Sunday, January 17, 2016

Getting Yourself Prepared for the Lord's


After the trumpet call, it will be too late to repent! Many will try in vain, Saying that they are sorry, and pleading Jesus to take them.
But it will be FUTILE! Jesus has said over and over again, He can only take those who are ready and living Holy into His Kingdom.
The time to repent is now! Not later.

Some prophetic visions, have even showed entire congregations left behind!
Where not even one member was taken! Except the children.

Those people not Raptured will unfortunately go through the great tribulation!
About the great tribulation Jesus said, Then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be equaled again.

The Great Tribulation will be a time of persecution. As Jesus said, Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death. And you will be hated by all nations because of Me.
And CHAOS will spread worldwide. Because many evil spirits that were bound up, will be released upon the Earth.

Jesus is NOT coming back for a WHORE, who is married to the world.

Those who want to be ready for Jesus, must put Jesus first in everything in their lives. Nothing else must have a higher priority than Jesus.

If you're sleeping around with your girlfriend or boyfriend, YOU WON'T BE READY!

If you were secretly watching pornography, YOU WON'T BE READY!

If you're holding hatred or unforgiveness in your heart, YOU WON'T BE READY!

If you're committing any form of idolatry, Praying to Statutes, or Praying to Saints, YOU WON'T BE READY!

If you are desecrating the Lord's day and not keeping His day Holy, if you're doing your work or conducting business on His day, YOU WON'T BE READY!

But many Christians are neglecting Tithes and Offering. 
As a result there are many people around the world that are NEVER hearing the Gospel!
Because people and resources are not being sent out.
That is costing souls!

What were the three reasons people did not come?

Reason #1
The field. In other words MY PROPERTY
MY STUFF is more important than your banquet!

Reason #2
My Oxen. In other words, MY JOB
I'm too busy with my career, to care about your banquet!

Reason #3
My Wife, Family and Friends
are more important than your banquet!

For these very reasons, many people will miss the Great Banquet of Jesus! The Wedding of the Lamb

Jesus desperately wants souls saved from hell! His heart breaks for every lost soul that parishes. 
Some prophetic visions, have even showed entire congregations left behind!
Where not even one member was taken! Except the children.
nd He is doing everything He can to save people. 

The Wedding Supper of the Lamb will be the best celebration in Heaven! But the worst time on Earth. It is a party that no Christian should miss.

Currently, the Lord restrains much evil from ever happening on the Earth.
After Jesus takes away His Bride, the Lord's HAND of RESTRAINT, will be removed!

With the Bride of Christ has gone, and the Lord's Hand of Restraint taken out of the way, the world will quickly plunged into darkness!

Many will be tortured to receive the mark the beast 666, and many people will be killed for refusing it. But refusing the mark of the beast 666 will be absolutely critical if someone is to be SAVED. Because there is NO FORGIVENESS, NO 2ND CHANCES, for anyone who takes the mark of the beast 666, on their hands or on their forehead. They belong to the beast, not God. They will be sent to HELL.

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