Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to Overcome the CERN Waves

CERN, Hadron Collider (particle accelerator)
Photo credit - LHC Machine Outreach

And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key of the shaft of the bottomless pit; he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft.
(Revelations 9:1-2) 

We are going to make this "VERY simple for everyone", who is DEALING with, "the CERN waves". 

There are DIFFERENT approaches, to take, when the DEVIL comes "knocking at the door", of one's INTERIOR life.  And SIMPLY, because, it IS becoming QUITE CLEAR to us, that, he is "BOUNCING around DIFFERENT members", of the Faithful Remnant - we NEEDED to start, this NEW PAGE, on our website - DUE, to the SPIRITUAL realities changing - SO drastically SINCE, the CERN PORTAL opened, on September 23rd, 2015; and the fact that 'the DARK MATER', is ONLY, being produced, "EXPONENTIALLY". 

Now WHAT does THIS mean?

THIS means: that ALL the demons, in Hell, have been "UNLEASHED, upon the Face of the Earth".  And EVEN though, the Faithful REMNANT, are "PROTECTED", from, Eternal DAMNATION - that is ONLY, "if THEY CHOOSE, to WHOLEHEARTEDLY, WORSHIP, serve, and LOVE, their CREATOR" - with their WHOLE heart. 

DOES, Jesus, "understand", slips and falls - in the SPIRITUAL LIFE?  Yes He DOES!  And He HAS provided, 'a WAY, to OVERCOME', "the slips, and falls".  It is called "REPENTANCE".  

But NOW back to CERN.  WITH, the CERN PORTAL OPEN - there are 'WAVES', that are being sent out - EVERY SO often - that are "SPECIFICALLY, TARGETING, THOSE, who are in the Faithful REMNANT".  BECAUSE, the CERN waves, really, DO not EFFECT, the people, OUTSIDE the Remnant, in a WAY that it is NOTICEABLE - because they are SO far, "in the back seat", of their INTERIOR lives; and they "LOVE!" - SOAKING up dark matter - BECAUSE it makes them "feel powerful".  UNFORTUNATELY, for THEM! - they are ALL "drunk with satanic power" - which is 'a MANIFESTATION of pride'. 

Now, the CERN waves - ALSO, effect, 'the Members of the Faithful REMNANT'.  And the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, are being 'TEMPTED', with the SAME TEMPTATIONS, that THOSE, 'OUTSIDE the Ark', have CHOSEN, to embrace. 
And NOW,  HERE are some BASIC Do's, and DON'Ts - WHEN, the FAITHFUL Remnant, experience "an EXTREME spiritual shift in their REALITY, and PERCEPTIONS".

DO - CALL on Jesus, IMMEDIATELY, to DEFLECT, the attack.  And ASK SAINT Michael, to "DEFEND you", against 'the dark MATTER'.

DON'T - "BATHE", in 'the satanic FEELINGS', that the DEMONS offer.  INSTEAD...
DO - Give ALL of those "feelings" - and those "false REALITIES" - to JESUS.  Ask Him to TAKE THEM FROM YOU; and give you 'the CORRESPONDING Truth', instead.  ASK HIM, to "INFUSE in you, the TRUE Spiritual REALITIES".  And once again RENOUNCE, your former LIVES - before your CREATOR; and RE-COMMIT yourself, TO His SERVICE!

DON'T - ALLOW the enemy "an INCH". THIS means, DO NOT EVEN "ENTERTAIN", WICKED thoughts! - for A MOMENT!  Do NOT "entertain DOUBTS" - unless you want the ENEMY to "set up CAMP" in your SOUL.  Do NOT, "entertain", the DEMONIC, inspirations, and OPINIONS, of THOSE, who HAVE "the mark" - EVEN for a SECOND!  BECAUSE! - to DO SO, is to invite "PROPAGANDA", INTO your Soul.

DO - FOCUS, on your CREATOR!  And cry OUT to Him - for HELP!  ADMIT, that YOU, 'NEED', His Help!  And that you NEED 'His DIVINE Intervention' in your life - in that MOMENT!  RECOGNIZE, that you are NOT "the ONLY one", going through, "the DARK night, of the Soul".  MANY of the Saints, went through, 'the same DESOLATION, AND shift, in their REALITY'!  The Most High TRUE God 'ALLOWED it' - so that they could PROVE, that they LOVE Him - for "who He IS" - and that they will NOT "abandon Him" - even THOUGH, it seems as though, the Most High TRUE God, has "abandoned THEM"!

DON'T - FOCUS on, "the PROBLEM", the WHOLE, day!  Because THAT is how 'a day, is COMPLETELY wasted' - and the ENEMY, gains a VICTORY - as he has KEPT the Remnant "FRUITLESS"! - by GETTING them to "OBSESS", over "ONE, PROBLEM!" - or "ONE, FEELING" - or "ONE, THOUGHT!" 
DO - SEND, the enemy packing IMMEDIATELY! - with prayer; when he TRIES, to DISTRACT, you - from, 'the TRUE Holy Spirit' - in the MOMENT.  RESOLVE!  - to remain "SPIRITUALLY focused", no matter WHAT, the enemy THROWS at you!

DO - RECOGNIZE, that you, are in "the BATTLE, of ARMAGEDDON"; and it ISN'T going to get "ANY easier!" 
DO - RECOGNIZE, that, in THESE Times, "the BATTLE" is "SPIRITUAL"; and 'the INTERIOR DISCOMFORT', that you are CALLED to ENDURE - is 'SO!- SMALL!' - in COMPARISON, to 'the PHYSICAL, TORTURE!' - OF, your SAVIOR - Jesus Christ the LORD; and the torture of the UNBORN.  He actually 'LIVED' - the "GROTESQUE, and BRUTAL DEATH" - SEEING in THESE Times, that His FOLLOWERS, would not be CALLED to!  And YOU! - can THANK! - your BLESSED MOTHER, for HER INTERCESSION!  Because, were it NOT! - 'the CROSS', that YOU, as 'a FAITHFUL REMNANT Member' - would be CALLED to CARRY - would be 'MUCH! - more difficult' - and "PHYSICALLY painful"!  And, you can THANK, your Blessed MOTHER, for her INTERCESSION, for, 'SUBSTITUTING, the COMET, of DESTRUCTION - for, the WORDS of the Testimony' - that are "SO uncomfortable!!!" - that almost NO one on the Planet! - wants to READ them!


Interesting trivia note: After we first posted this page on the website, my wife proof read the content, and brought to my attention the fact that in the first paragraph, the word "MATTER", was spelt with only one "t".  And so I simply turned to her and said, "But with all the demons pouring out of the CERN portal to the ABYSS, that really doesn't MATTER - now does it."
  - PPTL 

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses