Saturday, October 29, 2016



Brethren, we would like to invite all of you to the prayer vigil.

As you know, this month is a month of spiritual warfare. The Lord has raised up prayer warriors and intercessors all over the world to pray, to intercede, to stand in the gap especially this month of October where so much satanic activity is going on around the world. 
As you know, this satanic activity is the climax of these satanic activities: meetings, sacrifices, etc., will occur on the night of October 31, Halloween. This is the most satanic night of the whole year. 
Please DO NOT NOT PARTAKE in this. We do not know how else to emphasize this. DO NOT PARTAKE in the works of darkness. 

For those of you who are familiar with our prayer vigils, you know that you do not have to pray for 24 hours. You choose a time slot/s within those 24 hours and you pray for the same prayer points just like the other vigils. However, this particular prayer vigil of October 31 is going to be a little different. The time slots are going to be longer. They're going to be 30 minutes long each. Again, you can take as many slots as you want. You can pray longer than that if you want, but for the same prayer points, spiritual warfare prayer points, which I will leave a link underneath the video so that you can access them. 

We will also be declaring out loud to the enemy the Word of the Lord. We have specific verses/passages of the Bible about spiritual warfare that we need to declare out loud to support our prayers, to show the Lord that we believe in His Word and to use it also as the sword of the Lord against the enemy. We know that Jesus Himself used the written Word declared out loud to the devil when He was tempted by the devil. This is a basic foundation of spiritual warfare declaring the Word of the Lord out loud to the enemy. 
We have the Bible verses/passages available to you. I will leave also a link underneath so you can look at them, but if you want a specific copy sent to your email so you can print it and use it during the prayer vigil or at other times, you can write to: jesusiscalling to request it and I will send it to your email. I will also leave the instructions for that underneath this video. 
Please brethren, check the list of participants for specific prayer vigil of the night of Halloween. It is very important that we come together and stand our ground against the enemy. There are horrible things planned by the enemy for that night. The future of our whole nation could be at stake and we as the church are called to take a stand.

Please check the list, check the prayer points, check the verses that we'll be using in this declaration of war against the enemy and its plans to take our nation through ruin. AND PLEASE, JOIN US. Send us the information the same way you send it for the other vigils. I will also leave a link with the description on how to do that. We expect all the church, that as the body of Christ, we are regardless of our differences, to come together especially that night for the sake of our children, for the sake of our families, for the sake of our nation.