Friday, January 8, 2016

Regaining Joy In Oppression

Clare du Bois: I think that's the Rapture myself, personally.
Clare du Bois: The Lord bless you Heartdwellers. Sorry about getting the message up late, but we've had a snowstorm here, and an incredible system on top of us - it's just kind of leveled me. And Ezekiel, too - very, very heavy.

And there was a spiritual heaviness, too, that we've been feeling. And exhaustion and kind of a lack of joy and a lack of strength. Very interestingly, one of Lana Vawser's Word of Knowledge about the situation in the Body right now. And I want to read it to you right now. And I want to read it to you, because it addresses exactly what we've been going through lately.

She says here:

There has been a very specific assault against many with the sole purpose of stealing joy. An assault to steal expectation, hope, contentment and feelings of joy in all that the Lord is doing. Word from Lana Vawser

JESUS: "Yes, the world is a heavy place right now, more than ever, and yes it is draining you and other souls, especially My Betrothed. It is all I can do to hold back My tears, and My Faithful Brides bring Me more comfort than you can ever imagine. Thank you, My Precious ones, for loving Me, for needing Me, for wanting to partake of My suffering and drink from My cup.

"At long last I have a true helpmate, companion and believer. At long last I am standing with souls that have given Me their all, even in the very trying situations some of you are dealing with. I am eternally grateful for your companionship, My Brides. You are walking in the very pinnacle of Christianity, which from the outside looks like the very pits.

"But this humility you suffer with in your oppressions, is the walk I had on Earth and it is forming you into My faithful helpmate, one who echoes My estate on Earth, one easily recognized as being like Me. How glorious you are to the angels and how terrible you appear to the demons, because My Blood is running through your veins, My anointing, My character, My Love and My Mercy. Oh how beautiful you are to Me, My Bride.

"All of Heaven rejoices when they behold the glory of My Brides. They are happy for Me that at last I have found fulfillment in the souls I have sent to Earth."

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Source: Heartdwellers