Wednesday, July 20, 2016



The Illuminati has launched a new global tracking application disguised as a game called “Pokemon Go” that once you download it and install it on your cell phone , they've got satellite surveillance, will identify you and track you within five feet of your location anywhere in the world wherever you are: on the ocean, anywhere at terra firma, anywhere. They'll know where you are within five feet.

This is a global tracking application. You think it's a game, so you're out there chasing, catching pokemon. It does look like kind of fun, but there's accidents all over the place that people aren't looking, for stepping out on the street you can be hit by cars. They're in their cars trying to catch this pokemon, they run people off the road, slamming into parked cars. People are on their bikes and they're running into parked cars. It's all over the place, it's horrible.

They will know where you are at all times and this feature stays on even if you are not playing the game. So, if you download this program “Pokemon Go” on your cell phone and you play it, they know where you are even when you shut it off.

The anti Christ is here and he's going to be shown soon and will play havoc on the world soon. How will you know if he is the anti Christ?

  1. He will have great charisma
  2. He will have unbelievable charismatic leader and everyone will seem to love him.
  3. He will solve many of the world's problems very quickly like energy, food and the biggest accomplishment is world peace,

It is going to be a short-lived peace, nuclear holocaust will follow then the coming of Jesus in power and glory,