Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jesus' Messages on Exercise and Rest

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Exercise?  Exercise is necessary.  A twenty minute cardiovascular workout three times a week, is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  A good refreshing walk or hike on the other days is also a good way to keep healthy.  Always ease yourself into new physical activities slowly, in order to avoid injury.  Common sense and reason are a necessary part, of making good decisions about how you want to maintain your physical health - so use them.  
        SWIMMING AT PUBLIC PLACES - there is no such thing as "a refreshing dip" anymore, in these End Times - because of the spiritual and physical realities.  With all the people, "BELOW the water line" - what do you think is COVERING the waters?  The public swim areas have been cursed, by the Creator of the Universe, in these Times - and it is NEVER safe, for those who are "aboard the Ark of Safety", to take a dive below the water line.  Understand? 

Rest?  The words in the Bible clearly reveal that 'there is no rest for the wicked' (see Isaiah 48:22, 57:20-21).  And those in the occult world, are doing their very best, to rob the Members of the Faithful Remnant, of their much needed daily rest.  And so, over the years, Jesus Christ the Lord, has given us the antidote to their attacks.  Use it.  And if you should find it difficult to sleep at night, simply call on Jesus and Saint Michael to heal you and deliver you from whatever afflictions you are experiencing, while using the Blessed Holy Water; and repeat the deliverance prayer that is mentioned at the beginning of the Bedtime Prayer.  Also, it is highly recommended that you take a 15 minute rest, in the middle of your day, as needed. DUE TO ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT'S USE OF ELF WAVES AS A MEANS TO CONTROL THE POPULATION, YOU WILL FIND AN IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR QUALITY OF REST, IF YOU USE EAR PLUGS - remember to always use ear plugs with caution around young children.  You will also need to make sure you are not sleeping on a boxspring, with a metal antenna array inside it.  Here is some additional information: It is best to shut off the computer and the cell phone, at least an hour, before you plan on praying your bedtime prayer.  Best to give yourself, at least 2-3 hours, after watching and discerning any PsyOp, before you can expect, to be able to purge your subconscious, and get to sleep.  The uncomfortable Truth is that "sleep deprivation", is not a virtue.  In order to have a good night's sleep, you need a consistent chunk of time, allocated to that daily part of your stewardship, of the gift of your health.   And for the record, the horizontal time you need is about 9 hours - given the spiritual, physical and psychological attacks the Remnant are now under.  Anything less than 7.5 is in the category of "sleep deprivation".  And did I forget to mention, the mandatory 15 minute nap in the middle of the day – a time set aside for Resting in the True Holy Spirit? (- if possible that is).  The natural healthy biorhythms kick in, after you begin your night time sleep pattern at a consistent time, for about 2 weeks.  Know that sleep deprivation does affect your feelings and emotions.  In fact the devil, uses it on people, as a form of torture, through the OWG interrogation specialists.  If you find that you are unable to get to sleep, after praying your bedtime prayers, then reject ‘the spirit of restlessness’, and ask for the Grace of Holy Slumber.  If you have a lot on your mind, and are actively thinking, this will interfere with the Grace to go to sleep.  When this happens, the Members of the Faithful Remnant are to simply lift up everything that is stirring in your Soul, and give it all to Jesus Christ the Lord, and trade it for His True Peace.  Restlessness can also be caused by caffeine consumption, within 4 hours of bedtime; and that includes the caffeine sources of coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate.  If you wake up in the middle of the night because of a spiritual attack or a bad dream, immediately deflect the attack back at those who sent it, by asking Jesus and Saint Michael to do so.  Then use the Blessed Holy Water, and bless your room with it as well.  You will find that by following this advice, you will quickly become a better steward of your natural biorhythms, and as a result, you will have much more energy and vitality, during each day.  And yes, Jesus did speak to His Two Witnesses, on many occasions, about working WITH the “natural biorhythms” He Created, to help human beings get a good night’s sleep.


Bedtime Prayers
(updated 16.08.09)
Note: as the spiritual battles increase, and as the clock ticks down on this present Era, it is now necessary for some people, before bed, to use the deliverance prayer, to reject the spirits of "fears, doubts, worries and anxieties", and once again use it to reject 'the spirit of restlessness', and ask for the corresponding grace of a peaceful rest and the grace of a deep sleep.  Remember to keep the Blessed Holy Water beside your bed, and to call on Saint Michael and Jesus, if you have any difficulty sleeping through the night.  Following these tips will allow you to rest quite easily, in the True Holy Spirit.

(Bless your Home with the Blessed Holy Water)

Now I lay me down to sleep. 
I pray the Lord, The Most High True God, my soul to keep. 
Keep me safely through the night,
And wake me with the morning light - of Truth! 

Lord Jesus Christ Most High True God
I consecrate to you: my waking, my sleeping,
My interior life, my conscience, my thoughts and my dreams.

I ask for the Grace of the True Peace of The Most High True God, to Reign
In my heart, soul, mind, dreams and dwelling place.

I ask The Most High True God for the Grace of Holy Slumber, and a deep sleep
Throughout this night and through tomorrow. 

I invite the Holy Angels of The Most High True God
Into my heart, soul, mind, being, and dwelling place,
And I ask the Holy Angels of The Most High True God
To heal me, to deliver me, to renew me, to protect me, to defend me,
And to deflect all the attacks of the enemy of my soul,
Into the Eternal Lake of Fire.

I ask my Guardian Angel to wake me.

I consecrate my subconscious desires to the protection of the Blessed Trinity of the Most High True God.

I ask the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel to Protect me.. 

I thank The Most High True God,
For all the graces, gifts, anointings, blessings and favors He has bestowed upon me throughout this day and night. 

(You can always add anything else you would like to say to your Creator, before going to sleep, of course.)

Source:  Testimony of the Two Witnesses