Monday, January 4, 2016

The 'Giveaway' Of The USA!  

photo credit, Measure of America

"In that dream experience last night, on the night of the third day of January of 2016, I was somewhere, don't know where.  But, I was witnessing the giveaway of this nation!  Large grain supplies were being given away and military hardware, even warships and other sorts of military equipment as I understood it, all being given away.  I was there to witness what was happening, and to intervene somehow, but on awakening did not know how I was to intervene, other than to pray. 

Very great works are taking place out here within and around these inter dimensional portals and gates.  I have been very busy as I have been working on this place of refuge and gathering many things to help those more than 9.3 billion hontuats, the fallen angels, who have all been put into hospitals, clinics and schools and many are also taken from these hospitals and schools and  put into those things, which are called the "grinders!" 

As I understand it, those grinders, which were created by our Saviour, are repairing and remaking the souls and the spirit beings of these fallen angels and fallen angel hybrids so that they can be saved; and also remaking their bodies, which are so sick as these were in great slavery in this planet.  But, that is another story.  So, I have been extremely busy in buying whatever they need, as they were taken from here, with nothing.

They will no longer be angels but are already allowed to marry and many of them are pregnant with their own children.  They will become as the humans and will be allowed to reincarnate as humans do, as they work our their salvation.

They were taken to another universe, not far from here through the gates and portals, but they were out there with nothing, so our Saviour gave me the work to buy clothes and shoes and camping supplies for them and to buy so many things for them, as they had nothing out there, but they are all doing okay.  He is a good and a righteous God and HE greatly blesses those few of you, who have remained faithful and have helped me with this great work! 

Our Saviour will not put a one of these hontuats into hell, but those, with the black eyes, who are hontuat/reptile hybrids and are extremely evil, He will put into the Lake of Fire.

I have been working hard on this place of refuge according Book Five and have been extremely busy in this work.  But, those in this nation, who know about  Book Five and this place of refuge have all forsaken these works, but a very few of you.

I just want you  to know that this will be a  very great place of refuge and it will be hidden in an inter dimensional space and will house many, many souls. 

I will not ask anyone to help me with these works, but those, who are appointed to help me with these works will help me. I hope that you understand that I am extremely angry with you for your terrible treatment of me and your callous forsaking of the holy works of Revelation Twelve. 

You threw stones upon me and stuck knives into my back as I was paying such a terrible price for the salvation of the unsalvageable!  So many of you have been extremely heartless and cruel!  You are neither my brothers nor sisters; for you do not do the will of God, but do your own will!  However, I will forgive you all in due season! 

This is one nation under judgement; and it will surely fall!  But, our God is a righteous God and HE is also a good, merciful and loving God! 

I beg you all to repent of your selfish and evil ways; for you are accountable before our Mighty God for all of your ways and for every idle word! 

I love you all very much and our Mighty God loves you very much and He will forgive you if you cry out with your whole hearts!" -Linda Newkirk

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