Friday, October 28, 2016

God's Messages on WARDROBE

photo credits - The Printable Wedding

What to wear?  Here is some common sense advice on the clothing topic - based on our many conversations and consultations with Jesus Christ the Lord, obviously.  It is best to stop wearing synthetic clothing next to your skin.  Some people thought this means, that they have to wear cotton jackets; but that would only make sense, if you wore your jacket next to your skin.  It is best to wear 100% cotton clothing next to your skin, as it breathes the most and is the most comfortable to wear.  Any clothing that is 80% cotton and above is quite alright.  Of course wool, and cashmere are natural fibres as well.  Leather, is NOT good to wear, except for footwear (and belts - when necessary) - simply because it is what the beasts wear.  And because the spiritual and physical realities are intertwined, walking around literally under the skin of a beast, is NOT spiritually healthy - especially now that most of the people have the mark of the beast (but keeping leather on your feet from time to time, will remind you that unlike the illuminati, you are called to live ABOVE the beasts).  Know that wearing synthetic fibre jackets is better than leather.  Know that it is becoming more difficult to find cotton socks - but they do absorb sweat and body oils, much better than the synthetics, and wearing them results in healthier feet.

Best to avoid wearing any large logos or name brand symbols on your clothing (many clothing logos and artwork are in fact veiled satanic symbols).  Avoid becoming a free billboard for major brand name advertising - don't promote the name of a company, as you walk down the street.  Small brand labels that aren't visible from a few feet away aren't that important.  Once you address the problem of free advertising on your wardrobe, you may even want to reconsider the free advertising on your vehicle, if you have one. Vehicle advertising can only be removed with great skill and patience, in order to avoid damaging the paint job - but if you take the time to do so, on the vehicle YOU OWN!!! - you WILL notice a tremendous difference.

Best to stop wearing, and get rid of all black, red and grey clothing when you can, and wear colors that reflect light (not absorb it).  Pink is a normal color for women to wear, and that is why the Jezebellians like men to wear pink - because it is a woman's color; not for men.  Speaking of "Jezzy", notice how almost ALL the Jezebellians are wearing black now, and are walking around like black holes, sucking the light and life out of everyone around them - on a spiritual level?  Notice how there is currently A PLAGUE of black spandex?  This is actually a symptom of the reptilian plague... What?  Yes.  Snakes have very tight skin, and they shed it.  This is exactly what the Jezebellians slither into, in the morning, and slither out of in the evening, their tar, black, skin - also known as "spandex".  DON'T be like them (especially if you are male).  If you see a Jezebellian wearing spandex, that isn't black... Yes, that's still snake skin - snakes come in different colors, and the Jezebellians know that all too well in their interior lives.  If this sounds a bit extreme, then ask yourself this question:  Did the Blessed Virgin Mary EVER appear, wearing spandex? - but she DID appear with her heels digging into the back of a serpent, now didn't she?  Hmmm, now why would that be?

And on the topic of modesty, You NEED to remember, "modesty" - it is VERY important.  And so your bare SHOULDERS need to be COVERED; and the collar of your SHIRT should be NO LOWER, than 3 finger lengths, in width, BELOW your collar bone - JUST, as a rule - for both genders.

Avoid wearing any metal necklaces or metal jewellery - wedding rings made from precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, are obviously necessary - as they are symbols of a special covenant, that now ONLY EXISTS through the use of the Blessed Holy Water.  Earrings are very nice to look at; but once again, why did the Blessed Virgin Mary, the QUEEN of Heaven, never appear wearing 10 pounds of precious metals? - or ANY metal for that matter?  Religious medals are no longer necessary.  If you want to wear a religious medal or metal crucifix, then take a good look at it, and wear the memory of it in your heart.  Understand?  Some manufacturers are now deliberately putting excessive amounts of lead into religious metal objects, as a means to poison Christians.

Replacing your wardrobe:  If you want to make the above changes all at once, and you find that following the above advice, leaves you with only a backpack of clothing, then don't be too concerned.  You will need to wash your clothes every day, for a little while.  But know that Second hand stores are a good place to start, if you just want comfortable cotton clothes.  Some practical advice: always keep in mind, that if the seams of the clothing are wrinkled and look terrible in the Second hand stores, then the clothing will only look worse, when you wear it.  Best to pick the clothes that don't have wrinkly seams, and instead, have smooth seams and nice collars.  There is really no need to buy new clothes, except for socks and underwear, or clothing that is on sale - most of the time.  There are always exceptions, revealed as you follow the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in the moment.  Have fun with that. 

Source: testimony of the two witnesses