Monday, January 11, 2016

Going Down The Pokey Hole!

Greys photo credit,

    January 10th, 2016

"From all that we have previously understood, many of us did not believe that salvation would ever come to the reptiles and to the reptile hybrids or to the fallen angels.

But, we have been so greatly wrong in our thinking about salvation of the lost; and we all need to repent of this thinking.  Our Mighty God is doing a most wonderful work to save those, who were not meant to be saved!  Or, at least, we have thought that they were not meant to be saved!

But, from the great works that our Saviour is now doing to save souls, we will all change our minds about those, whom we have believed to be unsalvageable.  For, He is doing a most wonderful work.  He has taken more than 9.3 billion of the Huntuats, who are those fallen angels, who have blue eyes.  They are also referred to as the "greys,"  but they do not have black eyes.

Those with the big black eyes are the hontuat/reptile hybrids and I thought that our Saviour was putting them all into the Lake of Fire. But, as of yesterday, I came to understand that this is not the case.  For, He took many of them through the gates and portals and into some special reform school/hospital locations; and from there they will go in and out of the "grinders," as I understand it. 

He also took some full reptiles and He is going to do  a mighty work to save them!  I heard some of them saying that they were created to do evil, but that they want to be saved.  So, from all that I know today,  our Saviour is doing a work to save  many of these pure reptiles.

Why is this? 

As we are told in the Book of Isaiah, our Lord and God created evil.  But, as the new universe system will come about many years into the future, and evil will not be allowed into that system, our Lord and God is beginning to clean up this evil and to bring salvation to those, who were created to do evil and were not meant to be saved! 

HE is beginning here at this time with His great works of placing these many billions of them into those places for treatment, where their souls, bodies, minds, etc will be changed. And, from there, they will reincarnate and work out their salvation  in their designated locations.  For, in the future, and not many years into the future, this world will be destroyed by fire.

From what I understand also, our Mighty God will raise up some of His most powerful servants from among those, who were not meant to be saved.  

This is the time of great grace from our Mighty God; and HE is doing such a marvelous work to save not only these fallen angels. But,  He has taken many alive off this planet, who are human robots, who have been under total mind body control.  

In the underground bases, these humans were taken captive and made into total mind controlled slaves.  But, this whole process of making people into robots is so very terrible and these individuals became so very sick.   Those evil ones in the underground bases killed many humans in this way!

But, our Saviour is busily taking these human robots off this planet alive!  And, He is also taking many human hybrids from within those underground bases. 

I have often been so very sad to know about the extreme abuses of those hybrids in those underground bases, but this abuse is much worse than one could ever imagine.

But, as these  hybrids and fallen angels come to know our Saviour and to experience His great love and grace, they want to be with Him so greatly and many of them cry like babies. For, they have never known such love; and they weep for their wrongs! And, they do not ever want to be separated from our Saviour again!  They love Him so greatly!  He is so kind and loving and forgiving towards them!

Our Mighty God is out here often; and He has taken so many souls out through these gates!  From time to time, I hear their last words as they are leaving out with our Mighty God! I do not dread their last words: and they do not dread their words: "Going on down to the Pokey Hole!"

I love you all very much, but above all our Mighty God loves you more than you will ever know!

linda Newkirk