Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What GOD says about the Medical Profession and the Big Pharma Firms

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  This following update, is addressed TO the Members of the Faithful Remnant Church. 
PPTL: WE are going to intercede, on BEHALF of the Faithful Remnant - for, 'the Most High TRUE God', to make an EXAMPLE, of ALL of those, so-called, "PSYCHIATRISTS", and "PSYCHOLOGISTS", and "DOCTORS", who are "STUDYING, and SCRUTINIZING, the Testimony, AND the Faithful Remnant".  ALL those, in "the MEDICAL, profession", have FAILED! - "THEIR medical exam" - in the Eyes of the Most High True GOD.  They have FAILED! - "THEIR mental evaluation"; and, ALL they can offer people, is FALSE hope, through BIG PHARMA drugs, and LABELING!  THEY! - are responsible, for "the SCARS!" - that BILLIONS of people, CARRY, around WITH them - BECAUSE, they are DEPENDENT, on "Big Pharma" - THROUGH, "the MEDICAL, profession"; THROUGH "their recommendation", AND prescriptions.  WHAT you need to realize, is that, ALL THOSE, who have, labeled ANY Member of the Faithful Remnant, as, 'having some sort of MENTAL issue' - are ONLY! - calling down JUDGMENT, on THEMSELVES; because, THEY are the ones, who are "SCHITZO"; THEY are the ones, who are "MENTALLY DEFICIENT"; THEY are the ones, who OPERATE, through INSPIRATIONS, that COME, from 'the DEMONS', that THEY, seek COUNSEL from.  The COUNSEL that WE GIVE - comes from the Most High TRUE God - and HE offers, "a PERMANENT solution", to peoples' PROBLEMS; and He offers HEALING, and a RENEWAL, of the mind. Remember -EVERYONE, OUTSIDE, the FAITHFUL Remnant Church, HAVE been "BRANDED!" - BY their Creator - AS "insane" - both SPIRITUALLY, AND mentally - as WELL, as EMOTIONALLY! - and PHYSICALLY!  SO remember, it DOESN'T MATTER, 'what THOSE, OUTSIDE, the ARK, SAY, about the REMNANT' - their "OPINIONS", and their "JUDGMENTS" - are DROSS! - to the Most High TRUE God.  DO not, 'give IN' - to, their PSYOPS!  Even THEY know - the so-called "PROFESSIONALS" know - that THEY! - are trying to PSYOP, and DECEIVE, the REMNANT - in the COMMENTS they leave, on their CHANNEL; and underneath their VIDEOS!  Know THIS - they labeled JESUS [see the June 8, 2016 update for details] - does 'that label' STICK TO HIM? - in ANY WAY?  DO the WORDS, of 'THOSE, who are HOSTILE, TO HIM' - mean ANYTHING?  NOT at all! He doesn't LISTEN to them; and NEITHER should YOU.  DO not, take, 'the WORDS', and INSPIRATIONS, from DEMONS - to your HEART!  RECOGNIZE, 'the SOURCE', OF, "those WICKED, INSPIRATIONS", coming FROM: your former FAMILY; and, all those "so-called PROFESSIONALS".  Understand?  "THEIR time", is COMING to an End; and, there WILL BE "NO happy ending" to their story - BECAUSE, INSTEAD, of 'desiring LIFE', and 'desiring that OTHERS have life' - they will FOREVER! - be "ADVOCATES, of DEATH, and DESTRUCTION".  YOU have chosen well! - AS a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT; you have chosen "LIFE". All THOSE, OUTSIDE 'the Ark of SAFETY' - "the Ark of SALVATION" - have CHOSEN, "ETERNAL SEPARATION, from the Most High TRUE God", AND "death"!

Source: testimony of the two witnesses