Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Fall of the USA; and the Salvation of the Unsalvageable!

 photo credit, Before it's News

"For, there has been one great illusion and a great delusional system of beliefs beneath that tree, that freedom reigns and security is real! But, within that tree and throughout that tree, and beneath that tree, there is only an illusion of freedom and wealth. And, now I put the ax to that tree and that tree is both the government of this nation, which was once called the USA, the land of the brave and the land of the free. But, the brave are not any longer brave, but cowardly and the free are no longer free, but greatly imprisoned and I have done it!
I have caused it, but the illusions and the delusions hang on and I shall require it of all, who belong to that tree, and to its system!  For, you have lived off the fat of the land and off the fat of the nations and now many of you will barter away your very souls to maintain some degree of prosperity or imagined privilege in a system, which is totally corrupt and morally bankrupt!
So, rise up you bedraggled devils, you morally corrupt and you otherwise corrupt and polluted ones, and take your place; for it is given to you:  every man’s head on a platter; and every man’s wages, a flash in a pan!
Though, I have warned you, oh America, you have not listened!  Though I have told you to repent, you have shunned My words!  Though I have repeatedly told you that you will experience the worst of times since there was a nation, you have chosen to ignore Me!  But, you will not ignore the consequences of your rebellious ways!
A slovenly hand yields a slight of hand and slight of hand reveals a lying word and a lying word reveals a lying heart and a lying heart reaps a liars reward and a liar’s reward is the Lake of Fire!
You, oh nation of America, once an honored and noble nation, have become a nation with a lying heart and a lying mind; and you believe that none sees; for you have greatly cherished the slovenly rewards of a lying heart!
Who will withstand My gaze when I turn up the heat on you and in that heat, I cast you therein to be tried as gold and silver?  Who can withstand such fires, when you have had an easy way and you have rewarded yourselves handsomely with all of the material possessions that you could possess; and you have loved every whore under every green tree.
But, I am the woodsman and I am chopping down and I am cleaning out from under every green tree, under which the whores have congregated! I am chopping you down, Oh America, here and there; and I am giving you a path of nettles!  I am giving you a path of briars and steep cliffs and hard rocks with little water! And, the coyotes will be to your rear and the heat of the sun in your face; for you have said, “I am fat!  I am well fed and I do not need either God or a Saviour, but I am a god unto myself! I make my own way! I am my own caretaker; and I do as I please, and answer to no one; but My company is with the wolves and the coyotes and the ravens and the devouring birds! And this pleases me!”
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source: The Mountain Prophecies by Linda Newkirk. Prophetess