave your former life, behind."