Sunday, October 9, 2016

How to Survive "The Valley of the Shadow of Death"

 photo credit - Lappolis
SURVIVE "The Valley of the Shadow of Death"

Do you need to overcome the DISTRACTIONS and DELUSIONS being embraced by the people around you?  Not SURE, how you are going to make it through "the valley of the shadow of death"? (Psalm 23:4)  Truly the SPIRITUAL Life, IS "a DAY by DAY endeavor".  And, "the TEMPTATIONS, of the DAY", are NEVER, "too much" - for YOU, to be ABLE, to OVERCOME - BY, TURNING, to your TRUE Spiritual Strength - who is Jesus Christ the LORD.  Don't THINK about the FUTURE!  THIS takes "self-DISCIPLINE".  DON'T think about the PAST.  This takes "SELF-discipline", and self-CONTROL.  WHENEVER, you find, you mind, or your INTERIOR life - wandering, in the PAST - reject 'the spirit of NOSTALGIA';and ASK for the Grace, to LIVE - ONLY! - in the True Holy Spirit of the Moment; AND the Grace WILL BE there!  ASK the Most High TRUE God - to send "PREVENIENT GRACES" - AHEAD, of ALL, FUTURE attacks, and TEMPTATIONS.  THIS is 'how, you take an ACTIVE role, in BEING "a True Disciple", of the Most High True GOD'.  Understand? Do 'YOUR part!' - to, 'make it THROUGH', "the VALLEY, of the shadow of DEATH! - that you are LIVING in!" - and that is "the WORLD"; and the Most High TRUE God, will do, 'HIS part' - to HELP you OVERCOME, ALL of the DISTRACTIONS, AND, the DELUSIONS, that EVERYONE, AROUND you! - is embracing.

- Pope Peter the Last (PPTL)
Source: The Testimony of the Two Witnesses

 We tend to reminisce of the happy past memories in the social media, posting pictures of ourselves and events not knowing that this is the temptation of the devil. Likewise, we spend so much time thinking about the future. The devil is stealing our precious time for God.

Let's wake up to the deception of the master deceiver. Trust our lives with the Most True High God and you'll never go wrong.