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Preparations for War Hidden From Us, Jesus Reveals.


JESUS: “First  of  all,  you  don’t  really  get  it  that what  you  hear  in  the  news  is  bogus.  What  would be  important  for  you  to  know  is  merely  foreshadowed in  obscure  language  and  signs.  The  ‘rest’ of  the  world,  as  you  are  well aware  are  kept in  the  dark  about  the  days  proceedings.  It’s all  a  matter  of  manipulation  for  control.

When  the  heavy  things  go  down  you  will  know strictly  by  observance.  But  because  you  are My  Beloved  Bride,  I  tell  you  these  things beforehand.

Clare du Bois:  So,  at  that  point,  I found  myself hovering  over  Israel,  and  I  saw  the  borders being  carefully  observed  by  ready-­‐for-­‐action any  time forces. They  were  wearing  hats...that go  lengthwise  on  their  heads,  you  know  the kind  that  you  can  take  off  and  fold.  On  the front  of  one  man’s  cap  was  a  medallion, which  seemed  to  be  silver  and  gold. Also red and  black  embroidery  of  some  kind, which  I couldn’t  read.  I  believe  he  was  something like  a  Special  Forces commander.  Well  I  did see  a  lot  of  red  berets.  And  it seemed like they were  marching  together. I am  on  Israel’s northern  border  where  there  is  a  great  deal of  tension. They are on  some  kind  of  alert. On  the  eastern  border  I  see  masses  of  troops building  up,  getting  ready  for  an  invasion. Looking  off  the  coast  of  the  Gaza,  I  see four submarines; they  are  Russian. It  seems  strange  to  me  but  not  much  seems  to  be  happening  on  the  Egyptian  border.  It almost  looks  deserted  with  small  forces  scattered here  and  there  throughout  the  area with  deep concern.  The  Egyptian  air  force seems  to  be  active  on  that  border  with  Egypt. People  are  milling  around  the  temple  mount as  if  nothing  significant  was  happening.  I see  Putin  in  an  office  standing  and  answering telephone  calls,  he  seems  excited  or very busy. I sense  very deep strong confidence coming  from him.  It  seems  like  he  is  the  main player  in  all  of  this.  People  are  coming  and going from  his  office,  the atmosphere is charged with  expectation. Now I see  the  White  house, and  Obama  is in the oval office, he and Putin had  been  on the  phone, communicating.  There  is a real sense  of  team  players talking, although Putin seems to be the senior of Obama, who  I  sense to  be  hollow,  and  empty,  like  a  puppet.  I see  one  very  tall  man  to  his  right,  Obama is  handing  him  papers.  They  are  orders  to be  executed. I  see  the  Lord  now,  high  in  the  clouds  towards the  North  East  along  with  His  armies  behind Him  as  far as  the  eye  can  see.  He  is  on  a white  horse,  wearing  His  Crown,  with  a  sense of  readiness.  His  horse  keeps  prancing  back and  forth.  I  also  see  the  Canadian  prime  minister on  the  phone  with  Obama.

The  Lord  began,  You  see  how  they  are  grouping  together? You  sense  the  excitement  in  the  air, they  are  all  together  in  what  is  going  to happen.  Scripted,  planned  out,  unified  solidly committed to  the  New  World  agenda.

This  is  not  play  time,  you  are  not  imagining  this,  I  am  showing  you  the  reality  of  what is  going  on.

All  up  and  down  the  eastern  coast  of  our  country.  I  saw  that  things are calm and  not  expectant.In  fact  I  am  seeing  an  officer  with  his  feet up,  leaning  back  in  his  chair.  I  am  reminded of  Pearl  Harbor.There  is  one  military  general  or  commander just  north  of  San  Francisco  that  is  pacing back  and  forth  anxiously.  He  knows  something is  up.  Somehow,  he  is  informed.  Someone  also in  Seattle  is  aware. Somewhere  along  the  northern  border  in  the mid-­‐section,  I see  a  group  of  men,  patriots that  are  on alert.  Right  now  they  are  playing cards,  but  they  are  acutely  aware  that  something’s up.

Lord  You  said  that  we  had  a  little  time.


I  asked  Him,  "Would  you  please  send  me  a  confirmation. Lord  I’m  still  not  connecting  here…

I know this  is  a  time  and  a  season  for  family... however disordered  it  may  be,  (yeah  -­‐we  know  about disorder  in  the  family,  huh...)  but  I  am  asking you, My  Bride,  not  to let your guard  down. Be  on  the  lookout  for  occasions  of  sin  and be  ready  to  go  into  serious  prayer  when  you are  called.

Many  of you are  extremely  faithful  and  obedient in  a  timely  way.  You  are  so  very  important to  Me.  Through  you  I  have  stopped  many  serious things  from  occurring,  as  well  as  bringing many  home  to  Me.I  appreciate  your  watchfulness,  My  Bride.

I  appreciate  your diligence and covering for My servant Bride,  Clare  and  Ezekiel,  because they  have  become  the  target  of  many  unsavory characters  and  those  who  are  seriously  committed to  evil.  Thank  you  for  standing  guard  over them,  your  hope  will  not  disappoint.  They are much  hated  and  much  ridiculed  in  certain circles.  Both  her  and  Ezekiel  have  been  delivered out  of  harms  way  because  of  your  faithfulness. Carol  and  her  family, too, is  a  target.

I  know  things  are  more  intense  for  you  all right  now,  but  it  won’t  be  much  longer  till  you  are  delivered  from  this  corrupted  and dark  world. In  the  meantime,  know  that  I  am  highly  pleased with you  for  your  faithfulness  to  this, your  generosity  to  the  poor. Great  is  your reward  in  Heaven.  Stay  faithful.  

I  STILL am coming  soon.

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Source: Heartdwellers