Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I Need Victim Souls - Jesus

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"ah Vassula! My pains are great; little soul, I love you to passion; I refine and purify generous souls, souls who are willing to amend and expiate for others; I need victim souls, to become victims of Love, victims of My Passion, victims who die to their own self, victims who are willing to share My Cross; I need generous souls who are willing to be formed by My Own Hand into living crucifixes; how else would I keep My Father's Hand away and from striking you?

the world has to change, convert and live holy; I will no longer allow My Holy Name to be profaned; My Passion is being repeated in My Mystical Body and I suffer as much as I had suffered in My Passion; I tread, daughter, repeatedly on the same Path to Calvary; every single hour I am re crucified; I who Am Love, do I deserve all this? - JESUS
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