Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Call to Unity


 photo credit:  Zackhunt
 "JESUS:  I watch from above all of you, each one of you; I tell you, whoever continues to work for his own interests and his own glorification has already lost My Heart; their convictions are not My convictions for in their minds they are the same as Satan; rivalry and competition for earthly power devours their minds, egoism and pride have already condemned them; all these earthly things will make them perish by their very use! seldom do I hear their prayers; today you are surrounded by false teachers5 who openly and without fear stand before Me and proclaim Satan's knowledge that is based on a lie; they disown My Divinity by disowning My Resurrection; 6 pray for these false teachers that they may escape damnation! and I tell each one of you now:
"anyone who claims to be in the light
but hates his brother is still in the dark;"
whoever believes in his state of darkness that he is glorifying Me, believes in he who first tempted your parents; 8
- I have been giving you signs, but you do not believe in My signs because your voices are drowning My Voice that speaks through My mouthpieces; the night will soon be with you and many will taste death because you were never grounded in the truth but were based on lies; I come to you through these signs to open your eyes and heal you, yet when I tell you the truth and tell you that it is I, the One whom you say, "He is your Lord" that speaks to you, you turn away, giving your ear to Satan so that he may use you;
no, you do not understand My Language not more than you understand My wonders, because you have preferred the devil; whatever I say or ask does not penetrate in you since you have lost the sense of the language of My Spirit;
I am thirsty for your salvation, I am thirsty to share My Kingdom with you, I am thirsty for you to reconcile with each other so that you may truly say: I am reconciled with God; your division is a sin and no one can claim to be righteous when from his lips he discredits not only his brothers, but the leader of them all;
justice, mercy, good faith! these you should have practised without neglecting the other parts of My Law; and you, you who delight in your division and swear by My Throne and by Me, I, who sit on it, I tell you as I have said once:
"you are like whitewashed tombs that look handsome on the outside, but inside are full of dead men's bones and every kind of corruption"
how can you believe you can escape damnation? you fail to please Me and your corpses litter this desert you are living in; by sinning in your division against each other, it is I,
the Lamb,
against whom you sin, this sin of your division which massacres daily My Body; it is I, the Lamb, whom you lead by force and by your own law to be re-crucified; it is My Body you are mutilating and bruising,
I Am the Victim;
can you not see? can you not see that you are in communion with demons? can you not see with whom you are sharing at your table? how can I rejoice when all I see are demons at table with you? so long as you rejoice in your division, you are under Satan's power who, without ceasing, is anointing with a lie those who rejoice in their division; each one of you is looking to one another for approval of these messages of unity and are not concerned that this Easter, My Body again will go through excruciating pains because of your division; 10 believe that I am He, do not be the slaves of your mind; come to Me as long as the day lasts, soon the night will envelop this world; I have asked to see you11 and talk to you, and so I did, for it is on account of uniting you that I have prompted you with My Messages of Unity;
but how hard it is for those who are slaves of their mind to enter into the Mysteries of Wisdom! how hard it is for the rich in spirit to enter into My Kingdom! I tell you:
many who are first will be last,
and the last first;\
5 The modernists
6 This is also why the Holy Shroud disturbs them so much!
8 Adam and Eve.
10 Christ suffers mystically.
11 All those who invited me to give the messages of unity and talk to them in the World Council of Churches in Geneva.

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