Thursday, January 14, 2016

Top Bank Issues Cataclysmic Warning To American’s About Whats About To H...


"'Sell everything!' Dire warning from Royal Bank of Scotland as fears mount that markets are set for new crash and oil could plunge to $10 a barrel!

The Dow Jones has already lost over 1500 points in 10 days.

Lost 1 trillion dollars in stock.  Tech giants who lost- Google 508B;  Facebook 281 B,  Intel 154B, Netflix 50B, Yahoo 29B.

Business bankruptcies, lay offs,  and closures are happening to such companies like Yellow Cab of San Francisco, Kmarts, JC Penny, restaurants. bargain books,  sports shops, schools, grocery and health food stores, furniture stores. hardware stores.

Get your house in order. Prepare food and water."  - Liza Haven
Please watch the video.