Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The "Grinders"

human/reptilian, photo credit-www.whale.to

"Tonight, I was thinking about those, who have been sent into those "grinders" and our Saviour sent up two, who came from one of the reform schools. He put them into some small portable crafts and they spoke to me through the audio devices on those crafts. These two were both high reptiles, as I understand it. (human/reptilian)  One of them spoke to me about those grinders and told me that those experiences are actually pleasant.  This one said that they go into a room which is full of a light, which is very comforting and after a while fall to sleep; and will awaken after a while and come outside and feel so much better.

Some reportedly stay in the grinders for a few hours, but this one said also that some can stay there for up to a day and a half, though this is just the observation of one person, I suppose. This particular person said that he experienced a more calmed state, better sleep and better eating habits after some few weeks in the grinders. 

Praises to our Mighty God forever and ever! He is doing the most marvelous things to save souls. Blessed is His Holy Name forever and ever!" - Linda Newkirk