Thursday, December 24, 2015

God Kept My Father Alive For This Very Message: What He Says Could Chang...


Satan wants us to believe that there is no God.

Don't fall for the deception of fallen angels: in the form of aliens, nephilins, they also take human forms. Beware , they might approach you and say that they will save you from tribulation. Never, never go to their ship or flying saucer!!

The lure of Satan are riches, fame, power. If you fall for it, your eternity is at stake: instead of spending eternity in heaven , you will be spending it in the bottomless pit, hell!

Believe in our awesome God: loving, merciful but with justice. He doesn't want any of His creation, His children lost. That's why He keeps postponing the rapture to give the lost a chance. But His coming is very soon, it won't take years because of the atrocities on earth.

We don't see Him, but He is always with us. Waiting, waiting for our return. Call on Him, repent, forgive those who have hurt you. He will manifest Himself as He did to lots of people, me included.
Please watch the video.