Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Death Squad of Utah Valley

Salt lake Temple, Mormon Church
Photo credit, Wiki

    January 19th, 2016.... The Death Squad of Utah Valley!

They call it the "Death Squad of Utah Valley!"  That is exactly what those in the know call it; and it is a collection of doctors in the hospitals and a collection of Satanists, who sit at the top of the Mormon Church and they are collectively known as the killing squads for the Mormon Church.

It is not new!  The Mormon faith has a history of killing those, who get in its way, but this is far worse than those previous death squads; for this killing spree is often far removed from any visual inspection and is often in the hospitals and clinics, which are mostly controlled by the Mormon Church.

This information comes to me today through divine revelation, yes through the guidance and understanding, which has been given to me through our Blessed Lord and God, our Faithful Saviour.  

So, who is on the hit list of the Death Squad of Utah Valley, that valley being otherwise known as Salt Lake City?  Well, those, who are at the  top of that list are those, who are considered as apostates of the Mormon Church.  In other words, they are those, who have left the Mormon church, but in particular, they are those, who blab about that lying Mormon machine. 

That wicked death squad will kill you apostates, but most will not know that this Death Squad has killed their family members. 

The Death Squad  will lie and lie and lie about the evils of their ways; and the family members will wonder why such a simple surgical procedure or common illness caused such a rapid death! 

So, be warned!  If you are a Mormon apostate and live in a heavily populated Mormon area, be advised that you could end up in one of their hospitals and your name could also be  quickly found among the files of the dead!

As I understand it, in those hospitals, which are heavily run by  Mormons, the first thing that they do is to ask for one's files from Mormon Church Salt Lake records, that terrible place, where that Death Squad of Utah Valley resides.

And, the fate of that soul then rests in the hands of those, who oversee that Death Squad.  And, these evil, hidden butchers and killers will then make a determination of life and death!  They will then determine whether that apostate  will live or die, all based upon the records from that terrible Salt Lake location for the Mormon Church.

One day soon, Salt Lake City Utah will go crashing under a wall of water and only the near constant flow up bubbles, which are swelling upwards, will remain to testify of that wicked city!  And, not one will make it out of Utah Valley alive, except for some, who might flee to the higher ridges. It is an evil place!

Jesus is our Only Way!  He is our Saviour!  Blessed is His Holy Name forever and ever!

Sending my heartfelt love to you all and my sincere cries to you all to look closely at your lives and to repent with great sorrow and with tears for all of your wrongs.  For, our Blessed Lord and God loves you more than you will ever know; and He forgives. So, weep for your wrongs and HE will forgive you!

The terrible times of the crashings are at hand!
Linda Newkirk

  source:  Mountain prophecies