Thursday, October 27, 2016

God's Messages on Injury, Illness, Dental Care

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Physical Injury or illness?  Unless it is an emergency, it is best to pray first before seeking medical attention.  If it is an emergency, it is always best to pray while seeking medical attention.  Use the Blessed Holy Water and the deliverance prayer to reject 'the spirit of injury' or 'the spirit of infirmity'.  Then pray and ask God which sin is associated with the injury or illness.  Then ask God what solution, or course of action, He is calling you to take.  The gift of discernment and patience are needed in order to be able to receive His Divine Counsel.  Common sense and reason must also be used in every situation.  If you are finding it difficult to find peace, while seeking the solution, put on the Armor of God.  Remember, one of Jesus' titles, is "the Heavenly Physician".  He does indeed make house calls.  So, call on Him, using that 'title' - call on Him, in humility, and in faith.  But if you choose to turn to prayer, while at the same time, knowingly neglect to seek the necessary medical attention that you need, know that God does not like being 'put to the test', and does not respond well to being pressured to bow to 'the will of man'.  Many people have perished because they refused to take necessary action in an emergency situation, through the use of common sense and reason.  Do not add to their number.

Dental Care?  Have you noticed that there are warnings on tubes of toothpaste, cautioning parents about the toxicity of sodium monofluorophosphate, and cautioning parents to supervise children under 6 years of age when brushing, to make sure that the toothpaste is not swallowed?  Did you know that Dentists were using highly toxic mercury, in dental fillings, for decades?  Did you know that daily flossing, is absolutely NOT good for oral health?  These are simply important points worth considering.  Jesus has instructed us, to avoid flossing every day - alternating days is fine.  He has also advised us to use a warm salt water oral rinse at least once a day, before bed; affordable sea salt works best.  Common sense and reason are always necessary when considering health
 tips, and when considering how you wish to implement them into your daily life.
  - PPTL

Source: testimony of the two witnesses