Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Avoiding Holiday Quarrels


This  is  a  season  that  has  the  potential  for  great  joy  or  great  sorrow,  and  it's  really  been  on  my  heart  the  last  few  days  to  touch  in  with  you  and  just  share  some  experiences  I've  had  during  the  holidays.  I  wish  I'd  done  it  a  little  sooner,  'cause  some  of  you  won't  get  this  in  time.

But  I know  that  those  who  hate  Christianity  pray  against  families so  they'll  be  broken,  and  their  favorite  time  to  do  substantial  damage  is  during  the  holidays.  I  can't  tell  you  how  many  times  spiritual  battles  have  been  brought  up  that  we  had  to  fight  on  holidays,  and  how  we've  had  to  cover  EVERY  family  member  with  prayer,  to  allow  God  to  bring  together  a  healing  time  of  rejoicing  and  thanksgiving.

What  a  difference  it  made!

We  noticed  this  tendency  for  trouble  around  the  holidays many, many years  ago  -­‐and  also  came  into  some  knowledge of  the  different  satanic  feasts  and  savots.  So,  we  noticed and  implemented  the  plan  for  protecting  the  house,  the vehicles,  the  attitudes,  feelings,  potential  use  of alcohol  -­‐old injuries  flaring  up  between  family  members.  We  noticed  all  of  this  coming  up  around  holidays.  It's  amazing  how  the Lord  has  protected  us  when  we  deliberately  prayed  against spirits  of  division,  jealousy, misunderstanding,  lying, accusing, lust  and  pride.

It  really  works,  guys.  Binding  these  monsters  ahead  of  time, or  if  you  even  notice  something  starting  to  come  up,  where there's  some  friction.  Praying,  going  into  the  restroom  or whatever and praying against  it.  Praying  that  the  holy  angels will  keep  the  trouble-­‐makers  out.  It  really,  really  works.

We all  come  together  to  celebrate  and  to  love  each  other. And what  better  opportunity  for  the  devils  to  drive  a  wedge into the family than when  we're  all  together?  You  know,  some of us travel  for  hundreds  of  miles  to  be  together  during  that time, some  of  us  have  saved  money  and  spent  it  for  special things  around  the  holidays.

So,  the  devils  love  to  disappoint.  But  the  Lord  warns  us ahead  of  time  to  pray  carefully  over  our  families  so  that these  things  don't  happen.  Those  ugly  opportunists  love  to take advantage  of  our  vulnerable  feelings,  to  sow  discord.

I  believe  we  can  pray  against  them,  but  there's  no  weapon  like  Virtue  and  ESPECIALLY  Humility  to  put  the  enemy  to  flight!

We  have  unsaved  loved  ones  who  don't  have  a  CLUE  about how they're being used.  So the  only  way  we  can  disarm  what could  turn  into  a  bitter  experience  is  for  us  to  exercise extreme,  heroic  Charity,  Humility  and  yielding.  Bending  over backwards  to  please  one  another.  Going  out  of  our  way  to yield  to  someone  who  wants  it  their  way.  And  laying  aside our  own  ideas  and  egos  to  create  A  sweet,  nurturing environment.  

One  way  to  accomplish  this  is  to  lay  all  our  wants  aside, to minister  to  the  weaker  ones  who  don't  know  Christ.  Or  just make  it  an  especially  joyful  time  for  our  spouses  by  doing what he or she  wants  instead  of  what  we  want  or  what  we'd planned. We're only going to be  together  for  a  few  hours  with all our family members,  so  let's  make  the  most  of  it.  So  that they  remember  that  time  as  sweet  and  bonding,  something they  can  hold  dear  in  their  hearts.

This can  be  a  time  of  extreme  turbulence  for  families  when there's  a  drinker  who's  gotten  out  of  control.  Here,  too,  we need to be as  patient  and  kind  as  our  poor  frames  will allow. The  shelters  fill  up  during  the  holidays,  but  forewarned  is forearmed.
I  pray  that  this  will  be  a  time  of  healing  and  comfort  for all  in  Jesus,  that  we  can  celebrate  His  birth  and  coming into  the  world,  leaving  behind  memorable  times  with  each other and locking out all the  elements  of  division  and  discord. We've  got  the  tools,  guys!  Let's  use  them!

The Lord  bless  you  all!  And  pray  for  us  as  we  pray  for  you.

Source: Heartdwellers