Friday, December 4, 2015

WW3-Rapture & Pride Condemnation Teeter totter


The  blessings  and  the  presence  of  our  sweet  Saviour,  Jesus  our Lord be  with  you.

You  forsake  yourself  in  the  little  things  day  by  day  and  don't  be  caught  into  a  loop  of  condemnation.    Give  Me  what  you  think  you  can,  thank  Me  for  that  and  each  day  it  will  get  easier.   Sacrifice many times is built slowly, step  by  step, like  a  staircase  -­‐not  all  at  once.  Grace  builds  upon  grace.  When  you  backslide  and  give  in  to  your  weaknesses,  just  repent,  get  back  up  and  carry on, praying that next  time you  will  conquer  yourself...because  your  heart  is  more  riveted  on  My  will  than  anything  else.    And  I  will  make  it  worthwhile,  I  will  flood  you  with  My  Love  and  caring.    Do  not  obsess  about  anything. That  only  locks  your  mind  into  combat, which is  what  we  don't  want.  The  truth  is,  the  more  you  love  Me,  the  more  you  will  forsake  the  world. It  is  so  simple  and  I  am  here  to  help  you.

My  Brides,  you  are  not  to  get  caught  and  embroiled  in  a  struggle.  Give  with  a  cheerful  heart...for  it  is  written  the  Lord  loves  a  cheerful  giver.The  point is  this: whoever  sows  sparingly
will  also  reap  sparingly, and  whoever  sows  bountifully  will  also reap  bountifully.  Each  one  must  give  as  he  has  decided  in  his heart,  not  reluctantly  or  under  compulsion,  for  God  loves  a cheerful  giver. 2Corinthians  9:6-­‐7

This  move  of  My  Spirit  is  to  give  you  the  freedom  to  enter  into  Me  more  deeply,  not  to  have  you  struggling  day  and  night  about  this  or  that.    If  you  get  caught  up  in  such  useless  battles,  you  cannot  possibly  be  effective  for  Me.  So, don't  allow  that.  Move  with  the  grace  of  the  moment.

I  do  not  want  a  Religious  spirit  to  enter  in  here.    If  you  are  able  to  sacrifice  more  of  the  world  for  Me,  do  not  grow  proud  or  vain,  you  simply  have  more  grace.    If  you  fail,  do  not  grow  despondent,  you  simply  over-­‐reached yourself.  Go  back  to  what  is  comfortable  and  start there  gain. It  takes  a  while  to  get  used  to  denying  your  flesh,  it's  a  continuing  work.    In  Heaven,  you  will  have  no  flesh  to  deter  or  distract  you,  everything  is  under  the  control  of  your  spirit.    Isn't  that  something  to  look  forward  to?

It  surely  is  Lord!  It  surely  is!

Well  for  now,  know  that  I  am  grateful  and  appreciative  for  every  little  thing  you  offer  Me  in  love.    Oh, I  am  SO  grateful.

For  some  fasting  and  self-­‐control  become  an  idol  or  a  means  to  show  everyone how  holy  they  are.  By  doing  that  they  cancel  out  any  good  that  was  done  and  fall  into  a  worse  sin,  Pride.    I know  you  struggled  with  that,  it's  a  powerful  delusion...but  wasn't  I  faithful  to  deliver  you, Clare, and  show  you  your  true  state  before  Me?”

Oh, Lord  you  were  so  kind,  truly  You  delivered  me  from  a  serious  sin  in  that  area.    I  know  I'm  still  being  formed  and  sanctified  by  Your  gentle  hand,  but  at  least  You  revealed  my  sin  in  that  area.    I  much  prefer  this  very  lowly  place  You've  put  me  in! It  feels  so  secure  and  warm  and  I'm  free  to enjoy  the  holiness  of  others  without  getting  jealous.    I  don't  feel  threatened...but  I  feel  privileged.    You  have  placed  so  many  exceptional  souls  in  this  ministry, it  is  an  absolute  wonder  to  me.    And  I  know  they  are  here  because  of  You!    Oh, how  safe  and  simple  this  lowly  place  is  to  me.  Sometimes  I  can  feel  when  pride  begins  to  manifest  in  me  and  my  knees  become  weak  and  I  beg  you  to  purify  me. But,  please  don't  let  it  hurt  too  much  before  it  goes  any  further.

He  continued,  And  I  am  always  watching  over  you  and  all  My  Brides  who  are  willing,  always.That's  why  you  feel  conviction  so  swiftly, I'm  not  letting  it  escape  your  notice.  In  one  second  you  can  fall from grace  to  the  absolute  pits.    But  if  you  are  vigilant  and refuse to raise your head to judge  will  be  safe.

I  am  wanting to  encourage  you, My  Heart  Dwellers, to  go  slowly  and  be  very  aware  of  that  teeter-­‐totter. On  one  end  sits  Pride,  on  the  other  Condemnation.    Don't  let  either  one  get  a hold  of  you,  give  cheerfully  what  you  can. Later, with  more  grace,  you  can  give  cheerfully what before  you  were  unwilling  to  relinquish.    There  is  no  condemnation  for  those  who  are  in  Me.

One  last  note,  Lord. Everyone  is  now  wondering  about  what  You  said,  that  we  are  approaching  the  point  of  no  return.  

Yes,  the  signs  are  there. Yes,  what  I  said  is  true: things  are  escalating  and  I  am  permitting  it.    I've  told  you  before,  there  would be  a  time  when  I  could  no  longer  forestall  the  judgment.    Clare,  we  are  approaching  that  time.

Jesus,  it  seems  so  incomprehensible  to  me  that  life  as  we  know  it  is  going  to  end. Forgive  me, Lord,  but  I  really, deeply  felt  we  had    bit  more  5  years.  You told me  months,  but  something  deep  inside  told  me  years.  

We  still  do  not  have  a  date, but as  you  can  see  things  are  beginning  to  come  to  a  close.  The atrocities  I  have seen  every  day  are  beyond  your  comprehension,  but  know  this-­‐I  am  merciful  and  many  never  experience  the  torture; rather  I  remove  them  from  their  bodies.    They  see  from  above,  or  they  see  Me  and  I  spare  them.    It  is  those  left  behind  that  are  scarred  and  demoralized  for  life.  

Your  president  is  a  clever  man,  quite  the  deceiver. Now  your  country  is  postured  to  allow  Syrians  in,  because  of  the inhumane  treatment  they  have  received.    Understand  though, that  is  merely  a  Trojan  horse  for  more  terrorist  cells  in  this  country.    Very  soon  they  will  be  called  into  action.    This, too, is  forward  movement  towards  the  inevitable  judgment  upon  this  nation.

My  Brides,  I  am  coming  very  soon. Do  not be  deceived  or  lulled  into  a  false  peace,  the  time  of  mercy  is  coming  to  a  close.   Pray,  pray  very  much  and  very  hard  for  your  nation  and  the  world.  I  am  so  touched  by  the  caring  and  tears  of  those  on this  channel  who  have  prayed  for  the  victims  of  ISIS.    I  am  so  touched  and moved  to  tears.    I  promise  you,  your  prayers  have  delivered  many; they  have  reached  the  throne  of  the  Father  and  He  has  dispatched  angels  to  protect  many  who  are  innocent.   All  glory  and  honor  is  yours, Almighty  Father.

And  I  felt  the  need  to  quote  the  Scripture  from  John  12:27-­‐28
Now  My  soul  has  become  troubled;  and  what  shall  I  say,  'Father,  save  Me  from  this  hour  '?  But  for  this purpose  I  came  to  this  hour.

"Father,  glorify  Your  name."

Then  a  voice  came  out  of  heaven:  "I  have  both  glorified  it,  and  will  glorify  it  again."

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