Saturday, December 5, 2015

Who Go to: Outer Darknes, Hell, or Heaven

           photo credit-Divine Revelations

“When my spirit left my body, I thought I was sure I was going to heaven because I thought that those who believed in Jesus were guaranteed to go to heaven after physical death. I also believed that the path to heaven was merely upwards and that the path to Hell was merely downwards. My spirit flew out the window and continued to rise up towards the sky. Wow, it was marvelous! I was heading up to heaven! I did not miss my family at all, not at all.

Outer Darkness
Then, my spirit went to a dark place. The darkness in that place is different from earthly darkness. That darkness will shock your spirit that you will not be able to see your hands even if you placed them in front of you. I was positive this was not heaven, even though I have never been there. I knew heaven is not supposed to be dark, it should be a place full of light. I thought, “Oh, no!” Does this mean this place is Hell? I could not determine the location of the place because when I was little I heard Hell is a place full of fire and sulfur; but here there was no fire, only darkness. I said, "What kind of place is this?" I heard a lot of people crying, [Matt 25:30] but I cannot tell where they were. Suddenly, I heard a voice that repeated, "You go forward, you go forward.

I walked in the darkness and as I continued walking, the cries of the people got near enough that I should have been able to see them face to face, but I still could not see anything. At that time, I recognized the sound of iron chains, and heard a lock being opened. Suddenly a door opened, and the room was slightly brighter inside. I saw a great number of people, and when I think about it they were all Christians. The first thought that came to me was that Christianity was a lie, for those Christians did not go to heaven at all; they went to darkness, and this place was filled with Christians. How come they were all here? Some were Christian women from my village who had already passed away that I knew very well, but they all ended up in this place. Then a voice said to me: "Go inside." I replied, "Definitely not! I will never enter into this place." I knew that once I entered, I will join the crowd of crying, dead people. People in there were continuously yelling and crying and all of their clothes were grey and tattered. At that time, there was an unknown force that pushed me in, but my hand remained clinging to the door, and I refused to enter the room, so I knelt down and cried loudly, “Lord, I will never seek to commit suicide anymore, please return life to me and allow me to live. If I am going to this place, I might as well live several more years on earth with the sickness. Why should I come here? Oh, no!” by that time I had a question mark constantly pondering in my heart, as I thought there were no such places of heaven and Hell; all was a lie. Those who seemed to believe in Jesus on earth all ended up here. I constantly though – there was no such thing as Heaven or Hell.

I asked: "What is this place?" Suddenly a voice said to me: "This is a place of wailing and gnashing of teeth.” I could hear someone speaking but I could not see this person. I continued to ask, "What? This is the place of wailing and gnashing of teeth? How come all these people here are Christians?" He said, "These people believed in Jesus without repentance." I replied, "Then, how about the nonbelievers?" He said, “The nonbelievers go directly to Hell." Then suddenly I found myself going directly to Hell.

The horrible place where nonbelievers are cannot compare to the place where those who believe Jesus without repentance are. I heard the people in Hell crying terribly in great pain. Everybody there shouted two words: "So Hot! So Thirsty!" I saw fire burning inside their bodies; every time the fire burned in their body, the person would scream. Surprisingly, worms that would not burn up, continued to drill and crawl in and out the people’s bones. Each time it would inflict great pain upon the person.
Having one’s spirit tortured is worse than the physical body being tortured.  When I realized this, I said to myself, “It is much better to believe in Jesus without repentance than not believing in Jesus and directly going to Hell,” when you take into account the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth, which is better than the Hell.”

I thought, does Heaven actually exist? The moment this question crossed my mind, I felt my spirit going up to Heaven. Wow! It was so beautiful; the beauty of Heaven was unbelievable. I saw flowing water, grass, mountains, and flowers.  The streets that were much more beautiful than the man made streets on Earth. The mountains were made of precious stones, the water looked like pearl and onyx crystals, the streets were paved with pure gold, and the walls were built with jasper, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. I was stunned by its beauty! I said to myself, "I am not leaving! I desire to stay in a place like this." Suddenly an angel came and spoke to me, "According to the level of your faith, you belong to the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. You may not enter into this place." I demanded, "I am not leaving." Then the angel said, "No! You must leave." I replied, "Do I have to suffer the pain from my sickness on Earth again?" He said, "If you are not willing go back to Earth, then your only other option is to stay in the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth." I said, "If my only other option is to stay in that dark place, then I would rather return to my sick body on Earth and suffer from the disease." I chose to return to Earth.  The next second my spirit returned home.
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