Tuesday, January 12, 2016

15 Year-Old Secular Jewish Boy Nathan's Vision of WWIII on Blood Moon: G...


  • Nathan: The war has already started September 11, 2015
One day everything will explode, something will happen to cause everything to escalate.
  • Prescott (Discover Ministries): If you are a nominal Christian, if you are not sure you are a Christian, you need to forgive people in your life that you think hurt you and you need to do acts of kindness
  • We have to be sure that our faith and our repentance is genuine.
Our relationship with God is solid by the atoning blood sacrifice of the Messiah.
We have been made clean!
  • We should not be displeasing God, not because of going to hell.

  • If there's any sin, we need to repent right now, and ASK JESUS TO COME INTO OUR HEARTS.
  • Pray:
Dear Heavenly Father, I repent for my sins, I am sorry for rejecting you, for not studying Torah, for not obeying the commands of the Bible,.

Now I give my life to the Messiah, the one who can save me. I trust in Him, not my good deeds, not my righteousness, for I have none, my good deeds are as dirty rags before You God.

Thank you for accepting me and making me Your child. I pray that right now my name will be written in the Book of Life, in heaven's book now and forever. I belong to God

Thank You, Lord for I am now sinless.
Help me to live for eternity. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen
Praise God.

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