Sunday, January 10, 2016

"You Were Made For Me Alone"


Clare du Bois:   Oh, what a wonderful gift I have to share with you today, Heartdwellers! This is such a beautiful, beautiful message from the Lord. I pray that it really reaches down deeply into your hearts and really stirs you to know how profoundly the Lord loves you.

JESUS: "Look before My Godhead. What I mean is that you can see a forest, but you can also see an individual tree with the loveliness of its bark and branches and leaves. It has an aroma, a sweetness; it gives shade, its leaves sing in the wind. Further up its trunk lives a mother falcon with her chicks, down at the base the squirrels chipper back and forth as they store their acorns.

"What I mean is that you, My Bride, have known the forest for a very long time. You have worshipped, prayed, sought Me. Learned about My Father and My Spirit, and these things are immense for all mankind to adore and give honor to. I would liken that to the forest. But now, I am revealing Myself to you in the things you find beautiful and cherish, in every little detail - from the color of the lichen on the side of the trunk to the ornate little trails the bugs leave behind, to the places where the deer have scratched their antlers and the cougar has sharpened its claws.

"Now I am revealing to you the intimate details about Myself that we two have uniquely in common, things that only you and I notice and appreciate, things we do together that no one else does together. Things revealing our natures to one another that cause us to fall head over heels in love with each other, as I find My reflection in you and you find your perfection in Me. And we are so in love.

"I adore everything about you: the highlights in your hair, the graceful curve of your neck, the way you laugh and celebrate with joy the rainbows of life, and even the way you are sensitive to the tragedies in the lives of others. The way you say 'I'm sorry' when you do something less becoming of your station in life and the way you seek Me out until you finally have all of My attention.

"Oh, so many things about you, My Love, that I will never find in another. You are My unique and perfect soul-mate and I rejoice to be in your presence as you rejoice to be in Mine. And when we are together in this innocent and perfectly pure world of ours, our hearts beat a little faster, we get just a little light-headed, and just lingering together puts us in heavenly places. Oh, how I appreciate and adore you, My one and only love."

"You have seen the forest, you have known its majesty and grandeur. Now you have found the tree of Life, the tiny details that make us so like each other, the common ground for the things we find beauty in. And in one another's presence we can linger forever and never grow weary. In this place I refresh you with My very being, and in this place you bring Me joy - a joy that I have never known before. Do you understand, My Bride? You are exquisite beyond anything ever created. I find My completeness and joy in you alone, for you were made for Me and no one else will do."

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Source: Heartdwellers