Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Feast Day vs The Feast of Trumpets & Give To the Poor In My Name


The  Lord  bless  you  and  keep  you,  Heartdwellers.  I'm  going  to  publish  the  new  message  tomorrow  morning,  but  the  Lord  gave  me  another  message  for  today,  a  very  short  one.  And  I  just  wanted  to  mention  a  few  things.

I  heard  the  Lord  begin  the  next  paragraph,  but  somehow  I  forgot  HE  was  speaking  and  I  began  to  speak.  When  I  came  to  my  senses  I  realized,  "I  better  backtrack  and  let  Him  say  what  He  wanted  to  say."  So,  this  is  what  was  on  His  heart:

"There  are  many  people,  many  little  children  who  are  lacking  the most  basic  necessities.  I  am  pleased  to  bless  them  in  this  season,  called  by  My  Name.  I  wish  for  you  to  stop  bickering  over  your  personal  ideas  and  consider  that  I  instituted  the  holy  days  important  for  My  people,  commemorating  important  events  in  their  lives.  

So,  I  ask  you  -­‐was  the  birth  of  the  Messiah  a  landmark  event  in  Jewish  history?  Was  His  incarnation?  His  death?  His  resurrection?  and  the  promise  of  His  Spirit?  Are  these  events  of  less  significance  than  My  people  leaving  Egypt?  Than  the  feast  of  the  in-­‐gathering  at  the  year's  end,  the  Feast  of  Booths?  Or  the  feast  of  the  new  year,  Rosh  Hashanah?  The  Feast  of  Trumpets?  Is  My  birth  less  important  than  these  feasts?

Do  you  see  how  foolish  all  your  arguments  are?    Is  this  not  the  product  of  pride  and  a wish  to  Lord  it  over  others  with  your  version  of  righteousness?    I  tell  you  it  is.    There  is  none  that  is  righteous,  not  even  one.    All  of  you  have  been  made  righteous  by  My  Blood.   Therefore,  I  would  ask  you  to  consider  your  estate  without  Me  and  set  aside  these  foolish,  foolish  arguments that do nothing  but  create  contentiousness  and  empty  disputes.  

Now,  that  said.  It  is  My  expressed  wish  that  this  feast  day  be  commemorated  by kindness  done  to  the  poor  in  My  Name.    It's  just  that  simple. Wherever  you  find  them,  tell  them  I  love  them  and  this  is a  gift from  Me,  celebrating  My  Birth. There  are  many  ways  to  give,  look  around  you.  I  will  send  you  special  needs.  I've  put  you  where you are  for  My  purposes,  so  you  won't  have  to  look  far.  

And  for  those  of  you  who  refuse  to  contend  over  such  foolish  things,  as  Biblical  celebrations,  thank  you."

And  that  was  the  end  of  His  message.  Wow!  that  certainly puts  things  in  a  perspective  I've  never  heard  before. I  wanted  to  just  tell  you  all,  I  hadn't  at  all  planned  on  this  message  coming  forth.  I  was  just  going  to  tell  you  that  we  have  made  a  wish  list  for  anyone  on  Amazon  for  anyone  who  wants  to  contribute  gifts  to  the  poor  in  Taos.    You  can  access  it  through  Amazon  and  the  instructions  are  written  out  for  you in  the  box  below  this  video. It's  super  easy:  you  log  into  your  Amazon  account,  and  at  the  top  right,  next  to  the  shopping  cart  there's a  thing  that  says  "lists"-­‐a  drop  down  box.  You  click  on  that  and  you  scroll  down  and  it  says, "Find  a  wish  list."  Type in Heartdwellers, one  word,  and  our  list  for  the  poor  will  automatically  come  up. We  want  to  focus  on  creative  or  educational  toys,  nothing  violent  or  occult  and  this  list  just  gives  you  a  few  ideas.    Also  if  you  get  something  that  requires  batteries,  these  people  are  too  poor  to  afford  batteries,  so  please  include  the  right  sized  batteries  with  their  gift.  Just  one  other  note.  We  have  a  Free  Box  shop  in  town  here,  they  are  needing  men's  clothing.  So,  if  you  are  in  the  U.S.  and  you're  cleaning  out  your  closets,  and  you  want  to  send  us  some  men's  clothing, please  do  and  we'll  pass  it  on  to  them.  The  name  of  the  little  shop  is  The  Giving  Tree  -­‐not  listed  in  the  phone  book,  they're  way  too  poor  for  that.  But  they're  reaching  people  out  on  the  mesa,  Two  Peaks  and  Carson  and  the  reservation, they're reaching  a  lot  of  people  that  are  very  poor.  Our  address  is also  in  the  box  below. Thank  you  so  much  for  your  kindness  to  this  ministry.  And  the  Lord  bless  you  with  His  peace  in  this  sweet  season  of  His  birth.

Source: Heartdwellers